Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introduction to Knives: Sharpening (Part 4)

Hi everyone, this Part 4 of the Introduction to Knives videos. Hope you enjoy it.
This is just one method of sharpening but it does work. A knife may need some more work if its too dull, you may need more time (specially in the dark, thicker grit side) but the technique is the same. Remember to keep the right angle at all times and apply some pressure so as to remove enough steel.
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Kodiak said...

thanks for the video, I am ashamed to admit but I have struggled with sharpening for a long time. I was able to use your video to brush up and fine tune my sharpening abilities. I am not getting the razor sharpness yet but it will come with practice. Your blog has been a source of some very invaluable information. Thanks again!