Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just had to share this with you guys.
Recently had coffee with an American buddy and came up wit the eternal debate:
Say high like us South Americans do ( hugh and cheeck contact, kissing the air). Or go the American and European way and do a nice firm hand shake.
Around here anyone you show any appreciation for (friends and family) is greeted with a hug-kiss to the air cheek thing. It is kind of complicated, but avoiding to do that in this part of the world will get you accused of:
1. Being distrustful.
2. Not being secure of your manhood.
Given that the American had been living here for awhile now, I guessed he’d already be used to it so it went well.
None the less, guys hugging is a bit of an art apparently, so to help you out, I found this video while looking around:



Blackeagle said...

Give the flu situation, going the Oriental route with a nice, non-contact bow is looking better and better every day.

FerFAL said...

Sure does.:)


Shambhala said...

I came back to the US after 5 years away. I had picked up Central American customs - such as kissing female friends as a hello greeting.

Fortunately, I only made that mistake ONCE when I came back!

I think she misunderstood what my intentions were. (or maybe not. she WAS very cute)

"Note to self: Self, this is not considered customary here."

Michael said...

Us military guys have a "man-hug" too. My wife made a joking comment on it one day after church when I'd "sent off" a brother Marine who was heading out for his first cruise. After her comment, I started watching and lo and behold - she was right!

Starts with a handshake, you slam your right shoulders together, and pound each other - twice - on the back. Poof - "man-hug" a la military. I've done it - automatically - with fellow Marines, Air Force son-in-law, and best bud who ias a TACP (air force radioman who runs with the Army often as not). Always done automatically on both sides.

Heh - culture. Gotta love it.