Thursday, January 14, 2010

Economic Crisis in Spain

USA is still the bastion of freedom in today’s world, and I’d kindly invite anyone that disagrees to name a country were more freedoms and rights can be enjoyed, starting with something as essential as the right to pack a gun to defend my life if needed.
Spain for example, is covered in such a thick layer of socialism that it makes you sick. It’s the political correct liberal utopia. A guy can walk down the center of the city of Barcelona butt naked ( and I’ve actually seen that ) but owning a firearm makes you a freak. It’s funny how these socialists work. For example, the legendary “Guns” magazine, a Spanish gun rag that has always been the equivalent of Guns & Ammo world wide for Spanish readers, has been “socialized” so to speak.

You see, just banning it would be too suspicious, what they do is… modify it for … more adequate times. So its been slowly turning into an “airsoft” magazine, or talking about guns in video games. You see, “Guns” has little “guns” content any more, I’d say less than ½ the magazine really talks about real firearms. Eventually it will all be replicas, games, soft air toys and so on.
Meanwhile the socialist dream that is Spain has 20% (19.3% for October 2009 according to yesterday’s “The Economist”) unemployment and looking worse each day. It’s surreal to see the same kind of news reports and same kind of discussion in talk shows that we saw in the first stages of the Argentine crisis.
Spain’s, president, Mr. Zapatero, also known as Mr. Bean, is simply doomed. Not only s he a clueless diehard socialist, he’s now been fatally wounded by ridicule. Argentines know one thing: As a political figure, you can be loved, or you can be hated, like we hate the Kirchners and Menen, but you cant allow yourself o be ridiculous, you can’t become a joke. There’s no return from that. That’s what happened to Fernando de la Rua, and a few months later the economy collapsed in December 2001.

Now Zapatero is a joke, and his answer to deal with the crisis in Spain? Increase public spending, increase taxes, have a public spending that DOUBLES the income.
Work contracts? Only the ones approved by the Unions are legal. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Spain doubles the average EU unemployment rate.
Another mayor flaw they have is the famous “paro” that gives a year’s salary or more to anyone that gets fired.
This could be a great safety net but in socialist Spain its just another tool to ride the working class, with an entire generation more worried about getting fired and living on free rides than finding a job.
This also means there’s no real interest to find jobs, there’s no competition or desire to succeed driven by real need. Its also a huge burden that is laid on the shoulders of the working class.
Its sad to see these socialist work their magic, they are so alike.
Spain is still a developed nation and of course there’s still hope is they get rid of Mr. Bean on the next election and choose someone form the PP party (right wing).

Regarding your question, where to go. My friend, stay in USA, that’s what I would do.
Lets not get paranoid either, there’s always something to worry about, but the important thing is having alternatives.
As for plan B and C. There’s places in Europe where the socialist and communist BS isn’t flying anymore and there’s hope in the future.
For South America, I’d go with Uruguay or Chile.
You ask for 5 year stability. In these countries you can find that, but don’t ask for much more, you never know what can happen politically that far away into the future and that’s precisely why you should have plan B and C locations just in case.



Stuart said...

Agreed Fernando, Spain has become abit of a joke. My Native Britain is alot worse though as we have had more than 12 years of failed socialism over there and they now have an unelected prime minister, a man that not even his own party voted for.

In Spain the left wing media is also a joke and your right about the gun issue and how its that if you enjoy firearms like i do complete idiots who know nothing about them see them as dangerous and pointless.......until someone robs them or murders a member of their family.

The goverment keeps saying that it is only 3.9 million 'en paro' but the reality is that it is more than 5 million unemployed if you include school leavers who have never worked and as such are not entitled to Paro, also what about the workers who are on a training course at the INEM, they too are un accounted for. Also when your paro stops (usually after two years if your lucky) you too cease to be counted.

Its all about cooking the books and hiding the corruption which Spain has alot of hence the more than a thousand Alcaldes or politicos in Prison in the last five. And now with 'La Ley de costas' thousands of innocent people are seeing their homes destroyed or business closed in a way that would impress Robert Mugabe.

It is a socialist house of cards just waiting for someone to sneeze.

Anonymous said...

Article says: "As for plan B and C. There’s places in Europe where the socialist and communist BS isn’t flying anymore and there’s hope in the future."
Where in Europe does such a place exist?

Anonymous said...

