Friday, April 17, 2009

Book review

Guys, I’m glad to see several of you already have the book, feel free to send reviews.
Positive ones only…
Negative ones can be sent to The Obama forum

Just kidding :^)

Hope you guys like it, and again thank you all for the support.



Don Williams said...

I received my copy today as well. Looks good. I've only had time to skim a few sections but I'm glad you went into more depth/added additional info on some of the topics you have discussed here.

Appearance-wise, The type-setting, layout,etc looks attractive and is easy to read.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get my copy. Lulu told me it was shipped by media mail, so I have no idea how long it will take to make it the 400 miles.

cryingfreeman said...

I received the book yeterday morning here in the UK and I've read approximately the 20% of it so far. I have to say, it's excellent and shatters a lot of illusions I had picked up from reading American survivalist literature (such as "Patriots" by J W Rawles). I'll post again with further comments when I finish reading it.

Anonymous said...

Got the book this morning, I spent a good amount of time reading random sections. So far, I really like the "bullet" style of information. Instead of telling long winded stories, FerFal gets to the point and makes good recommendations backed up by real world examples of why you should or shouldn't do something. The book is packed with good ideas and recommendations. There are a lot of things I thought I had figured out as far as the way society would act in a crisis but FerFal points out what really happened in Argentina. I look forward to reading the book cover to cover. 5 Stars.

Anonymous said...

It really has been everything I expected so far. Odds are that I'll buy another copy or two at some point for people I know.

I honestly would have bought this for the first two sentences on the back of the book. It always pains me to see my relatives dismissing my prediction of the future as "the apocalypse."

Really, though, thank you so much for sharing. You've put everything I've wanted written into one book.

Funny thing is that, so far, I can actually recognize parts from some of your blog entries and the original long post you made that led me here. Makes me enjoy it that much more.

I've never commented on your blog before, perhaps this is why I can't stop ranting.

Andy said...

Got my book the afternoon and I am halfway done. This book rocks. It has all the stuff you need for urban survival. There are lots of books that cover shipwreck survival. This book covers the day to day living in a society where all the norms have collapsed and chaos reigns supreme.

Great work Ferfal. Well worth the $30, it is a bargain at that price.

Anonymous said...

I ordered mine the day you finished the book (the 11th) and it just arrived today (North Idaho). Don't let Lulu scare y'all from doing the 'cheap shipping' in the USA (media mail)with their claims of 'we can't track it once it's shipped'. USPS media rate works fine.

Looking forward to 'digging in'!

Now, the rest of y'all go out there and buy his book! You come here to get some valuable insight and information -- now let's help this man buy some groceries for his family!

Grayson said...

I got mine on Saturday, though I guess living only a few hours from Lulu's HQ sped up the shipping a bit! Anyhow, I'm going to get windy here, so here's the condensed version: New prepper or seasoned, or in-between, you WILL find something informative, or at the very least thought provoking. Heck, there's even a part on how to make your kid eat his dinner...!

I'm not a newbie to prepping...but, financial limitations aside, I guess I really could be trying harder. The book really opened my eyes to some flaws, or just things I could be doing better. Like, I wear shades almost all the time. Proper shatter-resistant shooting glasses don't cost much more than the cheap sunglasses I favor (LESS than them in some cases) why NOT have a little extra eye protection?

Body armor is something I overlook too, to my detriment given the increasingly-dangerous job of working in a pharmacy. Even if I COULD carry a gun with their blessing, it's very hard to stay in 'condition yellow' in an insanely busy pharmacy.

Also, some GREAT tips on Precious Metals for guy like me that's "late to the party" in that department. Hmm, I do have a question regarding that though...what if you really suck as an actor, like I do? Do you really get that much of a better deal if they think you're selling YOUR wedding ring or your "Grandma's" bracelet, as opposed to just one you had on hand from a pawn shop?

FerFAL said...

Hey, thanks everyone for the support.
Seriously, I’m glad you all liked it so far. Also the emails are all positive comments, so that’s great. :)
I’m working on improving the cover quality, since resolution seems to be a bit low and there’s some pixeling.
I emailed Lulu for those that asked about bulk orders.
They told me that for bulk orders, the real discounts start at 500 books. Lulu drops the price a lot and of course I drop my earnings as well, so as to make it more attractive as a business opportunity for those planning to resale at a lower cost.


cryingfreeman said...

Okay, this is my second post on this thread, now that I've had more time to wade through the enormous amount of material in this book.

