Friday, April 3, 2009

OC Spray Brands

Hello Ferfal, thanks for pointing me again to the lifechanging post. I am going to have my wife read it, and I am going to read it again for the 3rd time! I am going to research where to purchase the book.
Another question for you; my wife won't carry a gun, but has agreed to start carrying pepper spray. We have small children. Is there a brand or cannister type of pepper spray that you endorse that has some element of child safety behind it, yet is somewhat quickly accesible in an emergency?
Thanks and God Bless!

The Amazon ads on the right are all products I hand picked and installed them one by one because I either own them myself or have received enough good reviews about them to confidently put them up there. (Of course, do your own research before buying anything)

Here in Argentina SabreRed is what most people can easily find, and that's what my wife and I carry all day.
I carry mine in my EDC bag in a little pocket I made to keep it handy and she carries her in her purse. I also have another one handy in the car. Since they want to regulate Spray too, I'll be buying a couple more cans soon.

The other brand that I dont own but keep on heairng great things about is Fox Labs. Apparently it burns like no other.
Those two brands are the ones I'd stick to.
The RedSabre has a safety button, you need to flip it with the finger first and then push down. Not perefect but avoids accidnets.
Of course its not lethal but make sure you keep it out of the reach of children.
Take care.
About the book, it's no for sale yet. I'll do everything I can to get it done in a few more days.
I'll post as soon as I have it ready. :)



Blackeagle said...

Fox Labs for me. I keep one of their keychain units in my pocket all the time. The one annoying thing about them is they're very hard to google for. If you search for "Fox OC" you end up with a bunch of results about the TV show.

Weaseldog said...

I'd like to bring up a point on an older topic...

A friend recently directed me to a dog sport I hadn't heard of, that enjoys quite a bit of support in local communities. It turns out that in my area, two different clubs compete for members.

The sport is called PSA for Protection Sport Association.

The club I will be checking out on Monday has a website at:

I went to a meet last Monday with their rival club and liked what I saw. The dogs enjoyed the exercises. None were mistreated. for the dogs it was a game, and they loved participating. In one exercise, a woman put her bull terrier into a car and told him to stay. She went around to the back where she was 'accosted' by a member wearing a protective suit. Her dog answered her cries and came around, and attacked her attacker. When she got free, she called him off a single word and he let go and sat at her feet. The dog thoroughly enjoyed this 'game'.

Now the important aspect of this training isn't to teach a dog to defend you. Most dogs will come to a family member's defense if the need arises. What it does teach the dog, is how to recognize actual dangerous situations, react and obey the owner's commands.

Being able to call a dog off, is as important as having a dog defend you. You don't want the dog harming someone, because of a misunderstanding or a joke, and you don't want your dog killed, because it can't be stopped in a fight.

Srben said...

I agree about Sabre Red. If you go to their web page,, you can find the tests and other info on their page. They have one of the better documented pages, and they seem to be heavily into quality control. The %, millions of SHU's, etc. are a bit misleading, and there isn't a ton of info. on the web; usually just a page trying to sell you a product. Sabre is pretty well know and respected, and carried by quite a number of departments and agencies around the world. I have several of their units, and carry one even when I have my gun.

DaSui said...

My friend is a cop- he said forget about pepper spray- Taser is the shit. He showed me a You Tube of a large bull falling over after being Tasered. Pepper Spray- watch which way the wind is blowing!

FerFAL said...

"Break" not "brake", got it, thanks ;^)
I'm not post it simply because you asked me not to, but I really appreciate the correction, thanks :)


Anonymous said...

I carry Mace brand spray with my Glock 26 for back up :)