Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Surviving the Economic Collapse" Ranking at Amazon

Hey guys, just wanted to let you guys know that yesterday my book was ranked at roughly #1000 in Amazon, this morning it was #500 and just right now I checked:
Amazon.com Sales Rank: #153 in Books

Funny thing is, I didn’t do anything to boost sales in any way or any other marketing strategy so I really don’t know why it took off the way it did today.

I’m grateful and happy it did. Thanks to all of you for always being there and if you happen to know why my book started selling so much all of a sudden (mentioned somewhere on radio, tv) please do let me know because I’m sort of curious right now.:-)
Anyway, thanks a lot everyone for always being there, and if you know anything I don’t be a champ and send a message or something, ok? :-)

Fernando "FerFAL" Aguirre


adp113 said...

I guess that publisher that passed you over is kicking himself now. Congratulations on the ranking

Diogenes said...


Dr. Reynolds gave you a boost on his blog today.

I bought your book today from Amazon after seeing his post.

Dios te bendiga!

Selous Scout said...

Hey FerFal, what method did you use to publish your book? LuLu? I am trying to find a satisfactory method of doing this for my story "The Cache" when it is finished.

Congrats on your new High ranking!

FerFAL said...

#149 last time I checked! :D

Selous, I used Lulu but it's pretty bad. I later used "Create Space" which is owned by Amazon and so far is much better.


Don Williams said...

1) It was my nice review. :)

2) Just kidding --but for some reason, my review (under name Small Corgi ) is the one ranked as most useful by people. For some reason, the number of people ranking my comment as useful has also recently jumped --two weeks ago it was only 4 or 5 people because I was late in putting it up.


Still, only 19 people. I don't think that is enough to kick you up so high on Amazon.

Don Williams said...

1) One thing that might be helping you is that James Wesley Rawles just released his survival book a few days ago and asked his SurvivalBlog readers to do a book bomb -- simultaneous purchase which drove it up to number 4 on Amazon a few days ago (and still at 16)

THAT got interest.


2) You book is listed on the Amazon advert for Rawles' book as one of the alternatives or complements to Rawles book. But you have 5 stars --he only has 4 and 1/2.

3) Plus Rawles is a follower of Mel Tappan's "move to some isolated rural backwater "approach. But the majority of US readers have jobs on the urban East and West Coast of America and don't particularly want to do that.

You offer an alternative and , in my opinion, better strategy.

4) When Billionaire Warren Buffet is paying you $1 Million for 2 hours of consultation, remember the little people. :)

Nah --you'll be like Cristina Kitchner:

"Screw the little people"

ha ha ha

Don Williams said...

PS You should probably thank Obama, actually. Dollar is falling like a rock.

And when frightened people Google "Surviving an Economic Collapse" they get lots of references to your book.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned your site on www.garynorth.com today. Maybe that helped a bit..

Gabe said...

Fernando, someone asked about your book over at kitco.com forums the other day. Everyone vouched for you. You may have gotten a boost there.

FerFAL said...

"Don Williams said...

PS You should probably thank Obama, actually. Dollar is falling like a rock.

And when frightened people Google "Surviving an Economic Collapse" they get lots of references to your book."

Youre right. Maybe I should send Obama a fruit basket or something with a thank you note. :-D


Anonymous said...

Another reason to buy Ferfal's book:


This just appeared on the crime blotter at my local paper here in California. Basically, some guy was assaulting people at a gas station to try and get money. When the station manager confronted the panhandler, the manager was punched repeatedly. The area where this happened is a inner city slum similar to Fuerte Apache, but not quite as wild, but still pretty violent.

The thing is, if that manager had defended himself with a weapon, HE would be the one in jail on murder charges! But it's likely that just showing a weapon would have scared the guy off-in most cases. Some of these beggars have mental health issues or are on drugs and will deliberately get you to kill them if you are armed.

Jack said...

This favorable review was published today:

CapnRick said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Que bueno! I agree with all the comments... lots of factors are probably working to your favor... as is appropriate, since your message is strong and pertinent in an uncertain world.

In my small way, I may have helped a smidge by mentioning your blog in my TRAVEL SECURITY report. It was broken into two segments and featured over two days last week on survivalblog.com... it has also appeared several times on other sites. Significantly, several commercial websites that are security oriented contacted me to seek permission to publish the report on their site last weekend after reading it on survivalblog.com. Gettin' the word out... viral marketing style!

Keep up the good work! CapnRick

Anonymous said...

>> You book is listed on the Amazon advert for Rawles' book as one of the alternatives or complements to Rawles book. <<

That's what got my order (and my add on the RSS feed). I'd heard of it before but hadn't ordered, then when I saw it on the page I added it to the cart.

Arrived today, looking forward to getting started on it after I get my daughter to bed.

Anonymous said...

It looks as though word of mouth is what did it. You've gotten a good reputation.

I've mentioned you in the comments section recently at http://mindbodypolitic.com/ and so has the hostess.

No doubt your writting on Zombie Squad helped too, lots of useful helpful stuff on that blog, people probably searched your name.