Hi, you say you dont like neither Kirchner nor menen so what do you want? you hate right wing because they destroyed Argentina and they are a pile of thougs, nor socialist because they are communist.

DaShui said...

Everywhere I look I see the socialist system imploding under massive amounts of debt. What will come after that is the biggest question. My guess is a lot of small nation states is the most natural order.
And I lived in Taiwan, possession of a firearm is a capital offence.

Don Williams said...

1) One caution I would make re Chile is that Chile, Peru and Bolivia may have difficulties in the future obtaining enough water for their people as global warming melts the snow glaciers from the Andes -- Bolivia is already having trouble in that regard.

2) Note, however, that Bolivia may have 50 percent of the world's reserves of easily mined Lithium --which could make her the next Saudi Arabia if Peak Oil forces US , EU and China to move to electric cars. (Lithium being currently essential for the batteries of such cars.) I suspect That last James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, had some interesting info from British intel MI6.

3) Throughout history, underdeveloped regions on the periphery have overcome the decadent core empires -- Greece replaced Egypt then in turn was displaced by Rome.

Rome was overcome by Germany , followed by France followed by Britain followed by the USA. Argentina has many great natural resources and could become a major power but for her disfunctional political culture, as Ferfal has described.

4) I suggest that people look at the numbers -- at the hard data. The USA still has enormous military and economic power --along with natural resources. Strategist George Friedman --in his book "The Next 100 Years" --thinks that the power of the USA will increase in the next 100 years, not decline. Command of Space, for example, will be decisive --especially if nukes are deployed there.

The complaints about "Obama socialism" are ridiculous. The top one percent of the US population gets 22 percent of the national income -- and that share has been steadily increasing for the past 30 years, regardless of which party is in favor. If anything, Obama has been far too lenient toward the Plutocrats who dumped $750 Million into his campaign.

5) Our population density is still far lower than Europes and we are self-sufficient in a way Europe is not. Nothing on the planet can match our navy.

6) Some Other refuges don't hold up to scrutiny. People were touting Australia on James Wesley Rawles survival blog, until I pointed out that Australia only has 20 million people, Jared Diamond thinks the land can only support 10 million long term, and there are 3 BILLION people to the north just across a short island chain.

An Australian who had worked on classified studies for their Navy concurred, saying that he would not want to be anywhere within 60 miles inland of Australia's north coast if things collapsed.

BulgarWheat said...

The US might be considered the bastion of freedom at the moment, but I've seen too many things over the last year to think this will go on too much longer.

Anonymous said...

I would bug out to Haiti......

Patrick said...

Shorting Euros ain't a bad idea.

PIIGS get slaughtered.

Michelle said...

He sounds like Obama!

chinasyndrome said...

Ferfal,hey cuz sorry to hear abut the turn for the worse in your country.Dont know if you are a religous man or not but I have a lot of friends who are,and I've got em all Prayin for you and your family stay safe.China.

Gus said...

The more of these post I read the more I am convinced that the United States is the best place in the world to live now and far into the future.I have lived in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. Traveled all over Europe.Have been to South America, Canada, China, Australia, Great Britain and many more. Nothing comes close to America regardless of your income unless you have to live on nothing but Social Security.You can then survive in some foreign countries but your standard of living will go down.

Maldek said...

@Don Williams

If you believe the US will improve over the next 100 years think about this:

For a war you need 5 things:
many people
a lot of time of these people

Now if I look at the US at say 1932 I see lots of unemployed, no debts and a lot of industrial power (money) behind them. This made the US a superpower in WW2.

Today...the US is the biggest debtor in the world. To survive uncle BEN has to print money. There is no industrial power anymore.

Now lets look at china.

Lots of money from beeing THE industrial power house of the planet. They produce everything for the rest of the world.
Currency reserves. Industrial power.
They have 1.600.000.000 people that is 500% of the US.

People say I am a decent poker player (texas holdem) - given these facts i would go "all in" on china when it comes to the new superpower in the next 100 years.

Anonymous said...

Your comments about Spain are interesting, especially buying a club/stick upon arrival, reminded me of the movie Drudge Dred, a population who only sees weapons in museums, prissy men,... the socialist product/society.

Marc Faber says:

The countries most likely to blow up this time around are the "PIIGS": Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain. One or more of them, Faber says, will likely default in the next couple of years. And, that could result in the death of the Euro currency.

