Thursday, January 28, 2010

How the GTA Mindset Works

I made this post for GTA a couple days ago. I was trying to show a few examples of how the preparedness minded folk's head works differently regarding ordinary everyday stuff.

How the GTA Mindset Works

And we have a thread about it at the GTA forum as well in case you want to see what other people do or if you want to share your own experiences.

GTA Forum

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Fernando that we should not necessarily take our money and head to the hills. However, look at when there was civil unrest in LA after the Rodney King shooting. Everything shut down, much of South Central was destroyed, innocent people killed/beaten etc. Would it not make sense to, if you can, move out of the central city to a safe suburb, not isolating yourself, but locating out of the central city? I'm talking especially here of people who are in early retirement and/or not dependent on the central city for a job? What about a house on 2 acres with neighbors all around you also on an acre? In a town of 3,000? Instead of a city of 20 million.

Anonymous said...


The last cause said...

FerFal, would it be possible to put a dollar amount in what you've spent or lost due to Argentina's violent crime rate?

Your story about the cuanado carrying the pistol for security at the child's birthday party in the park struck me as a good example of additional costs in dollars (pistol, ammunition, holster)as well as lifestyle costs (family gathering diminished due to security concerns, stress etc)

To me we in the US don't realize what a drain it is to be forced to alter lifestyles due to crime.

Anonymous said...

"To me we in the US don't realize what a drain it is to be forced to alter lifestyles due to crime."

I'm realizing that as I learn more about what it takes to be responsible for your own security, it's a huge opportunity cost, but one worthwhile.
I suspect there are many more people than anyone realizes who are already in this mindset. Inner city residents, mafia members, cops, anyone trying not to be beaten or killed by the mafia or the cops... they are already there. The best ones look around their surroundings and make the best of it. I think that is how the GTA mindset works. McGyver-like? Like a farmer?

If what you're doing isn't working for you, find something else and make it work, adapt, overcome... survive, even thrive, no matter the circumstances. And have the skills, and some multi-tools to do what needs doing. When a string needs cut, what good (use) are you without a knife? You carry a knife to be prepared for many things, but not "everything" - the same is true of most things you get, make or buy.

...Always be on the look-out for a better stick, and a better use for the stick you already have.

Now that Ferfal is in Spain where the crime scene is said to be quite different than in Argentina, I wonder if he sees the way he was living in Argentina was quite like the life of a mafia memeber. At least that's the way it appears to me. The true natural state of man in a dangerous world, ignoring the illusions provided by many, The Grand Illusion.