Hooray for the creation of URL!
And your book, and your efforts.

Anonymous said...

People are starting to get scared and need info.
Scared for their jobs, the economy, dollar and world.

You went there before us, and have useable info.


Pete said...

Let's give credit where credit's due: I read some of your blog entries, then bought your book, then read your entire blog and check it at least twice a day for updates. I've been telling all my friends that an economic collapse was imminent in the US but didn't have a clue as to how it would play out. After I read your articles, I told them all that they have to read your articles and I emphasized: YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!! It all pans out completely different than anything you'd imagine (credit that to Hollywood's 'Mad Max-Waterworld-Postman-Apocolypse scenarios). After my friends read my suggested excerpts (and I bought your book as a gift to another friend of mine), everyone was in agreement: Excellant material (some, it scared them to death!). Please keep up the great work!

FerFAL said...

Hey Pete, thanks man for the nice comment :)


Anonymous said...

Raise the PRICE OF YOUR BOOK to $25 then it will receive FREE SHIPPING via amazon's $25 purchase receives free shipping. This may help the sales increase!


FerFAL said...

"Raise the PRICE OF YOUR BOOK to $25 then it will receive FREE SHIPPING via amazon's $25 purchase receives free shipping. This may help the sales increase!


That would mean free shipping for you guys? Would that work?


Anonymous said...

Yup, over $25 and shipping is free. Congrats on the awesome sales, you deserve it FerFal. Among the hundreds of people in your country and your situation, you decided to help others by sharing your experiences and donating time to this blog. THANK YOU FERFAL!

Jack said...

Amazon does have free shipping in the US for orders over $25. Here is a quote from Amazon on your book's page (as seen from the US):

"Price: $24.95 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. "

I don't know if raising the price would help your sales, but you never know. Most people order several books at a time to go over the $25 free shipping limit. My own personal method of ordering books is to order lots of books at +or- $10 each, some books at less than $20 each, and very few books that cost more than $20 each. I think a lot of people order books in the same manner, so if you want to raise sales, you might consider lowering the price - but only you know how far you can go.

Ted said...

FYI I bought book yesterday after seeing it on instapundit. I have paid amazon fee to get free shipping on all my amazon purchases. But I agree with others, raise your priceand you will get more amazon sales. Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

hello ferfal!

Well you asked a question that I thought you already knew the answer to!?
"why is your book ranking so high on amazon?"
Maybe you didn't know, so I will let you in on somethnig that might surprise you. Your name as "ferfal" has become almost identified with a no nonesense survival way if thinking. And that reputation has spread largely due to word of mouth.
With america drifting closer and closer to the kind of place where using the skills you have hard earned, people who can see it coming have already began looking for experts on such subjects.
Believe it or not I had to buy the book twice! The first copy was spread around so much that everyone lost total track who had it last and I consider it pretty much lost now :). The book first gets a glance of humor and is laughed about. But when I ask the person to read ANY chapter at random they quickly find it the whole focus of their day. You cut the fat of the subject and give plenty of rather GRAPHIC examples how just how wrong it can all go if you don't get your head out of the sand. Even people who have never really thought about survivalism start to wonder if what you talk about is actually just prudent talk. And not the ravings of some mad survivalist.
Also, believe it or not the lack of refined editing and proof reading has givin it a kind of "for real" feel that has become a sign of something that really came from you, in all it's charm.
I am currently deployed in Iraq with the army and have been interested in survivalism for nearing 20 years. I have had an incredible chance to talk to hurrican Katrina survivors and many people in Iraq. How they made it though the worst and how are they still getting along. Nothing you have said or wrote has gone against any of them. More over, it often confirms your opinion.
I have had the chance to explore what survivalism is in and out of the army and find the whole subject more interesting than anything else I have seen.
So mant times when I ask others that have been through SHTF times, I see exactly what you talk about being employed.
Amonst the no-nonesense survivalist who are more concerened with reality than zombies....no offense to all the Z-heads out there ;)...You have been (like it or not) iconified. I'm sure you can see the good and bad in that inescapable truth.
I don't agree with every single thing you write, mostly on account that I like to do a few things a little differently for what works for me. But mostly I find your blog like a suirvival preview of what's to come here in america.
I write this to not only say thank you for sharing what you know but to help you perhapse understand that it's all word of mouth that has got your name and book our there.


FerFAL said...

Dare2Thrive, thanks man. And take care out there, ok?


adp113 said...

If you take the book to $25.01 then the shipping is free so it is cheaper to the door.

Anonymous said...

I would guess it's word of mouth. I gave my copy to a friend at work. He read half of it, gave me my book back and ordered his own copy. -Rumson

Roozter said...

Hi Ferfal,
That's awesome and well deserved! I found your blog writings so helpful, I just had to order it. Many of us here (U.S.A.) are very concerned about the economic situation & even fearing the worst...but can't "bug-out" like so many authors recommend. Your practical advice gives hope that we might be able to cope & survive.
Thanks for sharing your hard-earned experience & knowledge. Best to you & your family.