Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reply:"Constitutional Crisis in Argentina"

The last cause said...
Ferfal, when you read/experience such a crisis, what is the first and second thing you think of to do?

By "repay foreign creditors" I assume that means "turn presses onto maximum and inflate away the debt"?
The first thing I think of is that Argentina is in very serious trouble.

You can tolerate lots of things, you can cope with natural or man made disasters, but when you have a dictator in power, you're in serious trouble and it just wont go away.

We're past the feeling or impression stage, we have a couple in power that is simply going crazy and we're past the conspiracy theories. They passed a law, the "Ley de Medios K", that is simply legalized censorship, they passed taxes and laws that are unconstitutional, including the crazy power and gas tax that sent the price o such services up 600% . Not to mention, the secretary of social development, Kirchners right hand Mr. Delia, calling out for the assassination "of white people". In a country of 95% white, I really don't understand what this freak even means.  I mean, we're beyond racism and totalitarian government. We're talking about stuff you read read in Matt Bracken's book "Domestic Enemies". 
We have inflation that is just out of control, a government on a tax rampage desperate to steal money from the people. 

There can be no explanation for basic needs such as milk and other basic food items, being cheaper in Europe that in Argentina, specially when you know that Europe imports most of its food and Argentina make several times the amount needed to keep its population fed!

We're getting close to situations of such social revolt that can potentially end very ugly. Some people see it, some don't. But even a blind person can see what I'm talking about here.

Second, I feel an urgency to leave.

This is something that I've always said but now I feel its more relevant than ever. When socialist/totalitarians take over your country ( no matter which one) you need a plan B in case things go Argentina. I'm not saying it will happen, chances are sure small, but you need a back up plan that is realistic, and getting stuck in a retreat wont solve the reality of living in a police state.

If , big if, things get that bad, you have to leave. There's no other choice.



Stuart said...

What i think is happening is that the Kirchners want to get back into the IMF club, to be allowed back in they need to pay them back with interest.They do not care if the people are taxed to the hilt, this is just standard IMF policy look at Greece.

Bones said...

The crisis brewing in Argentina gets almost no coverage, probably because the left leaning press doesn't want to draw attention to the similarities between the Kirchner's administration and obama's.

Even in the recent spat between CK and the head of your central bank, US media coverage was carefully neutral, probably for the same reason.

Getting out of there is a good idea. Hopefully it won't be "out of the frying pan and into the fire".

Travis McGee said...

I had no idea Argentina is this close to the brink. This news is just not being covered at all in the USA.

Shambhala said...

Such a shame.
You're a lucky one - you can leave.
I wonder what will happen in 5 years time? Anarchy? Mad Max scenario?

Anonymous said...

Ferfal, So are you off to Spain or the US? Or will you wait to see what happens in coming months?

Patrick said...

I think Argentina is more likely to become a failed state than a totalitarian one, but what I like about the place is its propensity to muddle through. Also, in the US they have FEMA Camps they can put people in, in Argentina you're basically an extent of the dollars you wield, for now. Spain is staring down the barrel of economic collapse.

I'm taking my chances in Argentina. The thing is we're going into a period where governments increasingly break-down with trade wars, debt problems, and possibly resource wars, and this all ups the ante for a global system to strengthen and lead us all happily towards loving Big Brother. I have no doubt that the Kirschners or their successors will try to keep their own little fief while paying tribute to the global system. The food supply quality in this country, and globally, will continue to degrade with GMOs, while the money system will continue to be diluted. The problem of tyranny is geopgraphically inescapable, the only solution is not to escape without but to fallback to a local, low-pop density community with water, food, security and shelter taken care of with local infrastructure. There are a few of these places in Cordoba, San Juan, Mendoza, Chubut ect. There are probably many such places in Spain and the US as well, but I like the relative isolation this country implies. Definitely planning an escape of my own but in a different direction.

One last thing, you can bet your rosary that the government scans blogs like this.

Anonymous said...

Agree 1000%. I was just pondering on how to leave the U.S. and cover my bases here should I be forced to return. If the visa expires, I'm SOL (s out of luck) unless I could make it under ground. The U.S. is headed down the same road as Argentina or worse, there is no turning the clock back, only a slim chance to stop this thing from becoming full blown. It's gonna happen. When to jump ship? Well, as the global economy dives, immigration policies will become very restrictive. Should FerFal feel the need to bail, he should consider going sooner rather than later. Things in Spain will get much worse, but not as bad as it could get in Argentina. I am considering taking my own advice and leaving before summer ends as the dollar will begin to fall hard soon.


Anonymous said...

So if this asshole Delia is calling for the assassination of white people, and whites make up 95% of the population, why don't whites band together and assassinate him? I'll never understand how it happens that the majority of people can become so afraid of a small minority. Same thing has happened here in the U.S. Looks to me that a violent overthrow of your dictator Kirchner is the only answer in starting to reclaim your once great nation.

chinasyndrome said...

Damn,good luck ferfal to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ferfal, if you please where would you -TO-? This is a queston that has been in my mind. It seems like this is a generally co-ordinated decline. Where can you go that you wil not have to flee again in five years?

Anonymous said...

Well put, FerFal.You are totally right that we must have a plan B, in terms of relocation. An old Chinese proverb is that a wise rabbit has three holes. Better to get that started now, because even an imperfect plan is better than none when TSHTF.

Anonymous said...

Where do you go? When your choice is economic collapse or dictatorships?

Anonymous said...

I think that the clue is really in your post at the end. The price of milk is cheaper in Europe where it is imported than in A. where it is produced. The reason? The Europeans have become strong again after WW2. The GDP of the EU is larger than the US. The Europeans are using the Americas as economic colonies to support their rich lifestyle. It is the same old Euro-centric story. You are a colony and as a colony, the only role that you have is to feed money and materials to the center, Europe.

Michelle said...

I can tell you exactly what Delia means, as did Lula of Brazil when he claimed that "blue-eyed white people" had created the global financial crisis: they are taking a page from the demonization of whites by the radical left in the US and in Europe.

In the US, for example, hispanics/latinos have been told they are not white, but another "oppressed" race. As the child of an Argentine immigrant, I can tell you that this was big news to my father, that he was not white! The dirty secret is that these folks know they are white, in their ancestral countries they are considered white, but they won't get power or special benefits if they say they are white.