Thursday, January 28, 2010

MKVII Gas Mask Bag

Hey ferfal,
You just pictured a shoulder bag on your blog in a picture with a leatherman Wave. I was wondering what kind of bag, as the mussette bags I see dont have snaps. Thanks.


It's an English MKVII Gas Mask bag, made in the 1940's.
Kind of rare but something similar may be found in surplus stores. Just make sure the cotton canvas isn't rotten.
I use this bag when I'm not carrying that much stuff.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Ferfal,
Pretty eery. Today I went to a store called CLOSEOUTS. This is just like you described in Argentina. Cheap knockoff stuff. It is located in what used to be a very very nice store, in what used to be a prosperous neighborhood.
I took a picture so when I get it uploaded will pass it along. It's all cash like a flea market and the goods are the quality of a flea market. Big change, the former store was nice.

California is becoming Argentina.