Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book and blog

I’ve found several comments around the web and there seems to be a little misunderstanding I’d like to address.
Mi book, “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” isn’t a collection of old posts, or the longer essay I wrote many years ago, “Thoughts on Urban Survival”.
Though the subjects covered on Thoughts on Urban Survival are also covered in The Modern Survival Manual, the manual goes much more in depth on each subject covered.
I did use a couple of posts that are found in my blog, some of the kit lists and a few other pages. Check this link for more explanation.
It wouldn’t have been right to sell a book just copy/pasting old things I’ve written already. If I ever do a compilation of posts and offer it for sale, I’ll make it abundantly clear so there no room for confusion.


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North Family Arizona said...

Dang, You mean that there are goobers out there who are complaining about this? You've made the big time my man! You know that you're doing something right when random idiots come out to flame you from the safety of the internet.

The reality is that, from my perspective, all of your content is your creation, unless otherwise noted. Therefore who cares if the blog is the same as the book? In this case one only needs to read the book and spend some time reading the blog. The content is often covered in both places but in different ways. And honestly the book is a lot easier to just sit down and read, worth $25 to me right there.

I'm happy that you responded to the haters, it's very Gary Vaynerchuk of you and he's brilliant but I think those of us who follow you with any consistency know that you're for real and that this Urban Survivalist movement makes sense.

keep the faith and keep working.