Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home made Electrolyte Drink

Electrolyte drinks are needed to replace fluids after diarrhea, vomiting and certain injuries.
Such a simple solution could save lives during disasters such as the one currently going on in Haiti.

Here's a simple recipe:


One teaspoon of "Lite Salt" (by Morton, 1/2 iodized potassium chloride, 1/2 sodium chloride in a blue cylinder)

1/3 teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate),

10 teaspoons of table sugar (sucrose),

one quart of water.


Another one:

*Juice from one fresh lemon (natural electrolytes)
*Cup of water
*2 flat tablespoons of sea salt

Stir and drink.



Anonymous said...

Recipes are good. Got any advice about what to cook / stock up on for when food is tight and water pressure is sporadic?

Anonymous said...

Knowing this basic method of re-hydration is a important item to know... but the #1 thing required is CLEAN water.. you can be drinking all the oral re-hydration recipes around but if it's with dirty/contaminated water, one only gets more sick.

It just amazes me how many people don't think that clean water during a disaster is important. I cringe when I read on blogs people glossing over water purification equipment/supplies and only using the bare basic item to filter it. i.e saying a t-shirt will 'filter' their water from X source.

Anonymous said...

The lite salt is actually the same combination used in ordinary siflo table salt.