Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dallas reunion the 16th, night or afternnon?

Hi guys, I'm getting a lot of mail from people in Dallas.
It would be perfect if someone had a place where we could all get together. (I'll reply to everyone by the way, just give me one more day to catch up) Anything from a community hall room, conference room somewhere, it would be nice if someone could organize it, I'd gladly drop by. If not, then some Denny's or Friday's or some sort of restaurant or maybe a bar of some sort. (family oriented please guys :-)  not some hole in the bad part of town)
I'm arriving to Dallas the 16th around  12 AM, so I'd say 16 th afternoon, say 5PM or later would be safest in case there's any flight delay. Would also give me a few hours to pick the car, leave my luggage, etc.
Anyway, if someone wants to organize things a bit, maybe find a location of some sort, I'd really appreciate it. The following day I'm heading to southern Texas. I'll be back to FW/Dallas later but it would be nice to do it right away in case I end up having schedule problems later.
Thanks guys, take care and see you soon!



Trey said...

"Dallas" covers a lot of territory. If we want to stay near the airport - I am assuming DFW - we should consider 'Love and War in Texas' in Grapevine. It's a great place to bring a tourist, the food is good, it's central to the metroplex, and near the airport.


If there is any interest in this, I can look into getting us a room there.

Thanks, Trey ~

Trey said...

I called 'Love and War' to see if they have any private rooms. They do, so I went ahead and booked a room for 20 folks for Sunday evening from 5 PM on.

We certainly do not have to go there, but I thought I should grab it while I could.