Monday, June 29, 2009

Sister in law got mugged

Feeling tired and I want to hit the sack but I wanted to share this.
My wife’s sister got mugged today after exiting the bank.
Most likely someone in the bank marked her, and they followed her from there.
She went to get some money to pay some workers that were asking for advances on their paychecks and got attacked by two guys, no guns.
They threw her to the floor and took the briefcase she carried with the money.
She’s the kind of person that thought those things would never happen to her.
She went to the bank at 2 PM when there’s no one on the street, she had the money in her briefcase, she didn’t notice people following her. Yes, she did everything wrong.
My wife constantly tells her not to do these things, but you know, she’s the kind of person that considers people like me paranoid.
She wasn’t hurt bad or anything, just a few scratches when she fell, but she was scared and crying hysterical when she talked to my wife today.
I don’t know guys, maybe I am paranoid, but neither myself or my wife would have done anything like that.
My wife always goes to the bank when there’s the most people, and is adamant about not going when there’s no one on the streets. She would also never carry money in such a way.
The thing about security is, for security measures to work, you must be consistent.
If some call that paranoid then you need to be paranoid. If that will turn you into a bitter and sad person then just go through life living in denial , but there’s no middle ground. You either do thing correctly, all the time, or you don’t.
In Buenos Aires, specially in Dock Sud, I’d say you can’t afford to live in denial. She was lucky, people there often get shot, not just shoved to the ground.
Will this change her attitude? I doubt it. She’s the kind of person that would say that living, and most important, thinking the way I do, is just impossible for her.



milton f said...

It is good to maintain a healthy level of paranoia.

Anonymous said...

My wife uses the drive through window whenever possible, especially with kids in tow.

Shambhala said...

Unfortunately you are right: people like that refuse to admit they are wrong. Next time she may get knifed in the process.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that, Ferfal. I'm glad she's okay.

I know the type, though. At times there is simply nothing you can do after urging people to change course, but watch them go on their way and wish them the best.

Don Williams said...

I am sorry for her, Ferfal. A physical attack can bother some people mentally for a long time.

Even if she does not want to fight, it should be helpful for her to study and learn self-defense methods that rely on being alert, planning in advance, and avoiding dangerous (read uncontrolled) situations.

Moving cash to/from a business is a dangerous operation. In the USA, even those states which discourage concealed carry of firearms by private citizens make an exception for the small business owners who have to make such transfers. (Many businesses used armored car pickups by armed guards to handle this job.)

Dr Woody said...

Sorry to hear about your inlaw. It's too bad so many people live in denial. I was one for way too long, but after the economy collapsed here in the states and I lost my job I have become more "paranoid" I have a new job starting middle july and plan on making some survival preps once I can afford to. It's not paranoia if they are really out to get you, tell your inlaw that ;) Thanks so much for your insight I have had my eyes opened, once I get going with work again I will be purchasing your book

Anonymous said...

I live in Costa Rica part of the year. This weekend I finished my 2nd seminar in AMOK!, a knife fighting discipline. It is not that I plan to become a knife fighter. I want to know how to defend against it and also how to get me blade into play. My friends in Costa Rica think I'm paranoid. I'm the only one of them who has not been robbed or mugged.
Ferfal, I have a question. CR is an NPE for me as a tourist. As such I carry only a Glock 19, no holster...a "clip-on') with just that magazine (loaded with DPX) so I can toss the gun if I need to do it. I prefer the 9mm and a few additional rounds to the 357 SIG. What made you decide on the 357?

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Ferf, sorry about your cuñada. Will she learn? People are thick....

Anyhow, being "aware" and cautious applies not just to carrying money, but how you behave at work (doing stupid things that can get you fired), how you drive (doing stupid things that can get you or others maimed or killed) and so forth.

People need to tune in to THIS world. There are too many distractions.