Longer-term, Faber says, Japan and the US are in line for the same fate.

The US crisis won't hit us this year or next year. But within 5-10 years, the United States will be forced to quietly default on its debt, most likely by printing money and destroying the value of the currency.


Global Warming Is a Religion

Political commentator Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956) warned that "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." That's the political goal of the global warmers.


Plan D is to be able to be mobile and hop from spot to spot keeping ahead of the worst of it with no destination in mind... eventually winding up where you started but better off than those who stayed put?
I say, plans are difficult to make.

Anonymous said...

"Article says: "As for plan B and C. There’s places in Europe where the socialist and communist BS isn’t flying anymore and there’s hope in the future."
Where in Europe does such a place exist?"

Try Finland. Yes, they're a bit more socialist than what the USA is used to, but they are heavily into preparedness and guns thanks to (reasonable) paranoia of a Russian takeover.

Switzerland is also financially stable. Unlike many European countries, they are trying to discourage poor immigrants from migrating there and living off the government teat for the rest of their lives. They have extremely friendly gun laws. Adult males are issued guns by the government and mandated to keep them in the home in case of an invasion. Ammo is subsidized by the government. The only downfall is that you receive that gun after mandatory boot camp and military training in your late teens. Not sure if mandatory militia training is considered "socialist" or not.

Anonymous said...

Maldek: China is in for some major internal problems over the next century. They are running out of fresh water, and what little they have left is heavily polluted and causing cancer. Decades of poor agriculture has left large swaths of fertile land eroded, turning into desert, and producing less food. Their one child policy has left a gender imbalance of tens of millions of men. They will never have a shot of getting a girlfriend, and nothing good is going to come out of a large mob of angry, frustrated, lonely young men who have nothing to live for. Not to mention what's going to happen to their economy when the dollar collapses and we stop buying cheap junk from them. They may be able to weather it, but don't think it will be easy for them.

Not saying the US doesn't have its own problems, but I'm tired of the paranoia that China is going to take over us all.

Anonymous said...

George Friedman?

The guy who predicted the coming US War with Japan? Guy is so incredibly far off in his description of Japan I wonder if he's ever set foot in that land.

gaga said...

Spain had a right wing government until quite recently, until it got kicked out because it lied about who was responsible fro the Madrid bombings. So a very large part of Spains problems are equally due to its right wing (and relatively recent Fascist) history.

Spains economy has had a massive economic boom due to a property bonanza, that has come to an end (1.5million empty apartments..). Its was very recently a third world country so deserves respect for moving from poverty to being a pretty respectable first world economy. It is a corrupt country, probably the worst in Europe.

But little of this has to do with its current socialist government its more the fascist dictatorship past that has left Spain with a fucked up mindset.

Coming to Spain for a holiday and deciding its problems are due to the socialist government is very naive.

FerFAL said...

Hi Gaga, its thanks to the right wing, and partially thanks to Franco too ( like it or not) that Spain is currently a world power.

The problems Spain faces now are exclusive fault of that socialist fool Zapatero, better known as Mr. Bean.

So they lied about the bombings, so what? Mr. Bean passed a law himself banning smoking in a number of places and he doesn't even respect his own law. Typical socialist pig attitude, "we are all equal but some are more equal than others". And lets not even get into how corrupt Zapatero and his buddies are.

Most of my family has been living here for almost 10 years now, my father was born in Galicia, many others never left so I'm not talking BS. Last time I came here I stayed for a month as well, my family keeps me updated on whats going on here, practically on daily basis.

Spain was recently a 3rd world country?

Gaga,you don't know what you're talking about.

Spain is the worst, most corrupt country in Europe? Again, you have no idea of what you are saying.


Anonymous said...

Militaries decline rapidly if the economy collapses.

Obviously right now US is the last bastion of freedom. However things may not go so well judging by the direction we have been moving lately.

As as US citizen I am making plans to be able to relocate to Asia if US declines. Yes they are a world apart now socially and financially but that all can change in a period of a decade.

I believe the biggest threat to US is continuing war and domestic socialism. That is unsustainable and is very close to what ferfal's country is experiencing. There is tremendous inertia in US system but it can all be overcome and when it does it will be very hard to stop.

Anonymous said...

