Sunday, June 28, 2009

Argentina’s Health Minister to resign tomorrow after today’s elections
Doctors Without Borders, and international organization, says the situation here is critical, and Graciela Ocaña would be resigning tomorrow.
The authorities fight among themselves and don’t know what to do, doctors have to buy their own face masks and hand sanitizers, and the government has no money now because they used it all for the campaign.



Anonymous said...

where is this story coming from

nothing comes up on the search for Graciela Ocaña or recent news from argentina

do you have a direct link?

CapnRick said...

This is what I got when I Goofled "argentina's health minister resigns"

Resultados 1 - 10 de aproximadamente 141.000 de argentina's health minister resigns. (0,37 segundos)