Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Post Collapse Society and “Citizen Formation”

I often mention that society in general (along with everything else) has changed since 2001 and it keeps changing as time goes by. In most cases, it changes for worse.

This is the case of children pregnancy. Several factors should be taken into account, including a loss of traditional values, child prostitution, corruption in all levels, including the core of society, the family. A lack of hope for a better future, general misery and the search for quick, instant pleasure and gratification perhaps has affected our children even. Its not strange to see a child breathing into a plastic bag full of glue and just the other day I saw a kid, perhaps 8 years old, as old as my son, searching through a trash bag close to where I live. It’s a common enough scene unfortunately, but what surprised me was that the kid found a spray of some sort and quickly placed his mouth on it and started breathing in the spray. Then he passed it over to a child even younger, maybe six, who did the same thing. Sad times.

The political stances doesn’t help things one bit. Drugs are slowly being legalized and politicians wink an eye in approval when asked their stance on drugs. Perhaps the most ironic “progress” was made with the more explicit sex and reproductive education at an alarming early age, and “Citizen Formation” which drills sexual and communist social concepts into the minds of children to young to understand. These two have been included by the left wing government after 2002.
This is of course done for the well being of the children, so they are both informed and tolerant citizens in the future. Doesn’t seem to be working very well though: The amount of pregnancies among girls younger than 13 years has tripled since 2001.
Very convenient for these socialist authoritarians, to have such “well informed” mothers and huge masses of poor. Hey, they can be grandmas by the time they are 26! Go social and reproductive education, its clearly getting the results they want!

The Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Hector Aguer, referred to the mandatory “Citizen Formation” assignment (2 hours per week) as “neoMarxist brainwashing of the Argentine youth”. But he’s probably one of those evil Catholics, right?
Take care folks.



dc.sunsets said...

Social ills like out-of-wedlock pregnancy are driven by totalitarian welfare/warfare systems that reward behaviors that nature would punish.

I diverge with you on the drug thing. In the USA people are put into prison for decades for growing pot, a weed that was smoked in North America for millennia (what do people think "Indians" put in peace pipes?).

The USA imprisons a larger share of its population than anywhere on Earth, and prosecutors can convict anyone they please under the innumerable "crimes" now enacted.

Argentina's society isn't sick because its political government is sick, its political system is sick because its society is sick. Society has to get healthy on its own, one citizen at a time. That's a long road.

DaShui said...

The Russian Bolsheviks seized power they instituted a program of radical sex liberation. One could get divorced by postcard, for instance. It had such a detrimental effect on the birthrate that Stalin was worried not enough soldiers, so he turned it around. This type of thing is a way to break up any family resistance to the government. America is more subtle, the popular media promotes sexual "freedom", to isolate everyone from another.

Anonymous said...

Thank you David. We have lost so many of our freedoms here in the USA in the name of fighting drugs and "protecting the children". We punish honest, non-drug using citizens with ridiculous measures, such as limiting the amount of over-the-counter cold medication a person can buy in a month (and having to register their name and driver's license number in a government system each time they purchase it!). The government even arrested an old grandmother when she bought too much cold medicine for her sick family!

Thanks to the asinine drug laws and paranoia, it is incredibly difficult for non-addicted, honest patients to get prescription pain medication even when they have a legitimate need for it.

Thanks to asinine drug laws, we arrest harmless, 70+ year-old men like Willie Nelson for possessing marijuana. Thanks government, I feel a whole lot safer knowing that an elderly man who has never committed a violent crime is off the streets.

It's absolutely disgusting and infuriating.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands is expanding their free heroin program because of the success it has had in reducing crime and hospitalizations, which has saved the government tax money. I don't really support the government handing out free drugs, but my point here is that drug legalization doesn't necessarily mean the end of civilized society.

hsu said...

Quick question. What does "Citizen Formation" actually entail? What do they actually try to teach?

I don't know what Argentina has tried, but the USA has tried abstinence only programs and they did not work.

Less kids had sex, but more kids got pregnant. That's what basically happened when abstinence only programs were taught during the Bush era, and it's one of the big reasons why those programs got replaced by more comprehensive sex ed programs.

Anonymous said...

This is happening in so many places all at once that it can't be coincidence.

Anonymous said...

The people of Argentina and in all other countries that are experiencing the same social ills must realize that they must take personal responsibility for themselves instead of seeking a handout from someone else. Change the victim mindset to one of doing something positive for themselves their family and their country.

Anonymous said...

David - That doesn't do a whole lot of good when the citizens, especially the next generations (i.e. children) are being taught sex and anti-traditional family values in school year in year out (as he pointed out).

They grow up knowing no differently.

Resident Author said...

Poignant observations FerFal!

And I see even in these these comments the chest-thumping "Liberatarians" don't understand how they are being used.

The legalization of drugs was never about recognizing individual liberty, it's all about creating a subservient society full of dyfunctional individuals ready to have their every needs met by government.

Too many people think their liberty should absolute and their consequences limited.

dc.sunsets said...

@Anonymous, you can't fix society's problems by changing the names on the political scene.

The state is ALWAYS at war on the family. In natural human relations the family is always and everywhere the center of individual focus and allegiance.

Politicians in all forms of government see the family as their most direct competitor-- only this view explains why all states everywhere (even theocracies) enact endless policies to undermine the power of the family.

The ONLY way to fix this is for individuals to turn away from political focus and put all their efforts on their families and on improving THEMSELVES, instead of focusing on compelling others to "be better."

This sort of thing is only taught by example. Today's politicians reflect the decay of societies by their philandering, abuses of power, thievery, etc. All politicians are criminals if you dig deep enough (which is usually illegal). It's a sick joke to see politicians telling the rest of us how to live.

I said it was a long road because there is no quick fix, and Western Civilization has to go a lot lower before enough individuals sense what is important and stop supporting the current systems.

russell1200 said...


Cannabis is of Asiatic origin. The Indians in India have used it for a long time. The Native Americans have not.

Tobacco is a drug. It can give you a buzz: particularly if you only use it irregularly. The types used by the Native Americans tended to be fairly strong.

That being said, I agree that our war on drug has become a waste of time.

Pregnancy in single women in modern society seems to follow along with high unemployment in the males of their cohort. The problems that were seen earlier in urban African American groups (when manufacturing left the inner cities in the 1960s-70s) is becoming prevalent in areas of rural-America which has also been losing employment rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Sex leads to making children. Not a 100% but that's the general action-reaction chain of events.

And children tend to bring people closer. Not always especially if unplanned or seen as unwanted. But on the whole it does make people stop and commit themselves to the loyalty of the family over all other concerns.

That's the "threat" to the government.

When people put family and therefore children as their #1 priority and loyalty that shoves government and bureaucrates out to the far edges of importants (if not off the egde altogether!).

Thus, by destorying the family as a unit that breaks the bonds of loyalty of people to each other and only leaves loyalty to the government.

And the best way to destroy the family is to marginalize children and reproduction.