Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good people gone bad???‏


Have you known of any good people that you personally knew that just turned into total pieces of trash and started robbing and killing people after the crisis?? Or were most of these maniacs at the lower end of society to begin with and the collapse just sent them over the edge??


In most cases violent crime is strongly linked to the poor sector of society as you can expect, with an important amount of increased drug use sprinkled all over it.

Regarding middle class, frauds and scams became much more common and I do know of people that, previously considered respectable members of the local community, just stole from their neighbors.
There was this business man, highly respected, that took money from lots of neighbors and friends, people that sent their kids to the same school this man did. He was giving back good profit rates for the loans.
One day when he had enough people giving him money, he took off with his lover to some foreign country, leaving the wife and kids behind. Everyone was left dumb folded. 

When times get tough people do these things, even the nice guy next door with the well educated kids and the latest SUV parked in front.
Another common crime among middle class and upper middle class was tipping other bad guys about sales, arranging kid kidnappings and such for a share. Having the business partner murdered to keep his share was something that also happened.

In general the lesson is to really trust no one, even if you think he’s set financially (it might all he appearance and he might in fact be broke, capable of anything to save his life standards) and certainly not talk about business, important sales and such with them either.
Recently there was some criminals in their 20’s, they lived with their rich parents in private gated communities and they robbed the houses of their own wealthy neighbors. Who would have thought the rich kid next door did it? 

In some other cases professional criminals rent fancy houses in these communities, spend months doing intel jobs and then robbing in these homes after they leave or organize other crimes as well such as kidnappings or whatever opportunity they may see.

Its VERY common for successful criminals (bank/business robbers, drug smugglers and producers, asphalt pirates) to live permanently among the wealthy under some other identity. You never know if the guy that says he’s into international trade, imports/exports, has a successful company in some other province/state actually does that for a living.
Don’t trust appearances guys and keep you mouth shut!



Anonymous said...

Howabout husbands and wives killing each other for insurance money? I know 3 that have done it here in U.S. Argentina the same?

Lukiftian said...

"Trust no one?"

FerFal...do you trust your wife, your kids... your immediate family?

Of course you do... but how FAR?

I believe there is an art to knowing how FAR to trust others. Look beyond what you see. In acquaintances an appearance of financial stability can be more troublesome or dangerous than otherwise.
When I ran an apartment building, it wasn't the brush cuts and the fashion plates who paid their rent on time, it was the purple-haired, tattooed, ring in the face freaks. I always had problems with the BMW crowd--- the insurance agents, the dental assistants---but the actors, the musicians and artists, the construction workers and waitresses always paid on time. That's only one example.

Anonymous said...

"In general the lesson is to really trust no one,...
Don’t trust appearances guys and keep you mouth shut!"


Alfred J. Nock on the vanity of instructing the masses:

"...The official class and their intelligentsia will turn up their noses at you and the masses will not even listen. They will all keep on in their own ways until they carry everything down to destruction, and you will probably be lucky if you get out with your life.”


Maldek said...

"I always had problems with the BMW crowd"

The wealthy dont pay bills one day sooner than they absolutly have to and will not pay 1c more for beeing late -> that's a way to make extra money from interest

Poor/average people tend to pay bills as soon as they possibly can so it does not "look like I was broke".

"do you trust your wife, your kids... your immediate family? ... but how FAR?"

You should entrust them with your life - if you cant do that you have already lost before it even started.

Anonymous said...

It seems like a former U.S. Assistant Treasury Secretary indirectly agrees with you and is taking your advice too?

"Intelligence and integrity have been purchased by money...

As the pen is censored and its might extinguished, I am signing off."
Paul Craig Roberts