Thursday, January 13, 2011


First of all, you are awesome and I really, really appreciate you taking your time to blog your thoughts.  I bought your book about 6 months ago and during your black Friday special, I bought 6 to give to friends and family.  That was very generous of you to offer such a nice discount!  I hope they take it to heart.

You ought to consider setting up a paypal link on your web site so people can make a donation (hit the tip jar so to speak) in case, like me, they have already bought your book and they just want to be grateful for the extra advice you provide.  I know you make some $ off your advertising, but every little bit helps, no?

To the guy whose wife sent him the link to the daily capitalist article saying we won't have hyperinflation, I would refer him to multiple sites that say we will.  The hands-down best explanation I have seen for how hyperinflation must and does occur is in these three posts:

Additionally, you may have already seen this site (http://www.chrismartenson.com/), but check out the Crash Course when you have time and the building resilience advice.  It's not as thorough as yours, but it's a good place to start for a step by step analysis.


Hi Mathew, first, allow me to apologize for not replying to your email sooner. Sometimes I get too many of them at the same time, think I’ll have time to answer them later, but then get caught up with something else and by the time I check back I’m already on the next hotmail email page.  Its thanks to people like you that I’m able to do what I do, so thanks a lot for your support. Can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate it.
Still haven’t looked that much into the donation issue. I know its used a lot and it’s a way for people to chip in so to speak. I already have my book that is selling well, and then there’s the Amazon Associates links, which I get a % of each product sold through my website. Since I already get sent or buy and review a good amount of gear (have like 12 reviews pending so I should get busy) its something that goes along well with the blog’s general theme. Even if you buy something else, just accessing Amazon through “Surviving in Argentina” leaves me a small percentage of anything people end up buying. Of course there’s my sponsors as well.
Yes, that's what it feels like.

Good links there about Hyperinflation.
I was talking yesterday with a coin dealer, he was telling me that more and more people are buying gold. No surprise there. Right now it’s a dumb proof insurance since it keeps going up in price and nothing indicates this trend is going to change any time soon.
Guys, we have to accept it, commodities right now are what people are interested in. Let it be oil, gold, sugar or coffee, in the global economy that’s where the safe havens are. Of course you wont pile up sugar or coffee as savings, but gold has a set market price that you can buy/sell so its understandable that more and more people are getting into gold.
Lets not forget that little fact that China has been putting their money into gold for the last couple years now.
Are we secretly going back to the gold standard without wanting to admit it? China is, that’s no secret.
Bling Dynasty: Will China Force A Gold Standard By Cornering Gold?   If China keeps buying gold folks, there’s no mystery there. Come on, remember that post last year I made about some of the richest people in the planet buying gold mines? That’s their idea of buying a few gold eagles or Maple leafs. It’s the same thing, only that in billionaire scale.
Few things are certain when it comes to hyperinflation except for one. Those that have ½ their savings in gold will LOL as hyperinflation strikes.
And remember folks, the only gold worth anything is the shiny one in your hand, forget about gold stocks. People have already been fooled into buying gold that wasn’t there already.
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PS-I’m doing an interview today about hyperinflation, I’ll post the link once its uploaded.


Anonymous said...

Gold is the timeless standard of (monetary) value.

All fiat currencies move up and down with respect to gold, but gold remains the same. It generally isn't lost, and it doesn't fade, corrode or wear out. It is divisible, portable and universally recognizable. The closest second to that is silver.


dc.sunsets said...

When shoeshine boys give stock tips it's usually time to get out of stocks.

Today everyone is giving tips on buying gold (or silver) to beat a coming hyperinflation.

Readers are free to buy gold bars or coins, stockpile AK's and ammo, or dig a bomb shelter in their back yards...but before they join the stampeding herd they might wish to consider whether the trend toward inflation is in the beginning, middle, or end.

You can't answer how much road is ahead by looking in the rear view mirror.



Anonymous said...

I can't afford gold in the quantity I want. It's difficult to afford 100 oz bars of gold. Now, I can afford - or USED TO BE ABLE TO AFFORD 100 oz bars of silver.

Pretty soon, the gap between gold and silver will close a bit. Not saying the same value. BUT, silver is one of the few PM's that is still used very heavily in industry. In many fields.

Anonymous said...

Hey There-

You, with the closet full of Gold Eagles. . .(1 oz. Gold = Face Value $50)

Remember, it took only one little act by the USA CONgress to allow gold to be sold at greater than $35 per ounce.

What happens to your Eagles if the USA CONgress decide to "control" gold value?


What happens if your USA President (like the FDR days)decides to make it Illegal for people to own gold?

Joe Contrarian

Uncle George said...

Does anyone know how much gold was in Pres. Kirchner's "trip cash", when it was allegedly stolen? I have to admit, this caused me to laugh.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned by Ferfal, Argentina taxes imported gold heavily (50%). There every reason the U.S. might tax it heavily as well, so stay out of the paper form. A large underground market will likely exist for the real thing. For a period it may also be difficult to buy other essentials in your area. The new rules, that there are no rules expect the ones they provide, has softened the current price despite the extreme shortage. JPM won it's case. It's silver certificates no longer need be back by silver and they can now legally naked short.

Eventually the price will explode. This is a good example of how the gubbermint cheats. New gun control laws are being considered and instead of legislating in the future, the risk grows that they will eventually restricted by decree. I'd consider a balanced approach. BTW, Thailand is looking good. Sawadee krap. a