Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whistle/Personal Alarm

Anonymous said...

How about a really LOUD whistle?
Esp. for the ladies. BLOW it when in trouble - this is espically since it is compact and can wear around your neck concealed under say a t-shirt.

When doing research for my book, I found an email written by a college student that had been a victim of one of the most vicious rapists we’ve ever seen in my country. I think he rapped between 60-100 women if memory serves me well.

One of the things that surprised me the most was her description of how she was SO terrified, she tried to scream but the voice just didn’t come out. She also mentioned the whistle, saying she believe maybe she could have used that.

I think that is you are that frozen and terrified, even better than a whistle is having an alarm that will do the screaming for you. Also, it's hard to blow a whistle while fighting someone, or getting hit in the face.

These personal alarms are cheap, loud (120-130 DB) and I think they’d be very valuable in such a situation.

Of course the best thing would be a Glock and putting a couple holes into this bastard, doing a favor to us all, but the alarm (and OC Spray) is still a good idea.

There are several models and they are usually very cheap, which maybe isn’t that good because you want something sturdy that can resist a few impacts by a rapist attempting to destroy the gadget, though most likely he’ll flee as soon as he hears the alarm go off. Rapist do NOT want to attract attention, that’s their greatest fear.

Some models just don’t work because they can be easily turned off.

I think that during such a stressful situation you don’t want buttons either, better to have the alarm attacked to your waist, purse or jacket, and simply have a cord you can pull from, like a parachute.

During self defense classes we learn that motor skill are usually limited, specially when the person isn’t used to fighting and dealing with violence, or when paralyzed by fear. (very personal issue, but it’s better to expect to have limited motor skills)

Pulling a cord should be simple enough, specially with something more bulky to grab, like a keychain light or some sort of small bright colored ball (easier to find the cord in the dark)

I didn’t look much into it, but this is one of the loudest ones I found (130 DB ) and with the best reviews. Also works as a door alarm and luggage/purse alarm for travelers.
Multiuse Personal and Door, Window 130 DB Alarm w/ Flashing Light

DealExtreme also has a few, but they look even cheaper and easier to brake/deactivate.

Amazon doesn’t ship these things to South America ( only books and DVDs... thanks Amazon) so if you find another website with a similar or better product and ships internationally, please let me know.



Anonymous said...

Having a gun or pepper spray is a much more responsible option. Calling out for help because you have chosen not to defend yourself is socially irresponsible.

Suppose a stranger came running to help, and was then injured or killed. And all because someone chose not to carry a weapon.

Have the means to protect yourself (yes, you too, women). My grandmother lived in South Chicago, and would frequently carry a brick in the bottom of her purse. You DO NOT want to be hit in the head with a purse holding a brick.

The world doesn't owe you protection! Most people (myself included) will not intervene on behalf of a stranger. Mind your own business, and live another day.

FerFAL said...

A gun is better but not always an option, even OC spray is banned in some countries.
About helping strangers, If a woman is getting attacked I'd help her, just like I'd expect strnagers to help my wife, kids, or myself.
I couldnt live with my cowardly slef, walking away from a woman being raped.


Ryan said...

This reminds me of that 60 minutes special where a woman in a bright red coat used one of those 'personal alarms' on a corner on a busy street. Nobody even stopped.

Where I am from a year or two back some crazy guy stabbed the hell of of this woman in broad daylight in an urban center. This wasn't the ghetto or anything it was a normal middle class sort of place. About a dozen people watched and nobody did a darn thing.

Best focus on self defense instead of hoping people will come and help.

Anonymous said...

"Best focus on self defense instead of hoping people will come and help."

.... or, best discuss and evaluate all options, and let people decide for themselves.

It's good to know what's out there. I didn't even know these alarms existed!

FerFAL said...

Rapist are a particular predator.
They are unlkie all others. Most of them are "normal" guys, adn would hate to be identified so most of them will run if the victim fights back, that's why they try to mentally control them.
Of course a firearm in the right hands is better, but an alarm is yet another tool, specially when a gun ins't an option.

Annie Mouse said...

I fell in my front yard and could not get up. Fell forward, landing flat on my face.

When I was able, I tried to get to my whistle on the cord around my neck.

Could not get it out, because I was laying face down.

Cars went by, none stopped.
People walked by. None stopped.

Got onto my side, got the whistle, and finally was able to blow the whistle.

Everyone was inside the houses. Air conditioners going, windows closed, tv's on, lawn mowers in back yards.

I could not get up. I was terribly frightened. After what seemed such a long time, my husband came outside to see what was taking me so long getting something from the car.

He picked me up and carried me into the house. He asked why I didn't call out for him. I did, he could not hear me from inside the house.

He asked why I didn't use the cell phone to call him. Because it was in my pants pocket and the way I fell, I could not get to the pocket and get the phone out.

He asked about the whistle. By then I was crying. Crying from frustration, pain, fear and relief at being rescued.

I was laying in the front yard of my own home, helpless, unable to help myself, and could not even summon help. I could not make enough noise to get anyone's attention.

This has caused me to seriously reconsider my prepardedness options, my personal safety options.

Short, disabled, woman that I am, I thought that I could take care of most situations I would find myself in. Thankfully, I learned at home, that I cannot.

Time for plan B