Monday, March 29, 2010

Doug Casey's opinions of Argentina?

you seem (http://ferfal.blogspot.com/) to differ much from Doug Casey's opinions of Argentina?



Hi! Yes, that would be because I’m not buildings condos in Salta, Argentina, to sell to Americans and I don’t need to lie about it! :-)

Salta is beautiful (I’ve been there) but you know what, its in the middle of nowhere. Certain things are cheap, food and wine, half the price compared to similar places in Europe or USA.
Now the part your buddy isn’t telling you: Cell phone? 3x the price you’d find in USA or Europe, TV? Maybe x4 the price. A car? Easily x4 or x5 the price. Golf instructor? Sure, that would be pretty cheap. Food and services in general will be very cheap. You’ll be able afford a maid, gardener, and pool guy for the price of cable in NY (so to speak)
I doubt any of the real estate this man is pushing would be cheap. You sure would get MUCH better deals contacting local realtors directly, and you’d get the same benefits as well. Gated neighborhoods with private security are all over Argentina for those that can afford it, and given the crime situation, more are being built.

It’s a small town, tranquil place, it’s a also one of the many unchecked borders where tons of drugs, slaves and God knows what else goes in all directions. Oh, don’t take my word for it.
“Salta is the Argentine border with the most drug smuggling in the country” (sorry, its in Spanish)

Smuggling of all kind if part of Salta’s culture. If you’re not ok with that, maybe its not the place for you.
“Drug trafficking stalks Salta”

I wouldn’t last a year before going nuts in that place. I wouldn’t want my kids to grow up there and have such a narrow minded vision of the world. I lived in Cordoba for a couple years, which is a much larger city. Still, people have a much limited perspective. Its like living 20 years in the past.

Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t. I can assure you its NOT the best place to live in the world. And the amount of people LEAVING Argentina, compared to the amount of Europeans coming to live here is laughable. There’s no political stability here guys, no legal security for companies or individuals. Anyone that isn’t retired would be hard pressed doing business here. The minute you make a buck, you have the socialist government redistributing it one way or another. Sure, bribes make Argentina go around. But it’s fragile ice to step on, not the way I want to live.

But don’t take my world for it. If you’re in doubt that Salta is the best place to live in the world (give me a couple minutes while I stop laughing… there) just go there. Spend a few months there and see how you like it. Don’t jump at a nice looking photo and sweet talking.
"Also, why have you not moved out of Argentina? Are there no better options which are safer for your family?

Thank you for all you thoughts and time!."

I’m doing my best to move to USA as soon as I can. Turns out its not as simple for those of us that wont make a run for it across the Mexican border! :-)



DaShui said...

If the democrats stay in power long enough to change the law, I'll marry you and bring you to "El Norte"!

Patrick said...

Totally, I also read his newsletter and they're pretty perma-bullish, though the mining juniors they recommend are worthwhile for a free service.

What is your frank opinion of Uruguay?

Anonymous said...

Come to the U.S. on vacation and never leave, everyone else does. Obama's next mission is immigration reform, he'll give you your citizenship with no problems if you're already here. Trying to get into the U.S. legally is a suckers game. If they every try to deport you, file for protection as a political refugee because of your anti-government website. If that fails, go to Canada and file as a political refugee there.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant point about the website as a gov't refugee, just brilliant.

I've got a few mexicanos that do work around here. They're great guys, honest, work 10X harder than gringos. They go back and forth.

Wish Americans were so diligent. Only 15% of gringos work so hard as these guys.

It's 100% spot on about the suckers' game of immigration. My spouse spent thousands of dollars and years doing things the legal way, getting raped by the system, lawyers, etc. It's a total scam.

I find it laughable how many "union men" have all their racist, bigoted bumper stickers on their trucks in the US saying, "Go home". Why don't they crawl back to their european caves. This is native american land, not the other way around. Come here and work. You'd be a great asset, Ferfal.

Anonymous said...

p.s. Casey is, was and will remain a tool. He is on the record with his views on taking care of the least of his brothers (charity) and his superiority complex over types like Bill Gates and W. Buffett. Those are big shoes to fill and since he's so great, why isn't he filling them? Reminds me of another get-rich-quick Robert Kiyosaki, a complete fraud himself. I remember him in the last 6 months saying he was buying silver in the $3 range. BULL BULL BULL. Silver hit the $4 range, and that was nearly 10 years ago and he wasn't saying a WORD about it back then.

