Friday, June 5, 2009

My Book Excerpt- Rape

I mentioned rape in the previous post. This is my book’s subchapter on Rape.
Please send it to your loved ones. Hope it can provide some insight on how women can protect themselves from this horrible type of crime.


One of the most cruel crimes and unfortunately a common one before and after SHTF.
Many crimes, including rape and murder, are perpetrated by someone that knew the victim well.
Due to the overall feeling of lawlessness, the amount of predators will grow significantly after SHTF.
We had a serial rapist in the city of Cordoba that raped 93 women before committing suicide when cops finally tracked him down to his home.
In one occasion I walked into my friendly gun shop looking for some more OC spray, and they told me they didn’t had any left: It had all been shipped and sold in Cordoba because of the serial rapist.
This year a series of rapes in the fancy neighborhood of Recoleta had many woman carrying regular Tramontina table knives in their trendy purses for defense.
While a small serrated table knife is far better than nothing, a more adequate weapon is preferable.
There’s a number of things you can do to avoid or defend yourself better from this horrendous type of crime.

A 20 year old college student that was a rape victim herself has some advice for women.
The attacker had already attacked other 32 girls in the same campus. This is the serial rapist I talked about before. She was one of the victims and wrote this before he was caught.
She sent her advice through email so that other women would be prepared. I’m literally translating most of her advice:

*Don’t walk around alone, don’t let your guard down. The guy is loose and knows how to handle himself, how to talk to you.

*We have to be ready. If someone talks to you from behind or puts a hand in your shoulder, you have to scream. Run and hug someone nearby. Run into a shop or just run away.

*The rapist grabs his victims in public places, where if you react quickly, not only can you escape, but there’s a good chance they can catch him as well.

*In case you can’t scream, frozen by fear like it happened to me, carry a whistle. Your vocal cords don’t seem to work but you can still blow a whistle.

*Don’t walk around at night. Better spend the money and get a cab or “remis”.

* I took a bath, dressed up and walked towards my friend’s house. There was a lot of people on the street that night. It was a nice part of town too. I realized there was a guy walking a few steps behind me. He told me something and when I try to turn around he tells me not to look at him because he’s going to cut me up.

*He put his arm around me, told me not to be scared, that he only needed me to pretend I was his girlfriend just to escape the cops that were looking for him.

*He took me to an abandoned place, there he told me not to scream because no one would listen. He put my blouse around my head, touched me, it was denigrating, horrible, the most denigrating, terrible and humiliating thing that ever happened to me.

*Don’t walk around alone, don’t be trustful, be aware. I suppose you are thinking, why didn’t I run? At the time I couldn’t react.

This girl has some great advice. I’d like to add some more.

1) Try to avoid using skirts. It’s no guarantee but every bit helps, and it’s a bit more complicated than skirts. Rapists take this into account.

2) Rapists also like long hair for some reason. Probably because it makes it easier to take hold of the victim’s head. If you have long hair, try using it in some hairstyle that it can’t be so easily grabbed.

3) As the girl said, react. Preferably react violently. Rapists count on psychological submission. When the victim starts screaming, insulting him, pushing him away, in most cases they just run away surprised. Hopefully you’ll have a weapon as well.

4) Even better than whistles, there are personal alarms/flashlight combo little gadgets that sound off a high pitch alarm and flash when you push a button. This is even easier to use than a whistle, and you can have it in the pocket ready at all time as you walk around. If none of this is available there are small handheld marine boat horns that can do the trick. Some are no bigger than a deodorant spray and can be carried in the purse. These sure are one of the few gadgets you should buy right away.

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Anonymous said...

Very good advice. I like the small airhorn device idea.

Ryan said...

Wifey who knows these things says they tent to target pony tails and sweat pants.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in a non-permissive eviroment before in Central America. I like the loud Personal Alarm. That's a great idea. I like it better when combined with a Glock (with some training,) a Cold Steel blade, and some OC spray. Sometimes it is better to "circumvent" the law regarding carring a firearm than risk being without that tool. In the Central American country I lived in, a newspaper interviewed five police officers and three of them said if they were civilians they would carry a gun even if it broke the law. A person needs to be responsible for their own protection.

Weaseldog said...

When my wife was grabbed on a college campus, she stomped on his foot. She was wearing high heels and the heel broke off in his foot.

The police had an easy blood trail to follow and found him hiding in the bushes.

Anonymous said...


That's impressive! Kudos to her.

Why do you think your wife reacted that way? Some people in the same situation are frozen with fear. If possible I'd like to help my girlfriend develop the same awareness so she can fight back if necessary.