Monday, May 24, 2010

Spolied People After the Collapse

Anonymous said...

Hey FerFal, I asked this question before but did not get a response. I'm a lifelong survivalist and I've been warning people about what's happening in the U.S. and what's likely to come, for decades. Almost everyone brushes it off. All different types of people: young, old, different ages, political persuasions, etc. I've always felt that a collapse here is imminent precisely because nobody believes it can happen. The brainwashing by the elitist media is basically complete. I marvel at how people walk around only caring about sports, fashion and their downloaded music. My question is this: What happened to similar sheep in Argentina after the collapse? What happened to all the fashionistas and trendy club hoppers (and most people under 40 in general) who had absolutely no survival sense, survival knowledge or survival resources? Did they basically perish? I'm not trying to by dramatic, but I cannot for the life of me see how people who've spent their entire lives just trying to be hip and trendy could possible survive a collapse, with the mindset that's needed in order to do so.

May 23, 2010 4:28 PM

An Economical collapse means the economy literally crumbles like when they bring down a building with explosives. The economy freezes, everyone rushes to empty the bank accounts, the currency devalues and so on. Its pretty messy and it ruins a country's reputation in the eyes of the rest of the world for years to come.
What has happened in USA so far is an economic degradation due to the crisis. It also deteriorates the lifestyle people have as well, but its not as sudden and as clear as a collapse. Be thankful for that because trust me, you dont want a collapse, and its good that people notice that things aren't well. You talk to average Joe on the streets and they know, you overhear the conversations on bars or diners and people are talking about the economy this and that, and the politicians and so on. That's good, because it means people notice it and arent blind to whats going on.

As for spoiled brats and club hoppers, those that learned how to earn a living in the new environment we had did ok and those that didn't ended up not doing ok, usually living in the streets, poor, most likely addicted to cheap drugs like Paco.
Hip and trendy, doesn't matter much if thy learned how to adapt to the new economy, the new market, and still make a living.
People still go out in Bs As, theres nightclubs, tourists and all that, its just that the society changed as well as the social pyramid. More poor people, less of a middle class and a strong elite. Some people make money out of that mass market of poor people, selling them "cumbia" clubs and crappy music, others go all the way up with hot clubs usually populated by fashion models, design drugs and 10 dollar Budwiser beer if you know what I mean.
Whatever it is you do, you have to be at least good at it. For people that didn't adapt after the crisis, I can tell you this much, they failed miserably.



Anonymous said...

It's been a 'slow slide' so far, yet a currency crisis could occur soon and without warning. It helps that folks here have some idea that we are in big trouble, some forewarning,yet most will not accept or do not fully understand, and if one is in a metropolitain area with a population of say 5 to 15 million or so, watch out. In California there are 250,000 gang members as well armed as infantry. It ain't gonna be pretty. I have to expect that spoiled Americans can become animals in a flash. While helping others, I've already been burned twice recently and the 'times' ain't that tough. People are already ruthless. This is not going to be Grandpa's Great Depression, we are not the same people. Trust noone. Help if there is no risk and expect that it will not be appreciated.


Paraguay Insider said...

"we are not the same people."

-> we are MORE people now. 1930 we had ~2B people and now we are ~7B world wide. Earth has the same seize still...

Yes it won't be pretty and it won't be about money.