First of all, this is by light years the finest work on survivalism I've yet encountered. When you compare this book, which is based on experience, with Rawles' book, which is based on theory, you can arrive at only one conclusion: there is no substitute for experience!

For example, the foolishness of a survivalist group holing up in a shared retreat in Idaho is really brought to light by the widsom of this book. That people are territorial creatures (even close family members) and can't so much as get through a Christmas holiday season under one roof without major differences of opinion ought to speak volumes for the massive potential for crisis-sized problems in a highly stressful Rawlesian setup. And then there's the ongoing real life example of Zimbabwe where a hyperinflated currency, collapse of infrastructure and economy, and tyrannical government have combined to provide us with a living picture of how bad an idea it is to try to stand firm in a remote farm retreat. Ferfal's book highlights such dangers (and more) and dispels so much of the mythology surrounding preparedness that it absoultely must be disseminated as a strong antidote to mainstream survivalist error.

And of coure, for a guy whose first language isn't even English, this book is an oustanding achievement. Which brings me to another point. Everyone should, as Ferfal states, factor an emigration strategy into their contingency panning. It's a serious limitation on your options if you only ever consider relocation within your own country. Better to have a plan B, C and D. And to learn a relevant foreign language could one day prove priceless too; something we in the Anglosphere tend to overlook in our arrogance.

In sum then, read this excellent book and re-evaluate your survival planning while you still have the chance. So to Ferfal: well done amigo - and muchas gracias!!!

Don Williams said...

1) I'm still reading Ferfal's book -- have found a lot of valuable info so far.

2) Re Ferfal's suggestion of having emigration as a backup plan, I think it is instructive to look at what CIA agents did during the Cold War.

3) The recent Director of CIA -- Porter Goss -- was heavily involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis --which is generally considered by historians to be the point at which the USA and Soviet Union came closest to a major nuclear war. A truly terrifying time.

4)Porter Goss was invalided out of the CIA while a young officer due to a severe disease he contracted. But it is interesting to look at the enclave of CIA retirees to which he retired in the 1960s -- Sanibel Island on the southwestern Coast of Florida.

5) NOT Idaho or Montana. Sanibel was one of the best locations in the USA to avoid downwind nuclear fallout. It was isolated from the crowds of Miami by the huge Everglades Swamp which at that time only had a single road through it --easily blown up. The Swamp was filled with alligators. Plus Sanibel was isolated from the Florida mainland by a long bridge. And the coast around Sanibel had relatively low population density until one reached Tampa well to the north.

6) But the other prime attribute of Sanibel was that it allowed easily access by boat to any American cities on the US's southern coast that survived (Houston, New Orleans, etc.) US cities on the East Coast that survived could also have been reached relatively easily by sailboat on the fast Gulf Stream.

Plus Sanibel allowed easy emigration to Mexico and points south. In contrast, Idaho and Montana are hundreds of miles from the seacoast.

We don't worry about nuclear war as much today -- but the lesson: always have one, preferably several, exit routes is still valid.

Canis Lupus said...

I finished the book.

Despite its lack of aesthetics (which could be improved for later editions), this book is a mine of informations for those who really take the economic crisis seriously and who want to prepare to live through it without too much problems.
It really motivates oneself to get his/her ass off the armchair and to get prepared !
One fifth of the book is about firearms self-defense, with a lot of first hand experience.

The "Relocating" chapter inspired me much ! I'll try to set up some plan A,B&C.

One cool thing about this book is that it's not a doomers' bible for a civilization collapse (The Little House on the Prairie Syndrome is terrific, thanks), it rather refers to the real world where governments succeed one another and life goes on (we don't need that horse cart, at least for the moment).

You emphasize much on carrying a handgun. Does it count if it's an old style black powder revolver ? :-) (yes, semi-auto pistols are good but what if we can't buy these for legal reasons)
Okay, okay, I'll emigrate ! :-D

FerFAL said...

JK, thanks man.
I post every comment but I wont post yours since you asked me not to.
Lulu sure isn’t very user friendly, I only did it with them because it was the best self publish alternative. On the good side everyone that managed to order with them got their book, seems they are very picky though.
I have Americans here in Argentina that ordered the book but couldn’t order because of their location (?).
I’m working on other alternatives and will hopefully have news this week, so if you tried to order from Lulu and Lulu didn’t accept the order, with a bit of luck I’ll have other alternatives in the next few days. ;^)

Canis Lupus,
Balck Powder guns are better than no gun at all. Just know that they aren't as reliable as modern firearms and aren't as safe, also more humidity sensitive.
It requires a religious user and constant care.


