Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ammo availability

I’d like to mention this because people are talking about it a lot and maybe this can help.
The standard approach is to buy guns in common calibers because the ammunition is more plentiful and easy to find.
These last few months people got very interested in the kind of ammo available, thinking about ammo availability in the future.
What happened in USA was that because of these events, people started stockpiling guns and ammunition.
Of course, they cleaned out most common calibers and the ones that aren’t that common like 10mm or 41 magnum where still available.
“Oh, the theories are wrong! Odd calibers are clearly the way to go!”. Well, no.
Because of the situation, it would seem that common calibers don’t make as much sense, but you can’t base you decision on a momentarily situation.
Common calibers will be restocked. Odd calibers will still be expensive and hard to get in smaller shops.
What happened here was that the Military Factory ( Fabricaciones Militares) cut down the production of ammo because of the crisis.
Guess which calibers were dropped and which ones continued to be manufactured?
You go that right, common calibers, 22LR, 9mm, 45, 308W, calibers they new would sell and not sit around waiting for someone with that uncommon firearm caliber.
So people, in spite of recent events stick to common calibers, and if guns are your “thing” then yes have other guns so you can take advantage of any kind of ammo you may find, but common is always better if you are just going to have a few guns.
Same for other smaller local caliber manufacturers: 22LR, 12 ga, 9mm, 40 and 45 , 38 and 357 magnum, those are the ones that get made.
Stick to common calibers and have a nice amount stocked. When you need it it’s no time to go buying.



theotherryan said...

Well said. I suggested anyone who wants to take advantage of a cheap to shoot odd ball first acquire a basic battery of common guns with ammo.

Joseph said...

I have heard from a few people to stick to military and police calibers so you can get ammo from them.

Um, No.

Neither group is going to give ammo to civilians. In fact, if it comes to that, gun shops will not be selling any of those calibers, if they are still selling any at all. All that ammo will be confiscated "for official use".

The reason to stick to common calibers (.22,9mm, .38, .357,.40,.45,.357 sig, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, .223, 5.56, 12 ga and maybe 20 ga)is because they are most likely to be available. I did not include hunting calibers here, because most hunters are not going to keep even 100 rds of $25-40 per box hunting ammo on hand. Also, the more common calibers are usually less expensive and more easily aquired.

Anonymous said...

Currently the price and availability of some ammunition makes the choice more difficult. Even reloading components for common calibers are on backorder for several months. Some premium hunting bullet are available, yet at twice the price. Primers are two or three times the price. .308 brass must also be backordered. Loaded ammunition might be a 3 month wait or longer?. The risk that the dollar might tank before you get yours is real, especially if one can only afford some now and more next month.

Some would argue that the shortage will end soon and others would say that it will not. It might be best to get your minimum need now at a higher price if available at all, and get in line for the less expensive stuff right away. Be creative in how you manage your supply. Keep an eye on the local paper.

Cheap .22 LR and 7.62x54R and the cheap rifles that shoot it can used for practice. Or perhaps use your less common caliber for training, restocking as you go or buy a life time supply. Investing in a .22 handgun may prove worthwhile, yet muscle memory for your primary could be confused. Perhaps a .22 conversion kit is available for your carry gun.

I would look at the price of Uncommon ammunition, certainly for a hunting rig, and possibly buy the military ball for that rifle that is still at last year's price for training and pulling the FMJ and loading hunting bullets of the same weight. Buying 125g instead of the 150g .308 bullets could be an option. .243 brass could be necked up to .308. Be creative and consider 'work a rounds for your situation. As for loaded common caliber, I'd give that a priority and go ahead and pickup some as much the available as possible and even the premium loadings. Look at off brand premium stuff as well. Don't be picky, but make sure if functions.

A non ymous?

DannyHSDad said...

Well, there is also the alternative of going with black powder (BP) guns where there seems to be no backlog of supplies (at least not at the local gun shop unlike regular ammo).

With BP revolvers, you can get conversion cylinder which will then allow you to shoot regular ammo (like 45LC) -- as well as BP bullets and ammo. And you can buy yourself bullet kits so you can even melt your own bullets and I guess worst case, make your own black powder the old fashion way: sulfur, saltpeter and charcoal.

Plus you'll need caps which are rather cheap (about US$40 for 1,000 caps). There are web sites that talk about homemade caps but don't sound as "simple" as black powder.

And as always check your local laws before you try anything....

Anonymous said...

As I'm already into handloading, I am considering a bullet mold.

Ammunition is still out there, but you gotta search far and wide and accept perhaps the lower or higher end of quality. Two Uncommon calibers to consider still have plenty of military surplus available at last year's price,7.62x54R, 8mm and 6.5x55, but it is of lower quality, yet good enough for practice. These can preserve your good stuff and hunting loads can be purchased.


Canis Lupus said...

That's funny because we're talking about that on one of the BB I read.
Somebody came out with this list of common calibers, for a French context :
- calibers which don't require special authorization : 12/65, 16, .22LR, .222, 7,64mm, .270 win, .280 Rem, .300WM.
- calibers corresponding to authorization required firearms (max. rounds per year = 1000) : 9mm, .45ACP, .38 Special, 6,35mm, .32ACP, .223 Rem, .308 NATO

Robert said...

I heard 22LR will get scarce soon. Might want to stock up on it, if you have a gun in that caliber.

Glade a got a 9mm pistol instead of .40 cal.

.380 is almost non existent.