Thursday, January 6, 2011

I’m shutting down the Blog (moving it)

And exporting everything to The Modern Survivalist
Go check it out and let me know what you think. (by “let me know what you think” I mean I’m expecting lots of “Oh FerFAL I’ve never seen such a well designed Header, can’t believe you did that on your own in 5 minutes instead of hiring a world renowned artists! Jeje ;-)  )
This will be a wordpress platform and allow the blog to grow more.
Nothing will be lost, the posts, the comments, everything will be there, but it will hopefully all look a bit better as I get the hang of Wordpress.
I’ll keep blogging here for a few more days though, when its all finally done I’ll leave a direct link for people to click on it. Remember to bookmark it once we move!
Just thought I’d let everyone know with a few days in advance.
Take care folks!



Blackeagle said...

The new blog definitely looks nicer than the current one. I use wordpress for my blogging and like it quite a bit. I think you'll be happy with the new platform.

Just curious though, why the name change?

Anonymous said...

Pls add RSS reader to your new blog so I get auto updates of your posts

I dont see RSS on your new blog

Anonymous said...

Nice title for this post. You almost gave me a heart attack! I thought the blog was going away, not just moving.

Now that my pulse rate is back to normal, good luck with the move to the new blog. I'll see you there.

Julia said...

It IS a good header! I have been thinking about creating a blog and wanted to do that style of header. How did you do it?

Your blog post title here scared me - I thought you were shutting down entirely....

FightinBluHen51 said...

You had me scared for a second FerFAL!

I see that you've already RSS'd the new site, so I can still track you through my Google reader.

Looks good by the way.

Will England said...

Your Wordpress RSS feed over there doesn't seem to have a title. Subscribed.

SiriusBlack said...

Bluddy hell, Ferfal, give me a heart attack why dontcha!

Look forward to seeing your blog in its new form.

Anonymous said...

Haha...nice surprise, ferfal. You had me thinking your electrical problems had conquered your ability to blog. I'm glad to see you've worked out the problem. See you at the new blog.

templar knight

FerFAL said...

Sorry for the scare. I'm getting around 2500-3000 daily visitors per day, deffinitely not closing.

Blackeagle, hi man, the new name goes along the general modern survival theme which is my take of what survivalism should mean. That's why the title of my book is "The modern survival manual". The Modern Survivalist is also a broader term. Surviving in Argentina would make little sense once I move out of the country. :-D
I'll add RSS reader too.


Anonymous said...

Great decision! I've tried to set up Blogspot or Blogger blogs over the years and never been successful.

I finally discovered Wordpress and have a blog, although few read it.

Now i"m in a quandry, because having a PayPal etc means being on the grid more than I want to be.

I was going to write and ask for donations like everyone else does. "Welfare journalism" it's called.

But I just can't get enthusiastic ...... even if it works for a while before Big Brother zaps it, it'll mean I've been spending time doing that instead of something more anonymous and sustainable.

But, Wordpress is a great site. Lots of writers and artists etc on there.

Conan said...

Not sure what to tell you. First, I didn't suffer any sort of cardiac arrest like the others may have (I knew this was too good for you to just abandon).
The new sight is much easier to read as the set-up flows rather smoothly. The header is nice, although the red script appears like a zombie apocalypse, which, if that's what you were angling for, you succeeded. I also like that the ads do not look as campy as the ferfal blog looks. Plus, since you're utilizing your space better, the appearance is more welcoming overall.
I just wonder if you'll be as easy to find...

Dan said...

The new site looks good, but takes about a thousand times longer to load on my machine. (Stupid Vista might be the cause there, but...)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to point ferfal.com to the new domain.

Are you going to monetize it?

Gallo@gta forum

Antiacus said...

I like "Surviving in Argentina" better, but understand the need for change.

The new header will deter a percentage of people that are looking for preparedness tips but are self conscious about becoming a "survivalist".

Fair or not, it has a negative connotation to some.

Dustin said...

Really does look great!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the new header. The red font is a bit much, I've stenciled better by hand. I think the tilt between each letter is what bothers me.

The gearbag is presently empty, should we leave it alone for now?

In Firefox (3, windows 7), there isn't a Title for the home page.

With 3000-4000 visitors daily (I come here about every other day), how many are regulars? I think I visit here from about 3 different IPs just to make your life difficult.

Goldsaver said...

Loving the new site. Already updated my short cuts.

Maldek said...

Hi Ferfal,

smart step to move the blog!

Since you did mention the header - dont you think it looks a bit dark/black/scary; esp. for new readers?

FerFAL said...

Hi, yes, the gear bag will have well... gear, reviews, recommended products and such.
Maybe someday stuff desgined by myslef, who knows? :-)

Anonymous said...

Moving to the states, that's GREAT!
You should consider, in addition to your writing, combining your architectural skills with your Economic collapse experience and doing some kind of consulting design business related to security and efficiency for Americans who want to be prepared for a spiral into third world status.

Jedi said...

Thank God! It's about time man :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks better/cleaner. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Mixed feelings about the new format. I'm with you 100% concerning content, relevance. I think the gun on the new site will tend to lump you in with the doomers a bit. I know you're not one and I carry as well but appearances don't you know. The old image and format came across a little more positive IMHO.

I'm a visual person so I like lots of pictures. Your video section was great. Also specific pictures of Bs As houses and security would be helpful for those of us who want to do the same. For me at least the idea of a home that is highly burglar resistant is desireable. I know in SA it is common for there to be a security (rape gate) between the bedrooms and the rest of the house. Most people don't know that criminals can literally go through your walls or simply kick down most doors used in a typical house. Anything you can provide in way of information and advice in this area would be of great value to your readers.

Good luck my friend.


Julia said...

I use firefox and cannot see the RSS feed anywhere...