Anonymous said...

I have completed your book. It is an excellent primer. I have leved the preparedness forum all of my life. Both my parents grew up or were adult in the previous Great Depression. They continued to live the same way for the remainder of their lives and taught my sister and I as much as they could. Also, my father was a senior small town police officer and he as well as his friends and collegues taught us much about tactics, marksmenship, awareness, etc. Reading your book is much like hearing my father speak of how it was then or his prediction of the coming hard times. He predicted they would come because there was no backing of the money. Also he predicted that the crime rate would be much higher because this latter generation had rather steal and kill rather than work for a living. If you and your family ever make it to the greater Atlanta, Ga to the Greenville, SC Metro Ares, please give me a contact e-mail. I hope the best for you and yours.

Lame Wolf

Anonymous said...

What a book! One of the most important books I've read in the last 10 years! This is the only first hand account of a first-world country experiencing a full-blown political corruption / economic collapse in this century. North Americans especially can learn a lot from these real-life observations and experiences. It's a bit expensive, but go out and buy it because the detailed insights aren't available anywhere else.

Suggestions for improvement for next version: Would benefit from a good english-is-my-first-language editor. The cover is misleading -- expect better sales w/ different positioning. Get away from Lulu.

Also, a bit more context-setting about the collapse. I don't think people w/o prior knowledge will realize what a great case study Argentina '01 collapse is for USA situation right now.

Regarding the JWR vs. Fer Fal 'thing'. Grow up readers! Both these men have plenty to offer. It isn't a 'this one is right, the other is wrong' kind of deal. Let me explain.

I believe the position Fer Fal supports in his book is the country homesteader during AN ECONOMIC COLLAPSE is at greater risk of home invasion than the higher-density housing folks in towns and cities.

I believe JWR doesn't discount this danger. He suggests mitigating this type of danger with an effective 'neighborhood watch'. I believe JWR would also advocate a home-based biz to minimize the need to go to town.

It seems to me from reading both men's writings for many years that bottom line is Fer Fal is a town kind of guy (enjoys having a life well-integrated with cities) and JWR is a country kind of guy.

Remember this book deals w/ political/economic collapse. There are other modern risks. Say maybe like H1N1. I'd much rather be living in the country, with a home-based business for that one if I were able to 'shelter-in-place' for months to years (self quarantine) than having a more city type lifestyle which required living/working/shopping in population centers!

I really liked FerFal's wife's perspective. I'm having my wife read the book now that I've finished it. My wife is enjoying it as well.

Congratulations FerFal on an excellent first book! Looking forward to many more to come!

cryingfreeman said...

Sorry, but JWR promotes an unrealistic and theory-based approach whereas FerFAL has survived through a real grid down situation. In my considered opinion, JWR's approach is a dangerous fantasy; here's why:

1. A group of people, however affable and bonded to each other, cannot live harmoniously under one roof. If you've ever had a relative stay for more than a few weeks, you'll know what I'm getting at. Hell, even a husband and wife at the best of times have arguments; imagine what it would be like with a dozen armed, stressed out, possibly libidinous, and probably militarily inexperienced people manning a farm retreat under a rigid command structure. This is fantasy football! Simple fact: humans are territorial.

2. Finding a dozen people to agree with the need, never mind agreeing to the choice of retreat and purchase price would require luck and skill beyond 99% of humanity.

3. You can count your TRUE friends on the fingers of one hand. Seriously. If you think you're different and have loads of true friends, then you are horribly deluded. You may have lots of "fast" friends, the kind that are your drinking pals or whatever. But how many people do you know would truly put themselves out for you in your need? Or let me put it another way. How many people do you know have ever suffered loss to get you out of a bind?

4. Americans as a people (speaking as a European) tend to be full of it when it comes to how firm they will stand and how many Feds they're going to take down with their guns. Tell me, how many times have you heard of rogue citizens in the USA taking down full teams of Feds when their homes have been raided? The fact that the American people have lain down like baa lambs and taken the utter butchery of their liberties since 9-11 ought to say it all.

5. When it's ruthless looters and tyrannical government you're worried about coming to your door, who gives a rat's ass about gun laws anyway? If, as the gun lobby have been saying for years, it is the fundamental right of every citizen to bear arms (and I believe it is), what the hell is the point in pontificating over which state has the best enshrinement of the 2nd Amendment? Shouldn't they be discreetly arming ourselves and damn the law?

