Sunday, January 30, 2011

Losing Weight

"Even better, use cash instead and write down every single cent you spend on daily basis. I did this and I can’t begin to explain how it puts everything into perspective."

RIGHT ON THE MONEY, as usual.  Having said that, let me make a suggestion for those 100 lb over weight people.  It's actually exactly what you said above.

But -"WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU EAT.  EVERY THING.  Then review it in thirty days."

You know how you had the epiphany about spending money by writing it down.  Try it with FOOD.  You will be shocked at how much JUNK we put into our bodies.  And I don't know about you, but I don't work the fields from sunrise to sunset and therefore DO NOT EAT THREE MEALS A DAY.  I generally just eat ONE meal a day.  Lunch.

Anyway.  Keep up the great work, as usual.

STAY SAFE, my friend.


That’s a good one Jim. Its absolutely true that writing these things down puts them in a new perspective.
Working out and going to the gym helps too. You burn calories and the more muscle you have the more calories get burned on daily basis by your own body. But just doing that alone will do little to get rid of pounds of fat if you’re overweight. You’ll be strong and feel good but the fat is still there.
 Probably the best tip on losing weight  I heard comes from something a famous actress said once, Jessica Biel. Her tip couldn’t be more simple but is effective: She just eats half a plate of food.
If you’re fat, unless you have a medical problem, the most common cause is that you eat too much.
Some people have a metabolism that allows them to do this, most folks don’t.
In today’s world food is cheap and plentiful, its unnatural, and people end up eating out of pleasure rather than true hunger, eating more than what the body needs.

If you’re overweight try just serving yourself half a plate and leaving the rest for another meal. Dieting some will do you good and you will soon see how cutting calories in half reduces your weight.
Another great tip often recommended: Since you’re going to be eating less you wont feel as full, but before sitting down to eat try drinking a big glass of water or two. Your stomach will feel a bit more full and what food you eat afterwards you wont be eating through it like a starving wolf!
Take care folks.



SiriusBlack said...

You should aim to lose a kilogram a week. For many people a low-carb approach is the best. I am on such a diet now, losing a kilo a week without really any exercise. I've lost 20kg so far and it's been a breeze.
You can find a description at:

Anonymous said...

Good entry. Another thing which I think really helps is to realize what I call the "Secret of Full".

The secret is that the stomach is slow at sending the "full" signal to the brain. It varies from person to person, but the delay can be up to 30 minutes!
So, if you began eating at 5:00 and your stomach was full at 5:15, you wouldn't "feel" full until almost 5:45. By that time, you have continued eating and consumed way more calories than necessary.

Another thing people don't realize is that if they are used to eating gigantic meals, their stomach gradually stretches (becomes larger), making you consume more food in order to feel full. The good news is that if you eat smaller meals consistently, your stomach will gradually go back to normal size and it will take you less food to feel full.

-Scott in Tennessee

dc.sunsets said...

Zombieland Rule #1: Cardio


DaShui said...

Last year I bet a girl I could lose 30 pounds before she lost 20. I did my research and replaced my carbs with fats. Breakfast 3 eggs and bacon, other meals a big salad plus some type of meat. No bread, noodles, rice, maybe 60% of my calories come from fat, especially almond and coconut butter. 15% of my weight came off easy, no hunger.

Mark's Daily Apple is the best place to learn about this.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what was said but I offer this perspective of what was not said. That is people who are seriously overweight have a genetic predisposition to be overweight/obese. It is difficult to lose weight by simply dieting. Your body will actually fight you and retain fat even as you diet. Many overweight people who go on a starvation diet report that after they are off the diet they gain even more weight then they originally had. One other point is that people who have a genetic predisposition to be thin eat a lot of crap and junk food and stay thin. I personally eat four meals a day and about 1/2 lb of candy/chocolate daily. Add to that the equivalent of two snack sized bags of chips and a couple of soft drinks. Everyday! All my life! I am 67 and still do it. I am not overweight.

Last: Don't buy into the low carb or low fat fad diets. Eat a varied diet to make sure you get your minimum daily requirements. If you need to lose weight cut calories: 1800 calories a day is a modest diet, 1500 is a serious diet and 1200 is a starvation diet. Get excercise even if it is just walking. Try to walk 4 miles a day, if you cannot then work up to it slowly. Once you can walk 4 miles a day then try to decrease the time it takes to walk it.

Dieting, any kind of dieting from fad dieting to the one your doctor gives you can be risky for your health. If you are not obese but just overweight then you just might be healthier to stay at that weight. Skinny is not necessarily healthy.

Anonymous said...

Fad diets are usually a flop, but if carbs are in your system, the fat breakdown pathway cannot activate--the human body is designed for famine. Simple as that.


Anonymous said...

For people that say being "overweight" doesn't matter.

Yes, a "bad" BMI (body mass index)doesn't matter. Sylvester Stalone is "Obese" according to Height/Weight proportions.


SiriusBlack... you beat me to it man. Good post. Works well, very low maintenance, and cheap. You get all your nutrients and calories*. Even if you don't work out (yet) this approach allows you to lose weight and when you finally decide to start working out you can "just go" b/c you didn't cut out the carbs, just certain carbs.

Also people who work out will need MORE food than couch potatoes even if they start out fat since they will be using up more nutrients and calories for energy/muscle repair.

*people who work out will also still need more nutritional supplements... and their very basic minerals/vitamins and should NOT cost you an arm and a leg. Consult your doctor for any medial advice.

And also don't worry about variety with the diet. It's ok and even preferable to eat the same few meals every week. People greatly overestimate their desire for "variety." You can last 6 days. You know you can. You can eat all the nasty shit you want on the 7th day. Not too hard to follow. Nothing "fad-y" about it. Just do it.

Anonymous said...

And another thing... if you're forced to eat outside the home on business or vacations or whatever... it's not hard to substitute veggies for your potatoe/rice sides.

Panda Express has mixed veggies as an option (and it's still a lot of food and it's filling) with no extra charge (in California at least). No excuses.

Anonymous said...

I second the mention of Mark's Daily Apple website.

I used the "primal blueprint" for the last 9 months and easily lost 30 pounds in the process