If I were a nation bordering China, say Japan for instance, I would be very afraid. When things continue down theo road they are on, what do you think China will do with 25,000,000 single disgruntled males?

Sounds like a pretty big army to me.

And, China could never take out the US, not in the next 100 years anyways. The US is armed to the teeth and has the most powerful navy on the face of the earth, it isnt even close.

Oh and dont forget about the fact we are protected on both sides by two huge oceans. Our biggest threat is from all the poor mexicans and our corrupt corporates and politicos.

ANON, lol, bugging out to Haiti....lol.


Anonymous said...

Ferfal, I respect your blog, but let us be honest with each other. While there are very good people in Spain, it went for easy money and decided to live off German tourists sometime in the eighties. I don't think your family would be a part of that group, but it was there. It is easy for people like Gaga to judge Franco, but I do agree with you that he acted as he thought was best for Spain and he did keep it from becoming a communist tyranny. While there are those who would call Franco worse, I do not agree. Spaniards could leave Spain under Franco, the Slavs or anyone else could not leave the Communist tyranny in Russia or Eastern Europe. There is no worse tyranny than not being able to leave. People like Gaga are naive, at best, and I have no respect for a childish understanding of history. Franco was no Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot, so get over yourself Gaga. Unfortunately I know many people who would put Franco or Pinochet next to Hitler. These people are ridiculous. Yes Franco and Pinochet were monsters if they were your enemy. But they did not enslave every one of their citizens, and if you hated them, you could leave. Period.
Now let's talk about corruption. Greece is the worst and Italy is close behind, but... every alcalde in Spain selling development rights for real estate? That is corrupt.

Un amigo del nordeste de los Estados Unidos.

dc.sunsets said...

162 years ago a Frenchman by the name of Bastiat published an essay about "what is seen and unseen."

Most people write about the "seen."

I believe that the rot of socialism and fascism (the left and right of central planning and command economies) have invisibly hollowed out real economic production in most countries, leaving a whole lot of "Peter digs a ditch and Paul fills it back in."

I further think we're on the cusp of revealing this cancer's effects, and many citizens will discover that their wonderful country's rulers have allowed the citizens to burn all the seed corn.

Figuratively speaking, this is going to be one really tough lesson for people to learn.

Shambhala said...

Your insights are always on spot.
Thanks. I try to send as many people this way as I can.

With 50 states, i shall assume not all will be screwed up at once. The southwest may survive.

Anonymous said...

"Spain was recently a 3rd world country?"

Gaga,you don't know what you're talking about.

Spain is the worst, most corrupt country in Europe? Again, you have no idea of what you are saying.


First off, Galacia has hardly been affected by the massive construction boom in the south. Spains economic boom has been massively dependant on skyrocketing property and land values that has now come to end. Why? becuase prices in Spain are too high, quality is crap and overseas buyer - a very large majority of whom are British have been scared off by stories of corruption, land grab, illegal building and property demolishing (plus the rocketing Euro).

You are aware of the situation in Valacian whereby developers can seize land from home-owners?
The other scandal of foreign home-owners - who built with full legal permission having their houses seized and demolished because the mayor of towns were corrupt? How about the retrospective laws making buildings within 100m of the coast illegal?
How about the mayors and councillors of towns (Malaga for instance) jailed for accepting bribes?
How about the non-functioning legal system, for instance the case of a home owner who was politically connected who sold a house that was occupied to a British couple - who -becuase they didn't SPECIFICALLY ask if the house was occupied and with a certain type of contract, lost the house.
How about the bank guarantees, money deposited in banks for deposits on apartments that the banks refuse to honour and the legal system that refuses to dole out justice?

The EU has repeatability warned Spain about its abject failure to honour property rights and Spain has done nothing about it.

But you know, you won't have heard much about this in Spain becuase it spoils their self image of the economic boom. But the millions of foreign (Northern Europeans) owners and potential owners are and the have stopped buying in Spain. When a very large %age of the GDP and tax income in property related then there is a big problem. Socialism has very little to do with it, its corruption and a lousy business model.

Have a read of the forums here
and here for real insight on Spains economy


Maldek said...

@ the anon who answered my post.

Please read my first post again when i talked about military power.

Now you say it will not come so because china has got
a) not enough water (that is a reason to take the water from someone else by force)

b) they have a lot of "extra" males with no perspective in life.

