Monday, January 24, 2011

Review: The Original SOE Gear Cobra Rigger’s Belt

Since I started pistol self defense shooting I learned to appreciate a good belt.
The belt is an essential part of your system, the connection between you and your holster should be as solid as possible. If your holster is good but the belt isn’t then the gun will be nicely tucked in it but the holster along with the gun will move around, print, and a quick and clean draw will be impossible to achieve. This happens to people sometimes and they think the problem is the holster, but it’s the belt they should be paying more attention to.
For most of this year I’ve been using a rigger’s belt like other instructors do and learned to appreciate them. 

Riggers belt also have a V ring attachment point which can be used for emergencies where you need to be rescued. Anyone saw that woman during the floods in Brazil, jumping into the water and handing to a rope? Something like this can save your life and simplify the rescue operation. Is this likely to happen to you? Not really, but the way I see it why have something less capable when you can chose something better. Versatility is inherent to survival and preparedness and a belt that can be used to pull a vehicle out of the mud or used as an attachment point for rescue is nice to have.
While I liked the tan riggers belt that I have, I also understood why its called a “piss your pants belt” too. Such an embarrassing situation isn’t likely, but it does take some time to get it off, specially through the loops in the pants with the velco, and it also makes a lot of noise. Kind of embarrassing when people look your way in a restroom as you unbuckle. :-)

The Cobra belt solves this beautifully while keeping the benefits of the Rigger’s belt, so that’s why I contacted John Willis when I saw it on his Original SOE Gear website www.SOEtacticalgear.com

Original SOE Cobra Rigger's Belt

Cobra Rigger's Belt compared to ordinary Rigger's Belt

The belt was everything I hoped for and I just can't be happier. Now my “save your ass” belt is also a “quick and quiet” belt as well. Before anyone asks, yes, it fits most common jean belt loops and it is adjustable.
The belt is covered with the shirt when concealed carrying as this is also part of the “gray man” approach, not showing a “gun belt”. Still, among firearms enthusiasts and people you trust there’s a small bonus: Everyone concurs, the belt just looks awesome too. :-)
Contact John Willis at Original SOE Gear if you want a Cobra belt like the one pictured. Send him a tight fitting measure of your waist, the belt is still adjustable and you can adjust a few inches to fit your CCW weapon.



Anonymous said...

Fer, check outhttp://215gearstore.com/ultimateriggersbelt.aspx

it doesn't have the metal D ring to rust.

they have a youtube video about the belt to.

Unknown said...

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