Friday, January 21, 2011

Reply: Matches in your Emergency kit

  I enjoyed your book, and also like your blog.
  Regarding match cases-- I've bought and used the long brass match cases made by K&M, and recommend them. They're topped with a good compass, and also make a formidable "fist load". Oh, yeah-- they also look great while keeping matches (or medications) dry.

Hi, those look nice. The ones I really like are the Exotac Cases, specially the one in gun metal.They look very good and I've read about them in EDCforums (good place for reading about gear before buying). It does cost $20 bucks and a plastic one worth $3 dollars or less achieves the same thing, though I understand spoling yourself a bit if you want something that is top of the line. I like that they fit the extra large matches and have two stiking surfaces, one on the outside and another one protected on the inside in case it gets wet. They also make a small matching ferrocerim rod called nanoStriker. There are the fanciest fire starting tools I've seen so far.
Exotac MatchCap Match Case/Safe Gun Metal Grey
nanoSTRIKER Ultra-portable Ferrocerium Fire Starter


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