If i may kindly point now to the fact that esp. b) will make them a military powerhouse? Lots of young man with nothing to loose sounds to me like a military dream so to speak. wake up. Within the next 100 years most resources on this planet will be used up and what little is left will go to the guy with the biggest army.

The US are in that position now - and we can see prove of that in afghanistan, irak and other places where US military gets the dirty work done so the private US can live their comfortable life. Dont forget that.

Now in say 20 years i highly doubt this will still be the case. Foreign bases will be closed, soldier moved back "home". The empire shrinking. On the other hand china will slowly expand it influence in asia, in afrika and get its hands on resources. The western civilisations with their older age problem are not going to be able to stop them. That is the ugly thruth my friend.

FerFAL said...

I was in Malaga last week Gaga, it's FULL of English tourists, even now in the middle of winter.
In summer its madness, just full of English tourists.

In just about any country your property can be taken away from you one way or another by those in power.

Empty 1.5 million Euro apartments... where? Why do people pay 1.5 million Euros for property if it can be taken away form you by any fool?
Why is it then that even now during the crisis, real estate rarely stays on the market for more than a month or two?

Are you living in Spain right now? Where are you getting all this stuff?
Before saying Spain is teh worst country in the EU, I'd recommend you to check the list of countries.

Sorry Gaga, nothing you say makes any sense, and its nothing like what I've read, seen on the news, or well, seen on the streets.

Don Williams said...

Re Maldek's comment of China's rise, some points:

1) A number of people are warning that China's economy is a bubble that is near collapse:


2) People might check out the movie from circa 1990? titled Rising Sun -- people were saying the same thing in 1990 re Japan that they are saying today re China.

Don Williams said...

Here are George Friedman's arguments for why China will not supplant the USA as Hegemon in the coming decades:

1) China is an island --surrounded by wastelands that isolate it from the rest of the world except for the Pacific Coast. The Gogi Desert/Mongolia to the north, thousands of miles to the west to reach Central Asia, impassable mountains of Himalayas, and the Jungles/mountains of Laos and Vietnam to the South. (Mynote: Which is why China is so close to Burma/Myanmar -- the railroad from southeast China through Burma ends on the Indian Ocean Coast.)

2) The vast majority of Chinese people live near the prosperous Pacific Coast that trades with the rest of the world -- the interior and North of China is poor.
The vast inequity in income between the Pacific Coast --with its international ties and the poor interior causes political stresses that may split China in the future if her rapid growth stalls.

3) China has adopted capitalist ways but is not capitalist.
China's Communist party has massive corruption and malinvestment/unperforming loans are estimated to be around $600-$900 BIllion. This can be disguised only so long as growth continues.

4) China's low cost exports are not very profitable. Lots of revenue churning around but not profits. China is like Japan in the 1980s but on steroids -- with business being funded by government money.

5) China is held together by money, not ideology. No one believes in Communism anymore.

When the gravy train wrecks, there is the potential for massive political unrest in the interior. China's rulers will likely resort to nationalism --blaming the economic problems on foreign investors.

6) But this will put Beijing in conflict with powerful, wealthy families in Shanghai,etc who will have developed closer ties to foreign devils than to the taxing authorities in Beijing.

US investors will naturally demand tha the US military defend their Chinese investments from nationalization and confiscatory tariffs.


Wendy said...

I think Shambhala makes a good point about staying in the US. It will really depend on where one is in the US, and some places will certainly fare better than others.

For an idea of where your state is with regard to its fiscal health this map compares other states to California, which is pretty much bankrupt at this point and asking for Federal bailouts.

With regard to how the government works here, as compared to other places, we should remember that the US is 50 separately governed states with one central government, but even though we've allowed ourselves to be manipulated by the Federal government on too many issues, for the most part, we are still governed by our individual states. If you, as a citizen of your State, don't like what you're hearing, your best recorse is to work on the State level. States do not have to accept what the Federal government is proposing. Our Constitution still gives most of the power to the States.

We would do well to remember that in what is becoming an increasingly unstable future.

Gus said...

I live in Houston.Down the street is a bbq restaurant that has a well known slogan here.

"You might give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars that you live in Texas"

Estonian said...

[Article says: "As for plan B and C. There’s places in Europe where the socialist and communist BS isn’t flying anymore and there’s hope in the future." Where in Europe does such a place exist?]

