Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Earthquake survivor after arriving back to Argentina: “I prefer to go back to Chile”

Lisset Sanessi had just arrived from Chile after surviving the 8.8 earthquake.
The Argentine model had traveled to Chile because work.
The 17 year old 2010 Reef Bikini Open winner (no guys, I wont post pics, google those up on your own!:-) )was changing in an underground dressing room after a show when the floor started to move.
A Chilean friend of hers shouted out “ Lets get out! Now!”
They ran out of the building to an open space.
“Things started falling, the floor moved and I was so sacred, sick because of the movement. I felt like throwing up. We sat on the floor because we would fall otherwise”.
Lisset later left Viña del Mar and went to Santiago.
“There was little food” she said. “The big supermarkets where closed”.
She traveled by land along with a friend back to Castelar, Argentina. “Mostly because my family was worried about me” she explained.
“When I arrived I was tired, I hadn’t taken a bath in 5 days, and I forgot about the insecurity. I had been in Chile for a long time and had become unused to it”.
That’s the kind of mistake you’re not allowed to make around here.
As the family welcomed her on the front door, 3 or 4 armed men took them by surprise.
“They were cops” she said. “How do you know that?” the reporter asked.
“They were cool, not high on drugs or anything. About 25 years old or so. Besides, it’s a small town, we all know the faces. They were cops.
One of them put a gun with a silencer to my head. He lifted his shirt and showed me he had two more guns tucked”.
After taking her money and laptop, they quickly looked around the house. Thought about stealing a Play Station too but didn’t want to take the time with all the cables.
“They mostly wanted money” said the model.
“They told me to go with them in the car, but my mother started yelling and crying. Another car was approaching so they left in a hurry”.
“If I was meant to die, I would have preferred to die in the earthquake”.
The reporter asked her if she wanted to go back to Chile.
She said “Yes, but they took my passports and ID too. I don’t know how long its going to take me to have those made again. Probably a long time, just like everything else in Argentina”.
“So, you’re going back to Chile. Are you planning to return to Argentina any time soon?”
“No, probably not”.



Anonymous said...

well, Google works.
blog hits could have
been millions with a
posted link, but it's
your blog/your rules.

Anonymous said...

Why do the citizens in Argentina put up with that crap?

Anonymous said...

If the locals know who these people are (the corrupt cops), then why are they still breathing? Don't Argentinians have skilled snipers in the civilian population to eradicate the problem? Hell, improvised munitions will do the job. The hard part is verifying who participated.

For a people used to extreme hardship the populace sure seems to be sheep instead of wolves.

DaShui said...

Flight is stronger than fight. And anyways there is always 10 corrupt others waiting to take his place.

Anonymous said...

When attacked *never* go to a second location. She would have almost certainly been gangraped and maybe even killed if she went with them.

jj in sc said...

Plus in a situation like that, the cops are also part of the general population, and will have supporters. They become an armed gang with local support, and the backing of the judicial system.

PItt said...

All I can say is, "WOW".

russell1200 said...

I worked (journeyman electrician) in the late 90s with a very nice guy from Peru. He had been in the United States for about 10 years. He told me that after 10 years he was only getting used to the idea that when he saw a police officer that they were not going to rob him.

A few years before that I knew someone from England. They had been in the United States for about 8 years. He was telling me how he had been on vacation twice now, and was only now getting used to the idea that he would come home and his home would not be burgled. He said that the difference between England and Baltimore (where I lived at the time) was that even though Baltimore was typically having a murder a day, most of those murders were drug related and occurred late at night in very particular sections of town. In England general thuggary was everywhere. He felt much safer living in the “dangerous” City of Baltimore than in the UK. He felt that part of the reasons was that in the United States people carry weapons. In addition to that, I suspect that it is one area that the automobile culture and the spread out nature of suburbia can help.

Your typical American who lives in a safe residential area (like I do now) have no idea how unsafe the world can be even in normal conditions.

Anonymous said...

damn she's hot!