Saturday, January 30, 2010

Securing a door Video


Love your blogs, ordering your book.

Hey I thought you might want to post a link to this video I found while looking for information on building your own removable door barricade with two by fours. I was reading some security postings and discovered your link to the Katybar. It reminded me of the two by four barricade that some old friends in a sketchy neighborhood of Chicago had on their door back in the day.

The guy on the video is a bit of a cook, talking about the forces of the new world order. I am more affraid of increased crime with California's unemployment rate Skyrocketing. But the video definitely shows you the parts you need and how to get it done.

Here is the link:

There is embed code on the page.

Enjoying reading your blogs, preparing for the inevitable STHTF event in Los Angeles. Whether its an earthquake, more riots, or economic collapse I am trying to be as prepared as possible.



Hi Chris,

That kind of setup wont give you much more security. Better than doing nothing for sure, but the man is extremely mistaken if he thinks "goons" will be kicking at that door "all day". A ram will open that door in seconds, even kicks.

Having two of those will improve security some, but in the end the door itself isn't strong enough. Its much better to have a true security door, preferably bullet proof, and one that locks on all 4 sides on a metal frame with poured concrete.

Another thing worth mentioning:

Hes very confused about cops not going through windows, its just that they use doors most often, and they do so for 2 good reasons:

1) Ordinary doors, including the ones with a 2x4 improvised cathybar are very easy to ram down.
2)People have a false sense of security regarding their doors, just based on little chains or even gadgets like these, seriously overestimating the door's capabilities.

And finally the worst part: The idea that a good door's reason of being should be to give you time to arm yourself and fight it out with the government goons he mentions. That's a good way to end up dead pretty quick, shooting it out with cops.

There are dictatorships and there were governments kidnapping people in the middle of the night, "disappearing" them and throwing them to the sea from a plane. USA is not it. At least not yet.

Instead of worrying about the new world order kicking your door down, better prepare for much more likely and much dangerous ordinary criminals.



College Exam Tutor said...

I agree. To be effective, he would need a couple of those 2x4's, and all it is going to do is give me a few extra seconds, if it is the "jackbooted thugs" of the new world order with a sledge. On the other hand, two of those would keep an ordinary criminal out, or at least delay them quite a bit more. Most criminals, I believe, are either going to pick the lock or try kicking the door. If those fail, they'll just move to a softer target.

Anonymous said...

You're an architect Fernando, so you tell me---wouldn't it be cheaper if you own your home to just build a little enclosure on the outside and put a brand-new door in that, rather than rip out the existing one?

And what about renters? SOL?

Sixbears said...

When I was a Firefighter, I'd go though most doors so fast people thought they must have left them unlocked. I used a tool called a halligan bar.

In a lot of construction, the doors aren't installed properly. It's just a matter of pushing the door jam by the lock until it spreads open enough to slide the bar right out of the striker plate. You don't even need a tool for that.

Lots of crappy construction during the building boom.

Don Williams said...

Ferfal, if you feel like it, I wanted your opinion on something but it is off-topic from this thread.

1) For many years, some instructors here in the US have been teaching some Chinese martial arts like Tai Chi.

But since they --or the teacher they originally learned from -- often did not have much time to study in China, the American instructors often taught just the forms --and not much of how to apply the moves in self defense.

Over time, the whole mess has degenerated into people waving their hands around to "mediate" and "build chi (body energy) for health."

2) But I found this video on YouTube of a Chinese instructor in Montreal teaching students some applications from a system related to Tai Chi called XingYi.

This guy seems to know more about what he is doing -- what do you think?


PS I get a laugh out of watching the poor students used for demonstrations.

PPS At around minute 4:00 on the video, he shows a strike to the head but has one of his feet lifted up. I think this is so he could stomp on the enemy's kneecap as followup --and not just a stylistic flourish done for show.

Don Williams said...

Police can breach your doors either by shooting the locks/hinges off with a shotgun or by busting the lock loose with a battering ram consisting of a 4 inch iron pipe filled with concrete (Handles are welded on).

Here's a video:

Anonymous said...

Around here criminals use a car as a battering ram.

Paraguay Insider said...

Around here criminals use a car as a battering ram.

Well that will not work well on 4th floor :)

But serious. This guy in the video is crazy. More than just a little bit.

But he got a good point. His door bar is bloody CHEAP. And it is easy to install even for a woman.

Thats actualy 2 good points :)

So IF the option is nothing or this wooden bar, then the wooden bar is a great thing to do. Even more so if you live in a multi floor building with lots of other people and just one front door to enter.

If you want security for your home, even when you are on vacation for 2 weeks dont consider this secure. Do what FERFAL said and go get a REAL security door. Will cost you.

Anonymous said...

Stuff some solid wood door stop wedges at threshold, head and jambs for extra time, but nothing will hold indefinitely if they really REALLY want in.

As far as architectural desingn goes, you can install the door in an alcove in a right angle so that there is only a small amount of room to swing that battering ram. Hooligan tool - whoo boy, thats harder. Steel door frames, grouted into frame with (hopefully) masonry jamb with grouted cells adjacent to frame - thats about it.

Anonymous said...

There are dictatorships and there were governments kidnapping people in the middle of the night, "disappearing" them and throwing them to the sea from a plane. USA is not it. At least not yet.

Not yet, indeed. I think you may carry a somewhat idealized vision of the USA, Ferfal.