Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recession proof jobs.


I have the opportunity to work for a private security firm and I was wondering if you could comment on how these orgs operate in your area and if you believe this type of employment is “recession-proof.” Thank you.


Here they operate in ways I don’t see happening in USA: They usually exploit the guards to the limit, taking advantage of the overall poverty an unemployment.
But I don’t see that happening in USA, and yes, private security was listed rather high in my book as a recession proof job. Crime will only go up and the demand for private security will keep growing.
If that’s what you want to do for the long run, work there for some time, learn the business and when you can, start your own firm. That’s where the good money is.
Working for the government on its various forms is also pretty solid since the government can’t afford to leave people unemployed and will likely do everything they can to keep them with a job. (military, medical field, teachers, etc)
If things get really bad, you just don’t make money working for someone else, with +20% unemployment, there’s always going to be someone skilled enough, and yet willing to do your job for less.
Both blue and white collar workers learned that the hard way in Argentina.
If things are that bad, you want to either work for a firm you are positive they just can’t do without you, one you know isn’t likely to fire you (government) or start your own business related to your line of work and be independent (this isn’t for everyone).
Someone asked me once if jail guard was a solid recession job. Of course it is! One thing you can be sure of is that there will be more criminals to be locked away. Argentina’s prison population is overpopulated by 300-400% in some cases 500%. They had to start building more prisons, even locking them in containers, used as improvised cells.


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