Try some of the former Eastern-Block countries. Not that i'm suggesting that you should pack your bags now. There is a chance that the majority of US citizens will wake up and vote the fools out of the .gov, hopefully already with the next elections. Then again, under no other nation have i seen so many sandal wearing gullible hippie morons as under Americans, i'm sad to say (never had many dealing with South-Americans though, could be worse). Hopefully this will change.

Anonymous said...


You missed the Civil War, the 16th and 17th amendments. They killed "States Rights".

We're all on DC's plantation.

Get used to it.

cryingfreeman said...

@ Don Williams: I disagree about the global warming issue (I believe the planet will cool down rather than warm up), so depending on one's climatic outlook, Chile could be just fine.

And to everyone else, I'm going to disagree with the view that the USA is the best place to be. The foundational reason is that it has a large and ever expanding federal government that is hell-bent on controlling more and more aspects of everyday life, and doing so with an increasingly totalitarian grip (despite what individual states may wish). Privacy and liberties are going to be slaughtered in the USA - and throughout many western nations - in the next decade or so, and at the same time taxation is going to explode to fund bank bailouts, interest on government borrowing, expensive wars overseas, perfidious bureaucracy and so on. Now, while other nations are already in a worse state than the USA (I'm thinking of my my own, the UK), there are nonetheless better options for those who wish to preserve their freedoms and wealth.

For me, the starting point and basis of true liberty is small, decentralised government. In Europe, Switzerland immediately springs to mind, where centuries of localised commerce, power and even language (there are hundreds of unique variants of Swiss German), as well as an excellent gun culture and world class lifestyle, low taxation (often negotiable at even town or village level) all combine to make it very attractive. It's not that expensive to open a business there and thereby gain residency (at least for EU citizens), and even cheaper in zero tax and almost zero government Andorra over in the Pyrenees (another truly beautiful place, by the way).

Another point to bear in mind is what is the local attitude to liberty and tyranny. I believe the Anglophone nations are largely peopled by those who talk a good fight on liberty, but who when push comes to shove will lay down their arms before the military. I'll go further and suggest that outside a US or British army uniform, most people wouldn't dare fire a shot in anger in the name of freedom. However, in Europe I see people who have done and who would do so again, given their militant tendencies. The French in particular spring to mind, given their resistance to Nazi occupation (on a personal level, not on a government level, as the French have usually been led by "surrender monkeys").

In closing, at the very least it would be comforting for any switched on American / Brit / whoever to have the option of an overseas safe haven country to move to should things go really sour at home. In any event, we should be spreading as much of our lives across different nations as possible to minimise the impact of any action against our person in any one location.

Anonymous said...

Even though I live in one of the best states to be in, if it were possible, I would head to Norway or Sweden. Scandinavia has over a 1000 years of real stability. To know it's culture is to have some insight as to why that has been so. I shoulda never have left! The U.S. has the potential of becoming something worse than any current socialist state. We can only hope soft, spoiled and clueless American's are up to the challenge of retaining what little freedom remains. I have serious doubts!

Stuart said...

I think that Gaga is alittle Gaga wg=hen it come to knowing what is right or wrong about Spain.

My family here are Catalan to the bone but even they agree (some what reluctantly) that life was better under Franco.

Under Franco the people paid next to nothing in taxes, even under Aznar life was a bit more bareable but under Zapatero life has becoem difficult if not impossible. The biggest problem facing Spain right now is 'La Burocracia' (any spanish speaker will laugh at this and understand what i am talking about)

Get a job with the goverment and join a union and you are bomb proof in Spain. Want to set up a business and be a capitalist in Spain? Primero paga! as is the norm over here, first you pay then you can start to earn money.

Zapatero like all of his Marxist scum enjoys the fruits of other people labour and punishes those that have that spark of money making (Spain is full of hard working,intelligent people, just give them a chance Joder!)

FerFal sir i salute you and your blog and you are spot on when it comes to describing the situations that we find ourselves in.

All the best from "El Ingles con el vino de london ;-)"

Don Williams said...

1) I would like to note that Global Warming is not my religion --but neither is uncritical acceptance of opinions from Fox News pundits that I think are paid $Millions to lie to me.

2) Global Warming over the past several decades is a FACT. As shown by comparision of spy satellite photos of the Arctic taken 40 years ago with those of today.

