Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reply:"Ballistic protection for kids?"

Anonymous said...I bought a used vest and cut the carrier apart. I put the front panel in my daughter's back pack because she is older/bigger and put the back panel in my son's. I tell them to keep the bag between them and the direction of trouble.
May 20, 2010 6:08 AM

I've heard similar things being discussed in some forums and I like the idea, specially given what happens sometimes in these... (give me a second here, trying not to puke)... gun free zones. Gun free until a nutjob brings a  gun none the less and starts shooting kids, and no good guy has a gun of his own to stop him. 

Its far better than nothing at all, but I'd still prefer the complete vest in the backpack. Specially with older children (and college students of course), if they practice it a few times and they have the time, they can put the vest on as they are supposed to if they have the time frame to do so. (hear shots down the hallway)

You have to keep in mind that its a very odd, random situation. You may run into the guy that is doing the shooting without even knowing it, a second later running away from him or the general area so you want  protection on both sides if you can.

Bulletproofme also sells panels for suitcases. You dont have the straps for using like a front vest in a pinch but its another alternative for people wearing suits.

Still in College Station guys, loving Texas. I know there's readers both in Chicago and LA (sorry for not replying yet to those of you I still didnt) but the things I had to do at those places aren't happening so as much as I'd like to meet everyone I don't think I'll be making it. Maybe  Chicago still but not likely.



Anonymous said...

There’s no place like Texas: Friendly people, bountiful jobs, cheap property, lots of guns, beautiful women (and for the ladies, a few cowboys), great food. What else is there to life?

Gallo@GTA forum

Anonymous said...

Are you going to make it to San Antonio?
If you do, let me know, I'll reveal the most best Mexican restaurant in Bexar County.
Fer-fal, take care.

Unknown said...

While I think having children carry and be able to use body armor is a very good thing, we should all be aware that in some places this is illegal. In Louisiana it is illegal to possess body armor within 1,000 feet of a school campus, with a few exceptions. As silly as this law is, we should be aware of what the penalties are should we choose to violate it.

Patrick said...

This guy makes bulletproof clothes.


Baja Publishing said...

Just saw the post. Glad to have you in Texas, Ferfal. Selene, will you please share with the rest of us the best Mexican restaurant in Bexar? Many thanks.