Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ballistic protection for kids?

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You've discussed body armor a few times, but I was wondering
specifically if you do anything for your sons? I'm sure you don't
take them into the situations you've mentioned where you know ahead
of time that you should wear your BA, but do you have any
recommendations for those times where you might inadvertently come
into such a situation? If things get that bad here (US) I don't
see my daughter (4) out on the street in danger, but would be
concerned driving with her (fake roadblocks/ambushes/etc). I
googled and found some places that will make vest to size, but as
you know, they grow fast and that would get expensive fast.
Armoring the vehicle is quite expensive. There's that site that
does kids' backpacks, but that's not much coverage. Best thought
I've come up with so far has been using ballistic barrier blankets
(from bulletproofme, of course :-) mounted in the car around her
seating area (could double as extra protection in the closet in the
event of a home invasion. I don't know... do you have any better


Your right about me not taking my kids or wife to danger. Specifically regarding wearing armor when you know there's trouble, that also means that the wife and kids arent going, the are supposed to be kept out of harms way if its a situation you can prepare for in advance. The ballistic blanket looks nice, like something you can toss over your kids in a hurry and as long as they stay there they are protected from certain handgun calibers, other than that, I think you're doing much more of a favor to your family by protecting yourself when going into harms way to protect them.


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Anonymous said...

I bought a used vest and cut the carrier apart. I put the front panel in my daughter's back pack because she is older/bigger and put the back panel in my son's. I tell them to keep the bag between them and the direction of trouble.