Monday, March 15, 2010

Racism accusations and apology

This post is not survival related but I’m posting this because Mr. Rawles explained to me on an email yesterday some concerns about readers not understanding why he was apologizing to me in his blog.
I see how that could be the case if people don’t know what happened.

Here’s the transcript of a segment of the interview done to Mr. Rawles on the Coast to Coast George Noory radio show last week:

After the interview listeners start calling and asking Mr. Rawles questions.
A listener calls and says:

Caller: Good morning gentlemen. There’s a treaty that seems to have helped me a great deal about… hmm… in some of the areas that aren’t typically spoken about too much and I think that the publication is called “Surviving in Argentina”…

Mr. Rawles: Ah.. yes...ah… that’s written by a gentleman by the name of Fernando Aguirre…

Caller: …that’s it…

Mr. Rawles: .. and he...ha… he’s posted on the internet for many years under the pen name FerFAL . F.e.r.F.A.L, the FAL standing for a Belgian battle rifle… hmm… and he has a blog that is called “Surviving in Argentina”…hmm… I ...I do recommend most of his writings although he’s written a few things that are quasi-Racist... ah … which I cant abide by, but … he has gone through personally, some heavy duty turmoil with the currency problems they went through and inflation in Argentina a few years back and ever since then they’ve had very high crime rate and he had to deal with that as well so from his personal experience he does have some good things to share.

George Noory: Ok, next stop we go to Elena Montana, Adrian, you’re up with us go ahead…



Anonymous said...


Ferfal, if Rawles is accurate in your being only against "Nationalist Zionism" (I can't access the original Minyan article), I am pretty disappointed in you. Ant-Zionism is, for all intents and purposes, anti-semitism. Jews were massacred with impunity for 2,000 years until they got a state. The world sat while hitler killed 6 million. When Islamic terrorists started to blow up Jewish restaurants in the 70's in France, Israeli Prime Minister Begin threatened to send in Israeli commandos to protect them unless France did something. Jews have been killed all over the world for years just because they were Jews, not even Israelis. No one cares about Jews; we're an instant scapegoat when things go south.

If you think my Israeli relatives are just going to drop everything and walk into the Mediterranean, think again. Please rethink you postiion, if quoted accurately.

Am Yisroel Chai.


Shambhala said...

Yeah. that was uncalled for. I have never read ANYTHING that was racist.

Que baboso.

FerFAL said...

Hi CapeSurvivor.
I never said anything about your relatives.
Dont try that with me and please get the facts together before making accusations.
The Minon post was about certain Rabbies in the IDF calling for a religious war against "gentiles".
I'm a "gentile" and I sure dont deserve to die because of it.
As you may see, only a lunatic would think that's right.

Rawles accusation was uncalled for otherwise he wouldn't have apologized.

Zionism accepts the existance of both an Isreali and Palestine state, while naitonalist Zionsim calls for the taking over of the palestine state and force the Arab population to accept mass Jewish imigration.
I dont condonde the extermination of ANY popualtion based on religion or ethnicy.
Maybe this is a big surprise for some, but calling for the execution of men, women and children just because they are muslims is genocide as well, and while that may be ok with certian nutcases and in some survival webaites its not OK by standards as a Catholic.


FerFAL said...

Before anyone even considers jumping in the racist BS wagon:
I’m frankly fed up of having to defend myself from these false accusations.
The next person that even suggest such a thing may just as well forget about this blog and go somewhere else.
I simply wont allow any more defamation.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was really low of Rawles even if he did apologize. The comments in question were unrelated to your blog or preparedness. There was no reason for him to mention them, let alone label them "racist". Sounds like he's just insecure that your brand of sane and attainable preparedness versus his "Stay safe from EMP attacks by escaping to a mountain fort in your own airplane" style of preparedness is more palatable and realistic.

Don Williams said...

1) There are American Jews opposed to the aggression of Israel's Likud Party and their Right wing American Neocon supporters. J Street, for example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J_Street

2) Unfortunately, the Likud is supported by some American billionaires and there's a whole industry of sycophants engaged in promoting their agenda and propaganda --for money.

Including launching vicious and untrue attacks against any who question their aims --whether Jew or Gentile.

3) In my opinion, some American evangelical Christians also promote that agenda --for money. I can not see any other explanation for why Rev John Hagee would ignore Jesus's direction in Matthew 25:41-46.

The Palestinians are human too -- and Adolf Hitler's horrible Holocaust against European Jews does not justify a modern day Holocaust against the Palestinians
by the Likud.

I agree with Anon at 9:56 pm - in my opinion this was a nasty stab in the back by alleged Christian John Rawles against a business competitor.

Anonymous said...

ferfal, I think I'd know any kind of racism or sexism of any sort. You have never done that, though I have seen some try and twist your words or take them out of context.
You keep fighting the good fight. It comes down to if I have to explain it you'll never understand. and if you understand I don't have to explain it.
Rawels is a piker, you've lived this. Plus he is full of stuff and nonsence.

FerFAL said...

Guys, thanks for the support but I’ll close the comments for this one. Not survival related anyway.
An ironic apology (trying not to use the word wise a**) just makes things worse and is an insult to my intelligence.
I can’t tolerate this.


FerFAL said...

J and the others, thanks a lot for your support. Means a lot.
My readers have known me for years, and they know the kind of person I am.

I understand how it could have upset Rawles to be asked about me during an interview done to him. I bet that grind his gears and answering to that with a Ned Flanders tone must have been a real challenge, but that's not my fault, and gives him no right to defame me.


Anonymous said...

For the record,

I, too, oppose extremist rabbis in Israel. They are as nuts as any extremist believers in anything. Unfortunately, those in power in Israel pay as much attention to me as those in power in my country, the USA, which is to say, very little.

If I insulted you based on inaccurate information, I apologize.


FerFAL said...

Capesurvivor, I owe you an apology because I snapped back at you.
I was angry because of Rawles defamation and his sneaky ways, constantly implying I'm a racist.
You just reacted exactly how Rawles is expecting at least some people to react, its not your fault. It's his.
I wont tolerate it no more.
There are laws against what he's doing.


Anonymous said...

That kind of stuff is poisonous especially if the only thing you can do is 'take it' since hitting back is below you.

Thats the internet for you.

I would advise FerFal to cool his correspondence with such people. We all know some people just like to talk crap about others, to make themselves feel better.

And you shouldn't shy from getting some sympathy, pats on the back and defenses from your supporters. It's better than holding it in.

JD said...

Ironically, it was the "racism" accusation on survival blog (months and months ago) in reference to your site that made me interested to see what was going on. No racism found here, and I was opened up to the more down to earth style of survival that I don't have to have 500 acres in the mountains or have to learn how to fly a small plane. So I wouldn't stress it man, any person with half a brain would see there is no racism to be found here.