Monday, April 13, 2009

Dengue, censorship and lies.

First I want to say THANK YOU to everyone buying the book.

This is the situation.

Argentina Dengue Outbreak Now 'Epidemic'

We simply do not know how bad things are regarding Dengue.
Today a representative of Doctors of the World said that the government is covering up the real numbers and pretty much not doing a thing about it.
A few days ago I was 7000 cases, today at least 40.000 people are infected and there’s heat wave hitting Bs As now that only makes the mosquito spread more.
How many died is one of those mysteries.
According to the guy from Doctors of the world. Official numbers should be multiplied by 5 and he doesn’t understand why the national emergency hasn’t been declared yet.
I already have lots of repellant, we use it and use tablets inside the house.
Remember what I said about censorship and lies making it impossible to fix the economy because you don’t have real data to work with?

Same thing is happening with Dengue.

They try to cover it up, lie about it and it makes matters worse.
More people are getting infected, and people don’t have enough information.
Dengue becomes lethal once you get infected a number of times. If you survive the first time, your chances of survival drop the second time, and the third time.
We decided that if once of us gets infected, specially our children, I’m sending my wife and kids to Spain with my parents.
ON the news they are telling what everyone with an oz. Of brain knows, what I talk about here and wrote about in the book: The generalized poverty, primitive homes, poor water storage conditions, trash and abandoned land turned into illegal junkyards, it all makes matters worse and greatly boost the spreading of Dengue and other diseases.


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Joseph said...

Sigh. Stupid way for the government to handle it; they could make themselves up to be the "people's heros" if the government, without admitting the situation, just helped people out.