Monday, February 23, 2009

Silver wedding rings

I talked abut it with my wife and we wont be using our wedding gold rings any more.
Actually she suggested it and I thought its a good idea.
A lot of people are doing it lately, leaving the original gold wedding bands home and using ones made of silver instead.
Some buy either ones made of lesser quality gold, or similar ones made of gold but at least save the one’s they married with.

I think silver is better because you can avoid getting robbed in the first place, and attracts far less attention.

Anyway, that’s what we are doing.
It would be a shame to loose our wedding rings now. We’ll start using them again once we’re out of here.

These have a bit of gold but look ( and actually cost) far less.



J. David Boyd said...

My wife and I have platinum rings, but everyone thinks they are silver, or white gold at the most. So, I suggest that you get platinum rings, as no one will know what they are, except for you and your spouse!

Jimmy said...

what about white gold? still gold, but looks silver.

Anonymous said...

Or, perhaps, titanium or tungsten rings? These are growing in popularity here in the 'States, and while not "precious" metals, they really don't corrode and are extremely tough, though tungsten would have to be cut from one's finger with a fairly serious cutting tool, if the ring couldn't slide off. I actually have a titanium men's wedding band, which is a very nice silvery-gray in color, and the tungsten ones are a very nice swirly-blackish color-very pretty.


Ryan said...

Ours are white gold. Mine is plain and worth very little. Wifey's is pretty modest. Crime here isn't like there....yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fer FAL!

Maybe you don't realize but we Americans carry very little of value on us, not even cash. We prefer to use credit and debit cards, so this means that even small stores don't have much cash on hand, anymore. I predict a rise in opportunistic kidnappings as a person's body is now the best available target to the criminally inclined.


Anonymous said...

Ferfal, this is a question so you may not want to post it.

(By the way, do you ever have a Open Thread? I.e,,where you ask for questions and people submit them as comments? It seems rude to insert a question about an unrelated subject into the middle of an ongoing discussion like this. I wasn't sure how you wanted questions to be submitted.)

Anyway, some friends of mine have talked about people they know relocating to Costa Rica as expatriates for retirement . Seems relatively safe, nice scenery and money goes farther.

If someone ever considered relocating to Argentina from the USA , what would you advise? Is it very important to learn Spanish well before moving or can one get by with tourist Spanish phrases and English until one learns the language?

Are there unconscious personal habits or manners which Americans have that offend people in Argentina? Taboos or customs we unwitting violate?

There are bad-mannered people everywhere, but I'm taking about offenses that even a well-intentioned expatriate is likely to make.

I understand that the Catholic Church is far more widespread in Argentina than here in America -- so American Protestants should, I assume, avoid religious discussions.

Norcal said...

Ferfal, for those people in Argentina that have gold coins, where do they store them? Certainly they are not safe in the house (home invasion) What about in a safe deposit box?

When the banks failed, in what percent of cases do you estimate that bank employees stole the contents of the safe deposit boxes?

FerFAL said...

There's always the risk, but with a good alarm, living in a good neighbrohood, and in a hidden safe, your coins woudl be rahter safe.

The gov. can order the bank safe deposit boxes opened to serach for gold and paper money.

It's not very common but we did see some robberies ( with parotcipation of eh bnak employees) where they stole the safe deposit boxes of the bank, somehow knew which ones had teh best stuff.

When the banks failed they just closed, but as far as I know there was no generalized robbery of the depost boxes.
They preffered to rob us directly form our accounts :)


FerFAL said...

Don Williams wrote:
"By the way, do you ever have a Open Thread? I.e,,where you ask for questions and people submit them as comments? It seems rude to insert a question about an unrelated subject into the middle of an ongoing discussion like this. I wasn't sure how you wanted questions to be submitted."

What’s an Open Thread? how could I do that? I'm not blog savvy. :)
I try to start something new when there’s a new subject people might find interesting.
Sometimes I miss some great comments just because of lack of time.


Anonymous said...

The Open Thread is no big deal -- it is just a name for opening the blog up to questions from the readers.

That is, instead of posting a comment on some subject, your post asks if anyone has any questions or subjects they are interested in.

People then post their questions in response the usual way. Only difference from normal method is that people are not inserting unrelated questions into middle of discussion of a different subject.

Mainly of value to someone who's new to the blog and is not sure of the blog's customs.

Of course, if you get someone asking for the best way to cook human flesh, you may want to drop the idea. :}

If you prefer that someone just post the question whereever and whenever it occurs to them, that is fine as well. Different people run their blogs different ways.

Engagement Rings said...

Great idea. With the price of gold and platinum, last thing you would want to happen is loose them. My wife does that with her diamond ring, she has a smaller less expensive one.

Somerset Wedding Girl said...

It's a good tip, it certainly takes a bit of the pressure off on the wedding day.