Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fighting Kinfe

You mentioned a Glock instead of a whistle, but as we know that's not practical for everyone.
I found this product and have given them to women friends attached to their car keys.
It's called the hideaway knife:
I've taken the liberty of attaching the pictures I took showing how to put it together and how it can be carried and used. I hope you find it interesting and perhaps useful.

Hideaway knife.

Best regards,

No weapon at all or that 140 USD knife? Sure, give me the little blade.
But do not get caught on beautiful web page design and very smart marketing.
That knife is just a step above a lapel knife (google it up if you don’t know those) , better than nothing but you have 100 cheaper and what is even more important, BETTER options.
Greatest problem with that little knife? The blade to hand interface: The grip.
That grip my friends, SUCKS, and I invite anyone that doubts that to buy the dummy knife version, chalk it up, and fight with it for real. Once you brake a couple fingers you’ll understand what I mean.
You need a good solid grip, and fingers inside slots or holes is not a smart idea in terms of knife fighting.
For that same size you’re much better served with a push dagger.
Worst case scenario you stab someone with a push knife and he falls, twists away or falls on you, you lose the knife but you don’t brake your fingers.
It is a very small knife, with a lousy grip, the gun equivalent to a Derringer, but even in that department you have MUCH better alternatives.
Heck guys, get a Gerber Guardian knife if you want to go small. It’s not just Lara croft hype, it’s a hideout fighting knife designed by Bob Loveless of all people, and man, that’s a fine wicked blade, and cost less than 50 bucks vs. The 140 USD the gripless thing costs.

Gerber Guardian

I think Cold Steel also has little push daggers and neck knives, they have that “Roach Belly” knife, which I’m sure I mentioned before and if I didn’t I’m highly recommending it now: Cheaper and just ideal belly slashing or stabbing knife with a GOOD grip. And its 12 Freaking dollars people!

$12 Roach Belly
Now compare it to Bill Moran’s Spyderco that costs … drums… U$D 120!!
Granted, the Cold Steel sheath probably sucks , but people, come on, that’s 10 times more for a VERY similar knife, both made of good steel and my bet would even go to the Roach Belly as a better stabber. It even has more stoppage in case of the hand sliding forward when stabbing than the Spyderco knife does.
So guys, watch how you spend your money, specially when you can get things that are better for much less money

Remember, get something with a functional grip, without it no knife is work a single buck.

Munny said...
What do you consider a "fighting knife", as opposed to just a normal knife? I think a true fighting knife would be double edged, but those are a bit less practical and hard to come by.

Double edged daggers are clearly fighting knives but I think that you’re better served with a sturdier blade. The double edge dagger stabs better and you can slash with the other edge, but a single edged knife will usually be sturdier.
A good full size fighting knife would be a Kabar fighting knife for example. A good blade with a penetrating clip point, thick enough blade, a GOOD grip and a cross piece guarding your fingers and preventing your hand from going over the edge when stabbing forcefully.
That is my opinion regarding a good fighting blade. Most of the time it’s a slightly slimmer version of a typical bowie knife, or a straight knife with a clip point.



Anonymous said...


I live in Australia and the knife laws are horrid. I believe we follow the UK in these things. Off hand, I heard they were now looking at even banning the carry of the wee- Swiss Army Knife in public places (I need to confirm that - heard from a colleague).

What are the knife laws like in Argentina? I love knives and agree with your assessment of a "fighting knife" for defense ie., something similar to a KA-BAR, with hilt, thick functional handle, etc.

As most of us live in the city - heavily populated areas, lugging a KA-BAR is not possible (unless we stash it in a bag - which then defeats the purpose since it is difficult to access when needed).

I have reverted to pocket folding knives / neck knives - techniclly still "illegal" ..."if"... I am searhed.

Any thoughts?

recon said...

Are serrated blades effective for knife fighting? Do they compare in efficiency to the plain edge? I want to get a Boker automatic tanto blade but they only have it in serrated, and I don't want to get that if it's at a disadvantage.

Anonymous said...

A woman who is planning to use a knife to fend off a rapist, or anybody planning on using a knife, better feel comfortable using it and with the idea of maybe killing someone with it. Unless that knife is just thought of as an extension of her arm (and more importantly her tenacious self-preserving fight response), and not thought of as some magical device that will do the intimidating and saving/preserving for her, that knife could just as easily end up being in her rapist's hand.

I saw a skinhead pull a knife on a street-tough kid at a concert once. I didn't see the fight, so I don't know what the skinhead was made of, but I knew of the other guy, and it was no surprise when I heard that he quickly got his hands on the knife and ------ the attacker with it. A bad alternation became fatal pretty quick because someone expected the knife to do the fighting for them.

People rely on guns the same way, mistaking the gun's power for their own, which invites trouble. This goes for tough guys, gang bangers, police, etc. As Depending where you live, what kind of person you are, etc, if you're just not the type of person who can find or build something more in themselves, and need to rely on a weapon, then let it be a gun, because a knife is a game changer, whereas a gun just ends it.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is REALLY interested in that minimalist blade design shown on top of this post, look at the CRKT Necker - pretty much the same concept, only costs $15.

Anonymous said...

Damnation, should have added to above post (CRKT Necker) . . .

Check your carry laws, as some jurisdictions will penalize the carrier of daggers (double edged blades). In Mexico, serrations are a Bozo No-No - crazy but true, so pay attention. Even noticing Obama has some self opening folding knife prejudices.

subby said...

The hideaway knife has its purpose and its pretty singular. The knife if used as a fighting knife is meant to slit throats/slash faces from grapphling range. Also its size and flexibility of placement, as well as speed, makes getting that close without being detected more likely. Its meant to be used in desperate do or die situations, not as a form of intimidation.

The grip is meant to stay on the persons hand even if they open their palm. weapon retention is the key, if you were punched or knocked over you wouldn't drop your knife, your enemy taking the knife from you is practically impossible, unlike a knife with a conventional handle.

The blade is too short to get caught on anything, certainly nothing strong enough to break your index and middle finger. Its not a fighting knife its a last resort knife. With this in mind I reckon its great, needless to say, how many women do you thing can be persuaded to carry a proper blade?, how many to properly train with them?. The hideaway knife is a good compromise for people who have no interest in carrying knives in pockets.
The knife costs $70 us and is custom made to fit your index and middle finger.

potentialknifebuyer said...

Can you tell me your experience with buying knives online?

I live in Canada and fear the wrath of customs...

Any other readers have any comments?

Unknown said...

Cold Steel has the Vaquero line on closeout: