Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interview with Ray Gano

Hi Guys,  110ºF in Buenos Aires and I had to run some errands today.
As usual, there was a small amount of anti riot police close to Puente Pueyrredon in case there was trouble. The first time I passed by they where all carrying their shields and helmets. At least the second time I passed by they had left them in the truck and were under shadow. 

A few days ago I was interviewed by Ray Gano for his website Prophezine, and we talked about survival and preparedness for over two hours. Very nice conversation, lots of topics covered and I just know you guys will enjoy it.
Take care folks.


Loyalist said...

Great interview!

Will you post part 2 of the interview next week (when it's available)?

FerFAL said...

Hi Loyalist, thanks. Yes, I'll post part two when is up ;-)