6. Maintaining a survivalist group in pre-crisis times would also be next to impossible, I believe. Besides, it would draw unwanted surveillance from the authorities as you know how hard it is to be low profile about such matters: "Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead". What if one of your group decides he doesn't like you any more? He could spill the beans on all your preparations, legal and otherwise and you could face the coming crises locked in a bloody cell. Not good.

7. Severe isolation (i.e. 200 miles from the nearest hospital) means that you'll need a doctor, equipped with defibrillator, blood transfusion gear, operating table, etc., etc. in your group for the inevitable injuries and accidents caused by farming and defending a remote retreat.

8. Manning the retreat pre-crisis is going to be necessary, no matter how remote it is because as FerFAl says, if a road or path leads there, as sure as night follows day, some hiker or utilities worker will make it there too sooner or later and maybe see it as a nicely gift-wrapped present. How will your wife and kids feel if you're there all the time, or if they're there all the time with you and then suddenly are inundated with new arrivals upon the explosion of a crisis?

9. You, as well as your group members, will all privately and independently reckon it will be okay to bring along another mouth or five to feed, without consulting the rest of the group. Congratulations, you've just introduced more conflict into an already simmering situation.

10. Do you really expect the roads to be open and everyone in your group to be switched on enough to get to the retreat before things get too out of hand? Here's a tip: 99% of those survivalists living in New York, Chicago, LA, etc. won't make it much further than the bottom of their own street when law and order breaks down. And their big silly Get Out Of Dodge (G.O.O.D.) pick-ups they'll be driving laden with supplies will draw no end of fire.

Personally, I believe a small, (paleo)conservative, "switched on" rural community (i.e. a village) is the way to go, preferably in a country with small government to water down the effects of the coming tyranny. But isolated retreats have proven themselves very dangerous in conflicts and cuivil unrest from Northern Ireland to Zimbabwe and therefore deserve to be warned against.

FerFAL said...

We all have different opinions and experience. You just have to take what you find useful from each person, and as always come to your own conclusions.
I’d like to keep this thread for reviews, and lets debate and discuss ideas, not people.


Anonymous said...

This is the same review that I posted in Amazon. I recommend that other readers also review in Amazon; it has way more customers.


If you are considering buying this book, you are probably looking at the current economy and worrying about the future. You want to know how to protect yourself and your family from the effects of this downturn.

If you read other survivalist books, you start to think that it's useless to prepare. They make you think that you have to be a sharp-shooting tactician who can improvise a hand grenade using peanut butter and Band Aids. This is not true, as Ferfal explains in his book.

Ferfal is an ordinary person (with a wife and two kids) who is living through the day-to-day struggle of a failed economy, with all of the attendant crime and struggle. He gives advice that real people can follow. The book covers home security; personal security; Depression-proof jobs; basic defense techniques for ordinary people; what to buy in advance; legal issues and (my favorite section) advice from his wife. The site I bought it from allows you to preview the Table of Contents.

I am an ordinary wife myself, with minimal self-defense skills, no tactical training, and no "live off the land" knowledge. I found this book useful, informative and helpful, and after I read it I added many things to my shopping list that other "survivalists" never seem to mention.

A minor caveat: English is Ferfal's second language, and his writing reflects it. (The book is self-published, and it seems that he did not have an editor.) The writing is easy to understand, but sometimes amusing (he types "embrace yourself" instead of "brace yourself," for example.) Ferfal also uses cusswords sometimes; he explains why in the book. Neither of these caused me any pain, but you are warned.

Garry said...

Just finished my copy last night. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It helps you to rethink what has been taught about survival up to this point. The Plans A, B & C really got me to thinking more about where to go if things got really bad. I would hate to leave my country, but if it is too corrupt and dangerous, then there is no use in staying. I am glad that he emphazises the reality of how things will be. He brings up many good points. The book is well written for someone using english as a second language. Keep up the good work FerFAL!!!

FerFAL said...

Thanks everyone for the great reviews.
I’m so glad you all liked it. :)


davidwhitewolf said...

Just received my copy, and a review will be forthcoming soon. But I'm already loving it. Very nice job.

A question: are revisions (for a second edition) fairly easily done with your publishing method? I'd be happy to send you a marked-up copy with grammar corrections; I'm a former Law Review editor and county spelling champion.

On the other hand, your writing, despite English obviously as your second language, is very clear and your meaning is not obscured by any of the grammar errors. Plus, as a native English speaker, I for one find your syntax rather charming. So perhaps you don't want to change very much, if anything.

FerFAL said...