The proof is in the pudding. Gates, Jobs, Buffett are rich, Casey is... whatever his newsletters net him. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the prices at Casey's Cafayate seems to be a closely guarded secret. You cannot get the info....

Anonymous said...

It would seem like the US governement would want to allow entry to an entrepreneurial/self sufficient type such as yourself.

After all, the two aforementioned traits are the hallmark of an ideal American.

Thus, even though you're not here yet, I still consider you a great American.

jj in sc said...


I'm glad you are trying to go the legal route of entry. The other is much easier, but I've known enough jumpers to know that you would never have a feeling of security then.

I hope it works out. You seem like the sort of man who exemplifies the ideals that this country grew up on, and I think you would do credit to our nation, should you become a citizen.

Would you be considering citizenship? I know it would be a huge step to take, but if you are thinking about it, good luck.

Anonymous said...


Even those of us opposed to illegal immigration into the US, would make an exception for you and your family.

I highly recommend visiting and never leaving. It's very easy to live here illegally. Just ask 20 million Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

Well, for what my stupid fifth-generation Norte Americano opinion is worth, I'd welcome you to the US with open arms.

You and any other immigrant who is willing to support himself legally, to pay taxes and otherwise to obey the laws.

Immigrants, people who were getting the short end whereever they come from and decided to do something about it, are what built the United States. I want them all!

I personally only have one problem with immigrants: the first and second immigrant generations are great, but the third generation are as lazy, useless and entitled as us "native" Americans. So we have to import new immigrants to do the work.

Anonymous said...

Additionally, you should move to Austin, TX. Best economy in the States at the moment.

You could open up a self-defense school; and synthesize everything you have learned into a "self-defense system." Or something. I could help out.

Finally, you should think about appearing (whether in-studio or by phone) on The Alex Jones Radio Show.

cryingfreeman said...

Ferfal, I agree with so much of what you write, but trying to move to the USA just makes no sense whatsoever to me. You need to look beyond the favourable gun laws and grasp that the the USA, like the UK, is turning into a very nasty police state.

Given the choice between a semi-lawless, corrupt state like Argentina and an all-seeing, all-knowing, locked down surveillance state like the new USA, I know which one I would choose for liberty. I've lived for a short time in a developing country (Kyrgyzstan) and the one thing I can say is that while it doesn't have the same nice infrastructure, law and order as my own country (the UK), I felt much, much freer without a CCTV camera in my face at every turn or social services and other busybody bureaucrats watching my every move. Oh, and taxation is nowhere near the horror show it is in the G7 countries, and since liberty begins in the pocket... You get the idea.

Maarten Leijnse said...

Yes, the prices at Casey's Cafayate seems to be a closely guarded secret. You cannot get the info....
March 29, 2010 2:00 PM

Anyone in need for background info ??
I am glad to provide you an inside look into Cafayate and for that Salta itself. Living her for 7 years guys. Pretty quite place, never locked my door neither my car. Think doing that in Europe I'd be without car or house ..

By the way Doug Casey is just an american gringo overhere .. :)

Anonymous said...

Fernando, I think you can also get refugee status if you want to home school and your country does not allow it. I read about a family from Europe who got refugee status as the right to home school had been taken away from them.

Lukiftian said...

Move to Canada. BC and Alberta are both worth considering.

If you must move to the US I'd recommend Idaho or Montana, or if you're up to it--- Alaska.

PaxAmericana said...

Many would argue it looks like 1937 Germany in the USSA. Fighting petty criminals may be easy compared to fighting a repressive regime that is going to need 90% of the average serf's assets to keep afloat. The Republicans are no better, so don't get your hopes up about the next election. It's true they spend their time and money on bondage clubs and like children way too much, so they seem safer, but they are just pretending to oppose things like Obama's health care. Spend some time in DC and you will realize that San Francisco is a God-fearing place in comparison.

Not that Argentina is a bargain for the average non-polo person. Casey is rich enough to fly all over to never get bored with small-town life.

PaxAmericana said...

If Salta is 20 years behind Miami or Buenos Aires, I'd take that as a good thing. The US has been going downhill for at least 30 years.

The mindset of government at all levels in the US is totalitarian, and the corruption of most of the world is mild compared to the idea that you are government property. It is past the point of no return; it's just a question of whether a decent system can be built after the coming disaster. The US needs some immigrants with a good attitude to build that new country, so good look in getting to move there.