3) As shown by sampling of ice thickness in the Arctic today compared to what it was 40 years ago when US nuclear submarines started measuring it when patrolling under the polar ice cap in order to attack the Soviet Union via its back door.

4) As shown by spy satellite photos of mountain glaciers in several parts of the world.

5) As shown by the opening of the Europe-Asia Northwest Passage north of Canada in summer -- for the first time in recorded history.

6) I acknowledge that there is scientific debate re its various causes, whether/how much it will increase, and what , if anything, to do about it.

I am not getting into that debate -- I am simply saying look at the MASSIVE physical changes that have occurred. A million square kilometers of polar ice did not melt because I prayed to strange gods.

The evidence:

a) http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE56F6N220090717

b) http://gfl.usgs.gov/Publications.shtml

c) http://geology.com/articles/northwest-passage.shtml

d) Bolivia's melting glaciers:


e) http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/seaice_skinny.html
(Note section "Submarines and satellites ")

f) http://www.agu.org/pubs/crossref/2009/2009GL039035.shtml

Maldek said...

@Don Williams

Please have a look at this:

Just a few months ago the emails of the GB "climate gods" have become public.

At latest since then it is proven without any doubt that the global warning story was a scam from the very start.

The idea behind all this scam was to intorduce a global tax.

One last bit to think about for you.

The name of greenland comes from the color "green" while today it is more "white" than green (snow/ice) - can it be that a few hundred years ago perhaps it was much warmer than it is today? ;)

cryingfreeman said...

@ Don Williams: Sorry mate, but it's not conclusive evidence you've given me although I'm in no mood to engage in a lengthy debate about it. That said, I do know about melting glaciers, but I also know Greenland was once so warm that the vikings colonised it and farmed the land, hence the name. And that glaciers are growing in other parts of the world, just as some are melting. See this article from 2008 on ice recovery in the Antarctic: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/35266/Global-warming-It-s-the-coldest-winter-in-decades

And please don't take that tone with me either about Fox news as if I'm some sort of idiot. For one, I live in the UK so I don't have access to Fox News (thankfully). Secondly, while large corporate interests may indeed be promoting propaganda against global warming, that doesn't prove the case for cooling to be false, no more than Al Gore - and many others - making a fortune out of saying it is indeed warming up can be taken as conclusive evidence in favour of the cooling lobby. See how that argument cuts both ways? Or fails both ways?

gaga said...

"I was in Malaga last week Gaga, it's FULL of English tourists, even now in the middle of winter.
In summer its madness, just full of English tourists.

In just about any country your property can be taken away from you one way or another by those in power.

Empty 1.5 million Euro apartments... where? Why do people pay 1.5 million Euros for property if it can be taken away form you by any fool?
Why is it then that even now during the crisis, real estate rarely stays on the market for more than a month or two?"

Not 1.5million *euro*, there are over 1.5 million *properties* unsold in Spain. 16% of Spains GDP was in construction, the current (and recent) massive un-employment can be directly attributed. And not, its not a case of one way or another, its blatant illegal theft and corruption that has resulted in this situation. Spain remember is in the EU and the EU can order the removal and change of illegal laws against property ownership

"Are you living in Spain right now? Where are you getting all this stuff?
Before saying Spain is teh worst country in the EU, I'd recommend you to check the list of countries."

Worst for corruption, N. Cyprus is worst but its not in the EU or even recognised as a country.

This a just two articles I read today about Spain. See the previous links where real owners discuss the corrupt Spanish legal system
"The end of the Spanish dream as more homes are declared illegal" -

"Spanish house prices ripe for further slide"

As for comments about Franco, he had no influence on Spains economic improvement, he was long dead before Spain's GDP rose as it has - in the 1960's pain's GDP per head was 60% of the EU average. Now it far higher and joining the EU has been the greatest influence on that giving many billions of Euro to Spain and made it a solid investment prospect for other Europeans.


Anonymous said...

Alright guys, let's get something straight here. Greenland's name was a marketing campaign by Leif Erikson to get other norse to colonize marginal land west of Iceland, which is actually green. While they made a good run of it, poor farming on semi good soils held in place by natural foilage that was plowed under by norse farmers led to their demise. Had they been more nomadic like the inuit they might have made it. Greenland was mostly ice back then and only the fact that the world is very slowly warming up accounts for the ice losses. Feel free to read "Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed" and start to think on a global scale.