Thanks Davidwhitewolf! Glad you liked the book.
Sure, that would be great, send me an email to ferfal308@argen(remove) and well talk.


Anonymous said...

Great book. It has been a great resource for me. I appreciate the insights from a situation that could be the USA in a very short time.

Thank you FerFal and you can talk to me on WT.


Anonymous said...

I put this on Amazon, 5 star..:)

Honest and brutal, if you don’t think survival is brutal, you really need this book!

I have a background from one of the most famous military elite units in the world; I’m trained in many “black arts”, have been to wars and revolutions and I’m getting paid mega bucks to look after people. I don’t say this to brag, just to state that I’m not a daydreaming wannabe. I got a lot out of the book, can attest to that the tips actually are sound and that I learned something from the book, so will you.

The author bases his writing on his experience living with his family in Argentina the last few years. The book tells regular people how to live trough extraordinary times. There is much non nonsense information about, kit, tactics, food and how to cope as a family during a crisis or a breakdown of society.

If you have seen the news the last couple of years you realize it might soon affect YOU and your family. Connately to what many books and authors tell you: even after a major economic and political crises life goes on, it’s just “different”...

Actually I read this book when it first arrived a few moths ago. Having dumped into “FerFal”’s homepage while researching Argentina as a country to relocate to. I found his homepage giving extremely good and sound advices, both about Argentina but also security in general.

A lot of books are written about survival. I first got interested in the subject in the late 70s, and the books from then are still around, some good, some dated. With the current state of the world we see an avalanche of new books joining the classics, and some old once that never was classics in the first place gaining new fame.

Most “survival” books are unrealistic and at times naive. For instance on fighting and weapons, either they have a fantasy aspect to what is required or they overlook it completely. There will be violence in these scenarios and the bad guys ALWAYS have weapons; this book actually takes this into consideration and has the most matter-of-fact outlook on it I have seen.

I think one of the highlights of the book is the parts about upgrading yourself. Survival is, funny enough about being fit. Being prepared sure is a good thing, but having all the food and guns in the world is of no good if you are not fit and willing to fight for it; you will not survive, period! I know a lot of people that are not prepped for anything more than the next bar fight, but they sure as hell would take all your stock when TSHTF if you are not fit and armed.

The examples the author uses about the misconceptions often held as dogma on survival is alone worth the price of the book. A lot of thing written other place might get you killed in real life

So his language is not correct, neither is mine, who cares? You are not getting a book about grammar but about staying alive in the real world gone mad, THAT’S where this book delivers.

Is it perfect? No, I don’t mind the brutal langue or imperfect English, but I find some of the topics could have been edited better from the homepage to the book, a few photos added and so on. But all in all it is by far the best book on the subject I have read.

Get this book and start to prepare. The worst that can happen from being prepared is that you get peace of mind and a better quality of life. The best thing that can happen is that you actually might survive to enjoy it.

I predict this book will be a classic

FerFAL said...

Hey, thanks a lot for the 5 stars :) on Amazon , and such a positive review.
Take care.


Don Williams said...

I posted the following review on Amazon along with 5 stars. Sorry for the delay but have been busy with personal stuff and checking up on Swine Flu.
A Very Important Book on Survivalism

1)The mindset of the American survivalist movement was set by Mel Tappan several decades ago: a) Retreat to a small town 400 miles or so from large cities b) Become self-sufficient. By and large, other survivalist writers have uncritically accepted Mel Tappan's strategy --because they wrote based on uncritical acceptance of a theory, not on actual practical experience.

2) However, Ferfal argues persuasively against Tappan's strategy based on Ferfal's experiences in surviving Argentina's economic collapse. He notes that government will always survive, that it will confiscate food and other supplies from the countryside to feed the cities, and that it will maintain the rule of law. All of which significantly affect one's survival plans and stockpiling. For example, he notes that open carry of assault rifles will get you arrested and imprisoned (the wealthy will ALWAYS maintain a police force to protect them) -- and that a concealed pistol and folding pocketknife is more practical.

3) Money will be of PRIME importance --not a curious artifact. Mel Tappan could afford to ignore this because he had married an wealthy heiress.

4) Ferfal agrees with Mel Tappan that isolated retreats in the rural countryside are likely to become what police called "secondary crime scenes" --places where residents are tortured by bandits into revealing hidden stores and are then murdered. He and Tappan both agreed on the importance of being part of a tight-knit, mutually-protective community.

