Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reply: Knife Laws


www.handgunlaw.us Is a good resource for both CCW and
knife laws in the various states. Actually 3.5' seems to be the most common limit. Also, the more vague issue is whether the knife is concealed or visible in some states.
There are a lot of gray areas as to how legislation would be interpreted in many instances. That being said with asking a few questions, doing a bit of research and using common sense a person should be fine in most cases.
The most important thing is to obtain quality training With drones (dedicated training knives with no edge or point but made to mimic an actual design). This allows real sparing and blade contact dynamics to be learned. Even a 3' knife is very formidable! With training a knife might just save a persons bacon or at least a goodly portion of it.


Thanks! This will allow people to carry the biggest most capable weapon within the limits of the law of each location.


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Unknown said...

Be careful when using the site, it looks like the best I've see so far, but that doesn't make it a substitute for researching the actual law. In Louisiana, RS 14:95 clearly states that a "school" includes a college (other than vo-tech).

This is the only error I see on the website, but it is also the only knife law with which I am familiar. Also, laws are often written so that police and DA's can do pretty much whatever they want because the law is vague.