Sunday, May 23, 2010

Medical field after SHTF


When the crash came, how did the medical field do? Specifically nursing. Did the work dry up for them? Did it increase? What happened to their salaries? How is the field now?

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Sorry for the delay in replying.
Lots of nurses and medical care personnel had a tough time, I know many nurses and assistants lost their jobs. Doctors did better, but after the salary cuts many hospitals fired doctors as well or cut the salaries so much that many didn't even bother any more working in public hospitals.
Becasue of this there were many strikes and well, as you can imagine public health isn't exactly good... at all.
After 2001 many simply chose to leave, many of them to US, Spain or other EU countries.
There was a national plan some years ago that was supposed to give incentives so as to bring professionals such as doctors and scientists back to Argentina though it didn't have much success.
Surprisingly enough there's more work these days for doctors, specially in the plastic surgery field, as Argentina is getting known as a place for cheap yet adequate quality interventions.


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