3) What led American survivalists --and Mel Tappan -- into error was that they lacked security clearances and hence knowledge of US Government plans to maintain itself and its control even in the worst disaster: Major Nuclear War. Declassifed FEMA documents show a massive effort by the Government to relocate officials to emergency bunkers, to maintain control through hardened communications networks, and to seize essential resources (food stockpiles,etc) as soon as fallout radiation declines using databases of where the warehouses are located. This to supplement the US Government's own huge caches. Google "FEMA 160 Recovery From Nuclear Attack" or "Atchison Storage Facility".

4) Ferfal's view of the post-disaster environment is far more probable and realistic than Tappan's -- and hence his plans, advice, tactics, and equipment recommendations are more valuable.

5) By the way, anyone planning to retreat to Montana should Google "Malmstrom Air Force Base" and look at FEMA's predicted fallout radiation levels for that state if the Russians ever attack the Minuteman complex buried there. They might also read Jared Diamond's "Collapse" re the fate of isolated colonies like Viking Greenland, Easter Island and the Anazazi settlements in New Mexico. The only places
left with low populations are marginal for agriculture and would die off in the first drought.

FerFAL said...

Thanks Don for the nice comments, the 5 star is much appreciated.:)
"Google "FEMA 160 Recovery From Nuclear Attack" or "Atchison Storage Facility"."
That’s creepy, didn’t know that.


pppelzer said...

Hi Feral!

I enjoy reading your post, altough its a bit weired to say so. Because of the general topic. Anyways, i am from Austria. Do so I chance that i get a copy of your book. I can not order from Amazone US. Because I dont use credit cards. do you see a chance that your book is also available on Amazone Europe. thx a lot and keep up the good work spreeding out usefull tipps. best regards PePe

Anonymous said...

I find your book just priceless because it provided me with firsthand insight and realistic advice to survive painful economic times ahead. I believe this book is a must read for all concerned citizens living in any unstable country. Thank you my friend for sharing your valuable thoughts with the world. Rest assured you will help many in a troubled society. Bravo! (em)

Peter said...

Hi Ferfal,

I finally received your. It just took 10 days to ship it to Europe/Austria. Although I read a lot from your blog, the book gives me a more clear picture and feeling, what it means to live after SHTF. You feel more vulnerable after reading your book - I can tell you this is true - although I did not get it, when you wrote that on your first pages.

Here are some thoughts which came in my mind after reading your book. Although your country got hit pretty hard 2001, it looks for me, that people are still not wake up. They maybe don’t trust the bank and the government anymore, but is there still “mainstream thinking” when it comes to global problems and financial meltdown? Like the 3 monkeys - Hear, see and speak no evil – what about protests and revolution spirit. Or do people just accept the situation, because in reality you can just try to survive.

You mention the importance of food and there is nothing to add. But do you also grow some food in your garden or what about having some chickens at home. Is this common in Argentina?

Can you relay on resources like gas and electricity in your country? I am building at the moment a wooden stone oven for cooking and baking, to become a bit more independent.

My last thought. Do you think people will react the same all over the world when SHTF? My wife is from Croatia and there was civil-war 15 years ago. And people from Croatia have in general a lot more temperament and are outgoing people. People live there with a high crime rate and corruption for a long time. Things got better after war, but still you can see and feel what happened to this country. Here in Austria most people are softer and the last war is a long time ago. Therefore I think, the situation with the crime rate will not get so much out of control. Or maybe I am just want to see the truth.

Anyways, thanks a lot for writing this really valuable book and all the best for you and your family.


Jono said...

I have read and reread your book often enough so that the pages are all dog eared and have scribbled notes and highlighted everywhere in it. The book is a real wake up call for Americans based on what we are going through right now. It is going to get worse before it gets better. My "safehouse" is nearly complete thanks to the book and the blog. What amazes me most is how you are able to post so prolifically on your own blog and Minion Report! For those who have only read the book, I suggest that they continue their education by going back through every page of the blog, and then get hooked up on Minion report to discuss issues in real time with like minded folk. I hope that there will be a follow up book that will contain some of the other information contained online. Five stars! Thanks for your diligence and selfless contribution to the preparedness and safety of others. Keep up the good work! I look forward to new posts on Ferfal every morning!

Capesurvivor said...

Hi Ferfal,

I bought and read your book and found it chilling in parts though I'm a pretty well-read prepper. It's an interesting contrast to Rawles" "Patriots" and Mel Tappan's ideas on retreats. I have to say that much of your firearms and other info was not new to me, other than your descriptions of actual daily life after devaluation. That was helpful. The two things I remember most, 3 months after reading, are that you will still be in big trouble if you screw up protecting yourself, even if you're the good guy, and that gold was not really accepted by itself, that you changed it into local devalued currency to buy daily goods.

