Thursday, May 27, 2010

social security in USA‏

I recently discovered your blog & got your book & am greatful for both. I am retired on an acre in the mountains in USA, trying to be as self sufficient as possible with rabbits & chickens, etc. My only income is social security but a lot of people are claiming that could well end so i am concerned about paying my property tax, etc. Any thoughts? Thank you for all your help so far & best wishes, Chris
That is indeed a concern.
The crisis has no mercy with people and those that are retired usually suffer it the most.
What my grandparents did was ensure that they had a couple small condos to rent so as to make a profit after retireing. I manage it for her and take her the money every month but my grandmother could still take care of it if needed.
In our case I'd try to exploit thosr rabbits and chickens you have. Make a brand name for yourself, market it as "green" or "farm" meat produce or try finding restaurants or butchers that are interested.
Sometimes fancy restaurants what animals fed and raised a certain way. If you do that for them you might get a few higher end clients that will pay well.



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jg said...

Chris, I'd gather up whatever cash you can now, and buy silver or gold with it.

If we have inflation -- and I think we will -- then silver and gold will more than hold their value, putting you in a better position to pay your property taxes.

That is how I have handled things so that we can pay our property taxes in the future.

Jason Cato said...

Kind of like what Ron Paul says about inflation. All this Big Gov welfare spending is meant to help the poor. But in the long run, yeah the rich guy loses a little, but the poor on fixed incomes get hurt alot worse. Then this makes the poor more dependent on welfare, and more under the trall of the leftists.

Anonymous said...

stay healthy, as one illness will bleed one dry very, very quickly, enough so, that one wonders if the big pharmas and doctors have been taught only that which makes for higher and higher expenses for the ill......

TheNorthernSurvivalist said...

I'm on SSD and have been investing in gear to keep me alive: Heirloom seeds, bug out bag for thirty days (not three days), cold weather gear, knives, .22 rifle and ammo, back up food, and silver coins.

I can't afford much silver, but one or two coins per month is better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit meat in the US is generally sold in the Deep South and on the Pacific coast. On the West Coast it's considered "ethnic" meat.

I would like to add a caution about selling rabbits, chickens, and eggs out your back door-some municipalities LOVE to arrest anyone selling "unsafe" food, with "unsafe" translating to "anywhere that we don't like". Private citizens are not allowed to sell food in some areas.

And the laws are harsh-the cops see it as a profit opportunity, and confiscate and sell all your possessions, and if you have guns they charge you with "weapons violations" and send you to prison for a LONG time.

America isn't at the point yet where you can bribe the corner cop to overlook your rabbit selling operation. It's weird that in the US, the rich are allowed to bribe the cops, but the poor are charged with a crime if THEY try and bribe the cops. At least in Latin America it's a fair system, the cop doesn't care where the bribe comes from, to them money is money.

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