Thursday, January 14, 2010

Enemies foreign and Domestic

Matt Bracken is both a good friend and terrific novelist.

For the free thinking person, his novels have lots of food for thought regarding the world we live in today.

When he mentions socialist brain washing( in Domestic Enemies) I can only think of my own University, University of Buenos Aires, that went from right wing "Franja Morada" party to extreme socialism and communism in just a couple years, with red communist flags all over the place, books of Mao indoctrination as well as others being sold on the front door.

As a teacher, I had to tolerate these guys interrupting classes for a few minutes of communist indoctrination, asking students to "join the cause".

Matt also sprinkles with novels with tips and tricks for the preparedness minded person.

You can read several chapters of his books at:


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Anonymous said...

I have his trilogy of books, and consider them money well spent. Thank you Matt Bracken. Smooth sails and a good wind.