Even a few ideas are worth a book purchase to me.


alfaro.silviaedith said...

watch Fenando on YT

Loyalist said...

I ended 2009 reading my 6th book of the year, a first-hand account of surviving the 2001 Argentinian socio-economic collapse. I don’t read that much so when I do I’m very selective about what I read. I decided to read this book not because of the shortage of preparedness book that I own but because of the eerie similarities between what happened in Argentina in the early 2000s and what’s happening now in the USA. A lot of preparedness/survival books are written by authors who never actually had to do the things they write about; this was the precise reason why this author wrote this book: to counter the misinformation and to address the economic collapse scenario from a first-hand account from some one who has ‘been there and done that’ – and is still there and doing that. Now almost 30, “Ferfal” (as he’s known online) and his family have learned a lot since the crisis and his blunt, no-holes-barred book is as much a compendium of learning as it is another way for him to earn some much-needed income.

There are the usual preparedness topics that those of us familiar with the subject matter already know about: the importance of water, food, preparedness supplies, finances, etc. The author – having lived and still living through the economic collapse in Argentina (with 25% unemployment) – devotes a significant portion (~ 1/3) of the book to self-defense including the use of knifes and firearms.

One of the first things he suggests you do is a risk assessment, a great idea.

Being self-published, the book could have benefited from a professional editor as there are several grammatical/typo mistakes (as English is not the author’s native language) but if you can get over that you will most certainly benefit from the book’s content.

Some key quotes from the book:

* Surviving anything, living through an economic collapse or just living life to its fullest is mostly about learning to cope with the problems life throws your way
* People learn from their own mistakes but smarter people learn from others mistakes
* Everything is harder, more difficult and more complicated after a crisis
* One is none; two is one; three is two (the importance of having backups)
* Awareness is the most important thing you have to learn about self-defense
* If you do not make firearms an important part of your plan you are in fact an idiot
* Private security will be the greatest gig once crime goes up

A lot of the information contained in Ferfal’s book actually comes from his blog which he still maintains to this day with a new blog entry posted nearly daily. If you find his blog useful you should consider purchasing his book so you have all of the information in one place.

Other key learnings:

* The importance of being aware and avoiding confrontations/crime
* I was surprised to learn how quickly – and how often – retail prices would fluctuate/increase (often times several times a day)
* Water: 2 gal/person/day
* Paper money still holds value for a long time as the crisis develops
* Prices (especially food) increased 200 – 600% after the crisis
* Gold buying and selling increased over 500% since the crisis
* Empty houses attract thieves, looters and squatters
* Entrepreneurship increased post crisis
* One-on-one bartering was more difficult than assumed; “black markets” were more common and practical
* Only 1% of your friends will be there for you after the crisis hits

Just_In_Case_The_SHTF said...

I found "Surviving in Argentina" to be quite thought-provoking because the book is a first-person account of how to survive a modern-day economic-driven calamity.

The book "Wealth, War, and Wisdom" by Barton Biggs describes the situation that occurred in Europe during World War II. Biggs, however, is an amateur arm-chair historian (albeit a good one) who didn't go through the day-to-day struggle for survival that FerFal experienced. But his observations can still be useful, the main one being that advanced industrialized countries can experience a complete breakdown of the social order when things go terribly wrong.

By the way, Biggs says there is a 1-in-10 chance the United States will experience anarchy this year that could last for 4 or 5 months ( ). Other officials and experts have warned of the possibility of crash-induced violence in the United States also ( ).

The advice in FerFal's book will be useful for my planning and preparation just in case a similar calamity occurs in the United States soon.

Mike said...

This book is my most valuable "survival" possession, as it has helped me refine all my preparations. The no-nonsense approach has re-directed my efforts from preparing for things that 'could' happen to first preparing for things that are most likely to happen. I love the examples and the specifics! Not just a lot of theory, but practical, rubberr-hits-the-road instructions on what and why. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ferfal,

Your book is fantastico!!!! I read it nonstop in 1 day. Then I sat frozen like a zombie for 1 day because I knew it described our future here in the USA, a future I did not want to face... Then I unfroze myself and am now working feverishly to try to increase my chances of surviving the mother of all SHTF scenarios. I have learned so much....there is so much to do... I am a 53 year old lady living alone on a farm with 4 neighbors within screaming distance, so I hope your info will help me to survive. And if not, at least I will go down fighting. I am not going to make it easy for the bad guys to rub me out! Muchas gracias!!!!! Ellen

ps... My bank told me they were out of 50s until next day when I tried to withdraw last week. Gulp....Also a 58 year old divorced lady friend of mine had a home invasion at 10:30 pm last week in a nice neighborhood of Port Huron, MI... the mother of all SHTF is almost here!!!!

