Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crime and Lawlessness in the US

Hi Ferfal. I've been reading through your blogs and have already shared them with my friends and family. I have always heard comparisons with the Great Depression and the Weimar Republic, but never even thought of Argentina until reading your blog. Even though I vaguely remember hearing about your economic problems down there, it never crossed my mind about the impact on your society and how it could mirror ours. What sets apart your example from the others is that it is so current. Truly valuable information.

I thought I'd contribute something, for what it's worth, for those who don't think that lawful society can deteriorate in a modern first world country. This is a documentary which shows that lawlessness already exists in pockets of America right now (at least in this one particular pocket, anyway) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-gsn0cdfPA

I look forward to reading more of your work in the future. The single biggest thing I've taken away from it so far is the existance of a gray area between the current state of affairs, and a complete meltdown where the dollar is worthless. The more I read your work, the more I think that is how it will play out. I believe that most survivalists think in extremes, it's part of our personality traits.


Hi Scott,
The movie seems to be more of entertainment (warning:image of partial nudity) than an actual dangerous place, but I'm sure there are pretty dangerous gettos in most big cities in USA.
The problem comes when the "nice" parts of town are dangerous as well, or when "gettos" take up most of the city, if not all of it.
People must learn to incorporate safety and security training to their daily lives rather than waiting until the SHTF day.



Anonymous said...

Hey FerFal, I asked this question before but did not get a response. I'm a lifelong survivalist and I've been warning people about what's happening in the U.S. and what's likely to come, for decades. Almost everyone brushes it off. All different types of people: young, old, different ages, political persuasions, etc. I've always felt that a collapse here is imminent precisely because nobody believes it can happen. The brainwashing by the elitist media is basically complete. I marvel at how people walk around only caring about sports, fashion and their downloaded music. My question is this: What happened to similar sheep in Argentina after the collapse? What happened to all the fashionistas and trendy club hoppers (and most people under 40 in general) who had absolutely no survival sense, survival knowledge or survival resources? Did they basically perish? I'm not trying to by dramatic, but I cannot for the life of me see how people who've spent their entire lives just trying to be hip and trendy could possible survive a collapse, with the mindset that's needed in order to do so.

Anonymous said...

didn't you call this one?


russell1200 said...

Iron City, TN is just a very small town with a very low income from the looks of it. Census of 2000 had 151 households with a per capita income of just over $17k: very low for the USA. However, there are some areas in Tennessee where marijuana is a major cash crop, and law enforcement refuses to interfere, and juries won't convict when they do. Iron City may be one of those areas.

Goggle sent one of their camera cars right through it without apparently a shot being fired.

Of course, if they filmed on location, the town was probably for the extra revenues.

Anonymous said...

Around here many small towns are virtually lawless. Some worse than others. I work in one 3rd world town, Belle Glade, Florida, similar to other FL towns such as Pahokee, Imokalee, Clewiston, etc. They were/are agriculture based, then the major companies left taking the middle class with them leaving behind the poor.
In 2004-2005 Belle Glade was practically destroyed by hurricanes, many buildings still sit empty, then we were hit by a gang war in 2006 (including shoot-outs in a mall) that stretched throughout the county. It was featured on History channels Gangland; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Few2FWhbkds and a documentary; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0Dygva3p3I.
The trailer shows the punks openly fighting police in the higher-end areas of West Palm Beach, while the fashionistas continue about their business.
As FerFal says, some survive, some don't, just be aware and protect yourself.