Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Political Situation in America (continent)

vdavisson said...
Ferfal, how did the Summit of the Americas play on Argentine TV? I am completely ashamed of our president palling around with Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega. It's disgusting.

vdavisson said...
Oh and he kissed up to Kirchner, Evo and Lula (or whatever the Brazil guy is called). Ugh. And he was cool to Stephen Harper and the president of Colombia.

I am so sorry!

I’ve said it since the first day. It’s shameful to have that bag of botox as our president.
Preaching communism and socialism while she parades around with her clothes and purses worth thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands worth in jewelry. She’s so ridiculous, so corny it makes me sick.
Of course she’s as dumb as a door know, but the worst part is the marriage in power ( the Ks) are evil sinister people.
We’ve had thieves as presidents, but they are beyond that, they are evil plotters methodically destroying the middle class they consider a threat, and they are outspoken about their intentions and manipulation.
They want an ignorant, poor population. They intentionally infiltrate in our education system this poor=good rich=bad mentality.
So the poor guy working all day long and getting paid pennies by a conglomerate, he should be proud of his poverty and take pride in the way others exploit him.
Of course this same mechanism is popular in many south American countries, with people like Chaves, Castro and Evo Morales, all of them corrupt criminals that abuse their people.
What is sad is that O is taking USA in that same direction.
It’s unfortunate but today, the modern survivalist can’t avoid to acknowledge this as yet another ( and very serious!) threat. Not only to the rights that give a degree of freedom to people, but a threat to their way of life itself.
Our botox queen here in Argentina decided that to finance her luxuries she could just destroy our middle class a bit more. Not only the middle class which is almost gone, but to submerge the poor into greater poverty.
In the last couple months, she has raised power and natural gas bills 600% .
All of this goes straight to the K presidential marriage. Supposedly to finance more power research ( oh, the BS smell is almost unbearable )
There’s people that got a 2000 peso bill for two months worth of electricity because they had ( embrace yourself ) and evil power consuming Air Conditioning unit!!. Almost 300 USD a month worth of power bill simply because, according to their excuse, they punish you for using AC… in summer!!... in South America!!
It’s insanity!
If you think this only happens in horror movies you are wrong, these things happen for real.
Do you people have any idea what this means?
It means that a person earning almost twice the minimum wage will see nearly 20% of it gone just to stay warm in the coming winter.
It’s insane, its diabolic.
I think the time of watering the tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots is coming close.



Russel said...

Yo FerFal,

I like your blog, but you need to chill with that fiery stuff. People should definitely always use their talents to secure and advance liberty, but when you get all start using that "blood of tyrants and patriots" language, its just an invitation for dim people to relieve their anxieties by making weak politicians into "tyrants," and therefore themselves "patriots" -- and how, by exercising the only power other can muster (in the absence of talent), and that's violence.

Just saying, I know how good it feels to get a little poetic and shake your fist, but when its on TV or the Internet (where you don't know who is listening), that little feeling isn't worth the dumb ideas it can put out there. I'm not saying tyrants don't deserve punishment, just that people can find themselves supporting or echoing things that they don't come form their heart, and they have too much pride or insecurity, to get honest with themselves. This is how dumb kids get sucked into the military, and praising Bush -- because they're already publicly committed to some position they heard poetically delivered by someone who was wise enough not to take themselves too seriously, or commit the same ego-fueled mistake.

Weaseldog said...

Russel, as our civil liberties erode decade after decade and now that the grand scale looting has of our economy has begun, it's clear that our 'talents' haven;t secured the blessing of liberty.

Is it then time in your view, to surrender freedom and our nation's future, to avoid civil unrest?

Robert said...


I would agree that people shouldn't go headlong into something without thinking about what they are gonna do. Count the cost.

But as far as sitting on our butts watching American idol while the country goes down the tubes by liars, I don't think so.

Complacency is killing us, literally.