Thank you, Ferfal, so much.... You will save countless lives...

Twinedog said...

Fernando finally finished and reviewed book on amazon:

Great realistic information; Poor presentation

I sincerely like the information in this book. I think that its strongest suit is that its based upon real life experience. I find the advice in this book to be excellent in general. This is in contrast to most of the other survival books out there that are based on pure fantasy: that you can survive in some sort of expensive remote compound being self sufficient. If you find yourself living in a major metropolitan city and have fears of TSHTF than this is the book for you!

While the premise of the book is an economic collapse such as Argentina underwent; most of the advice would be applicable to many other real-life emergencies such as tornadoes, hurricanes, Earthquakes, and riots (think Rodney King Riots in LA).

Among the excellent topics that Mr. Aguirre goes into: Having enough Water and Food, getting by without electricity, Transportation, Security and personal defense, including the authors opinions on what types and specific models of firearms to consider becoming proficient in.

However, a few qualifiers: 1) the organization of the book is sub par ( there are no chapter divisions and no index): 2) there are no photos or diagrams and that's weak for a $25 book: 3) some of the advice is just not relevant to anyone living in the USA ( for instance his discussion of old renaults and fuel choice) 4) there is some potentially offensive language that's totally unnecessary 5) its written by someone whose first language isn't English ( so expect the occasional typo or grammatical error).

That being said the book is the best advice I have seen on how a society could change overnight. Many of the issues brought up have borne themselves out on television in recent events. The earthquakes in Chile and Haiti are prime examples. I agree with prior posters that this book is in serious need of a 2nd edition. BOTTOM LINE With that being said I would still recommend the book to a friend, even with the $25 price tag.

Mick said...

Finished this book today (first one in a while, I'm not a good reader!) and I must say the content was as invaluable as it was frighteningly foreshadowing. I couldn't get past the line "The rotting I'm referring to was debt and corruption". Sounds exactly like what we're looking at here in the USA, and will likely have the same effect.
I'm certainly "a better person because of it". Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to buy this book. I live in the UK but it isn't for sale on Would Amazon US send it to me but I'm not sure how they would re-calculate the shipping. Must be somebody here from the UK or another EU country. Looking forward to reading this.


Anonymous said...

Bought the book and read it one sitting. My Dad is reading now.

The book is a must read just like "One second after". It makes "the patriot" look like dime store porn. I am trying to get all I care about to read it. Tough.

The one change for the next edit. In a book as powerful as yours, you must establish credibility. Your book really only has its true power after you read your blog. The blog explains why you know what you are talking about. Your country, it's crisis and it's government as described on the blog gives you more credibility than any other survival book. Period.


You need a chapter of just what your blog outlines. Everything in your book is weighty and a must learn. Set the perspective and mindset/reality just like your first blog posts do...

Thank you for all you've done for me and my family.

Bless you and yours.

Kris said...

Hi FerFAL,

Thanks for taking the time to write your book. My husband and I both read it and feel more informed because of it. I wrote a review on my blog:

My best to you and yours,

aranea said...

I've just started reading your blog. learnt about it through a friend.

Will you publish the book e-book format? Specifically in epub. That will make it easier to carry around if I need to bug out or relocate anytime.

Anonymous said...

Hi. My dad is really into the servival stuff. I was "on the fence" till about a month ago. The first book I read was yours. He said it was the best book out there to get a good idea about what the USA is facing. It scared the HELL out of me but I learned a TON from it. Thank you for making it easy to read (with the exception on guns and ammo as I'm NOT a gun person but am gonna learn) and easy to understand. I'm so glad I read it. Now I have a better idea on how to keep my 10 month old safe when SHTF here. Thanks you!!

Anonymous said...

This was one hell of a book. I'm halfway through my second read and I'm sill enjoying and learning a lot from it.

I occasionally turn to it whenever I want to refresh a certain subject, or when I am faced with questions on certain current life subject. For example my first pocket knife and machete were chosen based on info from your book.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. Sometimes I regret there's no Romanian translation of the book. I could give it to my clueless parents to read.