Saturday, March 20, 2010

CQB-Dinamic Entry Training- Day one

I’m dog tired but as always couldn’t be happier with the world class level of the training.
Along with Baigorria was an instructor that specializes on hostage rescue, with extensive training ranging from US Air Marshals, Israeli Sky Marshals  and pretty much every special force in Latin America and Europe.
It was 9 students, except for 3 or 4, the rest where police tactical team member from the province or federal police. 

We started with some basic drills, failure clearing, tactical reloading, shooting in movement. Then we quickly moved on to working with our partner, shooting in pairs, covering each other while the other reloaded or simulated a failure. Then we worked either in a single line or too, laying suppressive fire as the rest of the team moves, pretty nice. Also evacuating someone wounded while the team provides suppressive fire. You had to be able to carry you partner over your shoulders and run while shooting with the other hand.
Then we did a single file patrolling on some small but dense subtropical wooded area near by, you constantly got bug biting you and thorny vegetation slapping your face as you moved. You couldn’t move there without eye protection, there wasn’t even a trail.

We did this combines with ambushes, several times. We also practiced jumping walls as a team, also the right way to jump a wall quick and not profiling against the skyline.
Any screw up by any individual was punished by 5-20 pushups right there on the spot for the entire team.
We then saw the basics of room clearing individually, pairs and teams. How to resolve different kind of rooms, corridors, doors and corners, one going low and another one high simultaneously.
After that we went to a house with no roof for more room entry , this time we had to organize a quick assault and neutralize anyone inside. 

By now mosquitoes were just killing us and all this was done at night, using our flashlights. We failed miserably the first couple times but the last one we nailed them. This will be more intensely covered tomorrow.
The course is pretty intense, from 8 AM to 8PM, stopping only to rehydrate (not very often) and lunch was a sandwich eaten quickly right there in the range in 10 minutes.
My t shirt broke at some point I cant recall, so did my jeans. I forgot about sun screen since I was rather expecting rain (maybe it will rain tomorrow) and I got burned pretty bad.
I drunk about 2 liters of water and I’m still rehydrating, everything is soaking wet.
Well guys, got to go to bed and be ready for tomorrow for another day of fun.
Take care.



Anonymous said...


Good going, Ferfal. Sounds rough.

My friend who took Massad Ayoob's course in New Hampshire said every student was "killed" during the house clearing exercise. Good to avoid if possible, apparently. Send in SWAT!

BTW, I finally scored a used Glock 30 here in MA! With night sights, even!


Maldek said...

Sounds very intense.
A lot of different things packed in a single day....

In the army you would train every szenario at least 1 full week before moving on to the next. How many days in total is this training?

Good luck with the rest of your course!

Anonymous said...

Very Cool

Now that is a weekend well spent!

CQB is a world unto itself.

Funny how folks ask about the practicality of this training when they themselves live and work in structures. . .

Good stuff ferFAL.

Loyalist said...

Thanks for sharing! Great info as always.