Monday, June 22, 2009

Gold and silver being used in USA.

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Take a look! It's starting!

I finished your book today. Super, just super. Many thanks.



Thanks a LOT for the video Flyboy.

People, the key word here is “today”, the way he has a board with today’s prices? That’s just like home. A today price for dollars, Reales, Euros, gold and silver, and these folks will buy and sell whatever you need.

I don’t know how common or uncommon this is in USA, or even if the video is real or not ( looks real enough) , but I’ll tell you one thing: that’s how money and PM dealers work here in Argentina.
The difference is that we don’t have stores that operate themselves, or at least they don’t offer good enough exchange rates. What we have is “casas the cambio”, small currency exchange shops, set up almost exactly like shown in the video that exclusively buy and sell currencies.
Be prepared for places like these to be outlawed like it happened in Argentina, and the “arbolitos”, the unofficial “casas de cambio” are set up in small drugstores, shops , etc, even people wispering “camibo” “cambio” (change) as you pass by.



Dan Tanner said...

I'm really impressed that something like this is in place already. I'm not scared that this would start happening. Instead, I am encouraged by it. How long did something like this take to set up in Argentina post-crash? If we can get places like this set up in more places around the country, the common person may be better off if a crash does come instead of having to wait until it's put in place...

theotherryan whose alias is the 800lbs gorilla said...

Duno about that video but I have seen enough legitimate stories of a few shopkeepers in this town or that accepting silver (and I suppose maybe gold) to know it is happening if only on a small scale. A few places in NYC accept Euros and a Papa Murphys Pizza somewhere in North Carolina accepts Mexican Peso's.

Rampart said...

There is a business network that accepts silver barter:

The list of participants is over 26,000 and growing daily

Rampart said...

Here is a network of over 26,000 business owners that accept silver barter coins.

The idea of hard currency is quietly catching on.

gus said...

I read yur book today and found it very informative and interesting.I would recomend it to anyone interested in Argentina during the crisis or self defense and survival.
However I don't think it's time to leave the U.S. or run for the hills.Certainly be prepared and be able to defend yorself,family and possessions.
I have absolute confidence in the Citizens and Government system in the U.S.I realize that most of your readers don't agree and I certainly respect their opimions and right to express them.
I'm 66 and have seen America survive the KKK, race riots-Watts, recessions,bombers,Nixon,Vietnam, Carter,terrorest groups(Murah Federal Bldg.) and the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks,and many more.Before that The Cold War,Korean War,WWll,The Great Depression and WWl.And if you study American History the list is endless.We had an attempted attack on a American plane yesterday.
Although the failure of the Obama era will be remembered for ever along with Iraq and Afganistan we will prevail. We always have and we always will.
Mexico and Pakistan may become failed states next year with Venezuela not far behind.Iran might have already turned over if Obama had supported it's protesters instead of those ridiculous gestures of outstretched hand,apoligies and appearance of weakness.
From what I read from Stratfor,in the Buenos Aires Herald, various blogs and other publications, Argentina may be heading for a repeat. Let's hope not.
I enjoy your writing and look forward to another book.?.