Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Situation in US

Anonymous said...

It seems to me like having a source of income, when everybody else is fighting for a handful of jobs, is the essential part. You yourself noted that in Argentina there was usually food, but buying it was the hard part. I seem to remember stories about desperate people looting markets in the wake of the bank shutdown. They had no cash and no way to get cash, so they simply took what they needed.

It is good to know how to sell, but you need to have something to sell, and to have confidence in what you're selling. That's my big struggle-developing the confidence to sell my skills with confidence, and to be confident enough in myself that people know I really mean it.

For Americans, "confidence" is different from the "self-esteem" garbage peddled in USA schools that makes youth ARROGANT instead of CONFIDENT. People do know the difference. It seems that TPTB want an arrogant people, not a confident people. There's also the matter of the "empty suit"-he who can sell but has nothing worth buying. Like Obama. It takes skills AND selling. If you've got that, you'll be able to get by.

War is another matter, a large war can level a society and force everybody into desperation. I don't think that will happen in USA, I think the government and its supporters will quickly be bottled up in a handful of cities when the people rebel and will fall. I think a situation like that in Argentina is more likely. The K's even tried to "fix" the economy by printing money, which created a boom that has now crashed, so they went after the media for reporting how they failed. I can see Obama doing the same-there are rampant rumors here of an "Obama enemies list" and of official attempts to destroy populist media personalities like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

October 27, 2009 10:11 AM

You're right. It's hard but that's the way it is. The social pyramid sinks and you have to fight your way to the top or fall into "poor" status.
You don't want that.
You have to be active, resourceful, and even better, generate your own source of income as you noticed.
Selling skills are terribly important, one of the most sought after jobs after the collapse, one of the few types that made it to the papers, was salesman. A good, experienced salesman will always have a job. And if he doesn't he can make his own.
Confidence comes with knowledge of yourself, knowing your limitations and abilities and what you are capable.
Arrogance is eh product, of lack of true self esteem, fear and ignorance.
Obama is indeed a lot like the K, and apparently he's copying many of their worst defects. Hope he stops before Americans get fed up. That would not be pretty.



Bones said...

Sales skills are well and good, but you will have a much easier time selling something people truly need. The concept of "selling" implies you can get people to buy things they don't need. If you regard your customers as sheep to be sheared eventually they'll smell a rat and go somewhere else.

The other way to do it is to demonstrate to your customers that you will always be a "straight shooter" who can be trusted not to rip them off and relied upon to provide real value for their money.

Example: my current auto mechanic refused payment for an after hours tire change - it was the first time we met. He said "I'm not worried, you'll be back." He was right, and has never overcharged me. Why would I go anywhere else?

His shop is always busy.

Anonymous said...

could someone define "K's"

FerFAL said...

Ks are Cristina and Nestor Kirchner. Mr Kirchner was elected after the crisis. Thirsty for power, he made sure his wife Crisitna ..."won" .... teh following elections. They now plan to place Mr. Kirchner in power after her, and then I suppose Crisitna again for another ride. Either way, its always Nestor who runs the show, Cristina is just a puppet.


Ed said...

Hi FerFal,
I, as many Europeans, wonder why Obama is so heavily critised by Republicans when it comes to his spending of government money.
Didn't George W. Bush spend 1,500 Billion dollars on a war against a country of which he and his sidekicks knew there weren't any WMD?
He threw the US in an all-time record deficit.

Obama spends the same amount trying to save jobs, banks and mortgages, enable poor people to have access to public healthcare, but all of the sudden the Republicans begin to worry about the national deficit and blame Obama for spending too much and being a socialist.

Should Obama also have invented a reason to fight an exterior enemy in order to be allowed to spend money?
Fighting an economic collapse isn't worth the expenses, but fighting a war to find non-existing WMD on the other side of the world is?

I don't cover the entire spectrum of criticism against Obama, but it's clear to a lot of Europeans that a US president who doesn't invent an imaginary outside enemy, is considered a weakling from the Republican's perspective.

In Europe, Obama is really popular. We love the US. We don't like the useless wars that were instilled by the Republican presidents in the last 2 decades. Now there's a president who really cares about healthcare, and he's called a 'socialist'. Shame on him! To quote a Republican congressman, 'You lie boy!'.
Do Republicans prefer foreign wars over free health care for the poor? Don't they see that the Iraq-war was a big, big shame in the eyes of the world?

What do you think of this Ferfal? I know you are not fond of Obama, especially regarding his firearm laws. But the guy is in the social aspects way better than G.W. Bush for a country like the United States.

Ed from Europe.

Juliathemechanic said...

Ed from Europe, did you actually learn nothing from Hitler? From Mussolini? Because Obama is just like them, give him time. He has collapsed our borders, destroyed our job markets and encouraged drug abuse and dependence on government programs. He has added more debt to the nation than ALL of the previous presidents combined. When he took office the national debt was 10.6 trillion. As of March 17, 2014 it stands at 17.1 trillion. George Bush was a UN-obsessed progressive One Worlder who spent like a drunken sailor, but Obama is much, much worse.

Obama hates America. He hates Europe. He hates Israel (and is well on his way to destroying it). He hates everything that is not controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and has since 2009 been destabilizing secular governments in the middle east. He has obliterated not only the U.S. constitution, but also the Bill of Rights. We live in a post-constitutional America where laws are enforced hard on Obama's enemies and not enforced on his friends and those who finance him.

Obama has nationalized roughly 51% of the U.S. economy - health care, banking, student loan companies, home mortgage companies, most of the auto industry, and now he is doing a power grab of the fuel and food industries. And that, my friend, is why most Americans despise Obama. You need only to look at Venezuela to see what is coming next for us.