Monday, April 13, 2009

Book disclaimer

Book disclaimer

Thought I do it before the book arrives.
The book, mostly the self defense chapters, are for entertainment or educational use only and training should be done with an instructor.
Knives are lethal weapons as most of your already know so be ready to see trial if used under the wrong circumstances.
If you open a person’s belly with one of those very nice, razor sharp folders most of us carry around, as described on the book, of course the guts will pour out. Very effective but very brutal.
The pics WONT be nice. If you do it just imagine facing trial with that kind of evidence against you.
If you do it you better have a damn good justification. The person you put down should have a thick police report, or else you’ll be the one that looks like a total maniac in court.
Be careful when training and practicing blood chokes and Dear God DON’T be stupid and do what I mention as a “suggestion” regarding using the arms as leverage during the rear naked choke to separate the vertebras in a real life or death fight. If you do this you brake the person’s spine, period.
Id’ hate to think that kids may try this out and seriously and permanently hurt one another.
About briberies, again don’t be stupid and try to get out of a ticket with a 100 buck bill, “ Ferfal told me so”.
If I do it in Argentina it’s because the nice person in the police uniform can get very pissed if you don’t pay him off. It’s more of a robbery than a bribe.
The good law enforcement and military personnel in USA are not the same thing. You’ll terribly offend them and they’ll lock you up (rightfully so)
So, bribing in a South America and other 3rd world countries: You probably don’t have an alternative.
Bribing in a 1st world country: You get yourself in a lot of trouble.

Please, I know a lot of books have similar disclaimers, but it’s important in this one.
Try to learn from the general philosophy I want to download into people’s brain, learn from the parallelisms, but also think for yourselves and know to tell the differences.



Don Williams said...

1) In an earlier post, Ferfal, you apologized in advance for any instances of poor English in your book. Your concern is unnecessary -- your English is quite good.

2) Besides, some significant writers mock those who challenge their typos --arguing that those who nitpit over such matters are small-minded pedants.

Harvard-educated Matthew Yglesias , who writes a Washington political blog for a think tank run by Obama's Transition Chairman, responded to comments re his typos by making a habit of inserting typos into his articles deliberately.

3) The famous British leftist newspaper, the Guardian, is known for typos in its articles -- some people jokingly refer to it as "The Gwardian".

4) One of our best Presidents here in the USA, Andrew Jackson, was once challenged over his writing. He responded: "It's a damm poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word."

Anonymous said...


You've mentioned quite a few times how corrupt
the cops have become. If you ever do end up
having to stab or shoot someone in self defense
are you better off staying until the cops arrive
or should you run like hell?

I am aware that the second option will put you
in jail if caught. From the sounds of things I'm
not sure you would fare any better by being
honest with such a corrupt law enforcement.

The last cause said...

FerFal, it would seem you perhaps should have included a chapter on Self Defense against Attacks via Barristers...LOL!

Sad times really, it is sort of funny that in Argentina, it would be common sense, in the US, it is not.

So if anything terrible happens, I'll simply say "FerFal made me do it"...;>)