Monday, January 17, 2011

Introduction to Knives Video

One thing I've been meaning to ask, could you do an article on sharpening and maintaining knives & blades? I've seen lots of gadgets & techniques for sharpening, and I'd love to get your take on this. Thanks again. Eric

Hi everyone. These are a series of videos explaining basic knife concepts people interested in the subject should know. Very little can be covered in about an hour but a few basics are discussed (including how to sharpen a knife) so as to layer a foundation for further discussion about knives.
This first part covers the basics of knife manipulation, what to look for when handling a knife and knife geometry.
What makes a good knife:
1)Good knife general design (appropriate blade shape, comfortable handle, good balance)
2)Sound blade Geometry
3)Proper choice of Steel AND Heat treatment for the knife's intended use.
4)Most important of all: An experienced and skillful operator on the other side of the blade.

Handling knives:Ask before touching the knife (basic manners ) be careful not to cut yourself, don't leave fingerprints on the blade. Don't juggle, flip, or do any sort of trick with the knife. No matter how good (or bad usually) you are, you wont impress anyone.



Don Williams said...

1) Knife show etiquette varies somewhat among cultures.

I always liked the Japanese word "tsujigiri" --> "to try out a new sword on a chance passer-by."


(See also Richard Cohen's book
"By the Sword", p. xxiv )

Totalinvestor said...

Can you also discuss the many different metals that are used, and each of their advantages and disadvantages?