Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello Ferfal,

I was interested in knowing what life is like for your wife.  Being a mom with two small children, I want to get some insight on what lies ahead.  What are "safe places" she is able to go?  Grocery store? Doctor/dentist?  How has her ability to conduct business and move around with the children to tend to every day home tasks been affected?  Any insight would be much appreciated.  If you have written on this already, feel free to direct me to the location as I am a new reader.  

Thank you for your insights, honesty, and hard work.



Hi Eileen, thanks for your email. It´s an interesting question and I was talking a bit about that with my friend Spook the other day.
My wife used to work in a very bad part of town, a place called Dock Sud, which is more dangerous than anything you´ve seen in the US.
She used public transportation because it attracts less attention and you don't have the car to get stolen either, so you avoid carjackers too.
She´s also careful not to wear any jewelry that may attract a criminal´s attention.
She´s been taken hostage a couple times and robbed both at her family´s business and her home, so she has some experience regarding these things.
She has to be very careful and mostly goes shopping and running errands when there´s the most people on the street, usually during mornings, or a couple hours after 4 PM, she avoids the 12 to 4 time when people seem to be eating, napping or have their stores closed for some reason, She makes sure to be home before the sun falls.
For going to the doctor, dentist, or other apointments with the kids, either I take them or she gets a car sent by the agency (remis car , kind of a cab service) the car waits for her until she´s done and drives her back.
She prepares food and does the cleaning around the house mostly when my oldest is in school and the youngest takes a nap. Of course I help her when I can, since I”m the be husband in the planet but that´s another story. :-)


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I'd probably recommend a fire station, or hospital emergency room entrance. 1st they are always manned 24/7 and they usually will come out and check on the problem At least here in Idaho. Also the entrances and parking lots are very close and you have a minimal distance to travel.