Friday, March 12, 2010

Problems finding gasoline in Buenos Aires

Seems that there’s problem with YPF oil company. I suppose that there’s a political background to it since there’s already talk of “nationalizing” Petrobras and Shell if they don’t insure the supply of oil.

A gas station worker told me that since last year they keep the 20.000 liter underground tanks only half way full as a general policy.
Cash only people, and gasoline as of right now is being rationalized, about 10- 16 liters per customer in some cases.

As I mentioned before, I have a natural compressed gas kit installed in my car. This allows me to use both gasoline and natural compressed gas just by switching a button, even while driving.
As you can imagine this is proving to be an important advantage in times like these when gasoline cannot be always counted to be found in the gas station.
I know this isn’t an alternative yet for most people, but its still worth mentioning how valuable it is to have such fuel versatility.
Keep it in mind if you ever find such a thing, or maybe those kits to use cooking oil for diesel cars.
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Anonymous said...

cooking oil for diesel cars... the cars that produce a french fry smell? How could you drive one, it would make you hungry all the time and poor people would think you have food and perhaps try and eat your car and...

It seems like a good idea somewhat. I still haven't seen one in my area but there are supposed to be a few nearby. The only problem I can see is the same with diesel in general, it doesn't do well in very cold temperatures.

It seems like natural gas would get very expensive if everyone switched... but until that happens, you might be ahead of the curve?
I think natgas does real well in cold temps.

Are the number of running cars or "daily drivers" parked in Argentina with partial tanks of gasoline no longer close to the same numbers as before the crash in 2001?
What I mean by asking that is, gasoline hasn't disappeared yet in Argentina, a sort of Grishams law hasn't caused natural gas to drive out gasoline... so if a person wanted to buy a few gallons from a neighbors parked car to use as lantern or cooking fuel, that exchange can still take place?

A person could then consider parked cars as a storage supply of gasoline without having to store it themselves, to buy later, not to steal...

Image of thieves stealing gasoline tanker trucks in the movie The Fast and the Furious goes here x.

Anonymous said...

There is also a recipe for "black diesel" on the net for diesel owners. It's basically recycled motor oil and gasoline mixed in a certain ratio.

Heck, I won't hold my breath on seeing ANY Nat. Gas alternative fuel here in the states. They're all gung-ho for the stupid electric cars and ditching everything else.

What a mess.

Anonymous said...

Montreal did a big study on biodiesel, the BioMer project
A link:-

They made thousands of litres of diesel and tested it in a variety of ships, and in winter too, so it does work in the cold.

But, biodiesel isnt really a resource, its waste recycling. Someone had to make all that cooking oil in the first place.

Anonymous said...

You should set up a huge wall surrouning an oil pump and refinery......the walls are to be made up of old junk, tires and an armor plated bus as a gate.....you can use arrows and flame throwers as defense against the motorcycle gangs, as all ammo will have been used up already and the argentine army has been slaughtered......also, eva peron will be wearing a hockey mask and have a burned/disfigured skull.....

this will solve all your gas problems.....

Don Williams said...

Er.. Ferfal, you have noted in the past that Argentines don't stop at stoplights because of the risk of carjacking.

I confess to a morbid curiosity re what happens when two cars running on tanks of natural gas collide. Any info?

You guys seem to live an exciting life.

FerFAL said...

Hi Don, they are tougher than you'd think. Even in serious car crashes (often due to what you explain) the gas tank rarely explodes.
When they do explode (VERY rare in legally installed tanks) it happens when filing them up.
Often the problem in a crash is teh full tank, which is pretty heavy, getting detached and crushing someone. Again, rarely happens and often requires high speed and poor instalation.


Don Williams said...

Some of the people looking at using natural gas in cars in the US have talked about wrapping the tank in Kevlar. But that may be to reduce weight.

JJ in SC said...


These sorts of vehicle conversions are something I am interested in.

The problem is that there are not many Nat. Gas stations here in the US. Is there an altrnative way to get fuel other than a dedicated pumping station?

Anonymous said...

How common are diesel vehicles down there and what about the availability of diesel fuel?

FerFAL said...

Diesel vehilces are very common, not as much as gasoline but common enough. I particulalry like the Toyota Hilux.
Of course GNC vehicles are everywhere and that's what most people use becuase of cost.
There are some GNC only stations but you often find GNC in regular gas stations too. Again, its capitlaism; With a bit of construction, normal gas stations started to offer GNC as well, and profit form it as it was a growing market, purely "fueled" ( no pun intended ) by necesity.


Anonymous said...

For those of you in the USA, check into Honda. A couple of years ago, I was car shopping in California. Honda offered a natural gas car. You have to ask about it as it isn't that popular. There is some type of gadget you can install in your garage to fill it up (assuming your house is supplied by a natural gas utility). I don't know if Honda is still selling that car or not.

Anonymous said...

For those looking for "fuel" alternatives for their diesel vehicles....search "Frybrid"

Anonymous said...

We have few diesels cars in the US, and the new ones are highly computerized, which might create a problem running on a biodiesel mix with varying combustion characteristics. Nat gas conversion are more likely but the home compression kits are a little pricey. Maybe just stock up on gasoline stabilizer and 5 gal tanks, along with a hand operated gasoline transfer system?

gaga said...

"There is some type of gadget you can install in your garage to fill it up (assuming your house is supplied by a natural gas utility). I don't know if Honda is still selling that car or not."

Honda stopped selling in because it was un-economic. The cost saving you made from using household natural gas and compressing it to fuel a vehicle didn't cover the cost of the compressor in the lifespan of the compressor. The Compressor was actually made by another, US company and they may still make it.

LPG conversion is very common in Europe,as is the supply at petrol station - its about half the price of petrol/diesel. Most of the cast and crew on Top Gear drive LPG vehicles