Monday, June 29, 2009

The Health Minister resigned, and today is a great day

As I told you guys, the Health Minster Graciela Ocaña just resigned. She was tired of the government thieves stealing the money that was supposed to go to heath and senior citizens, through former road blocker Hugo Moyano.
Today more than likely, a national emergency will be declared because of the swine flu, hopefully schools and large gatherings of people will be canceled.
But the great news is, a new country begins TODAY.
Kirchner was defeated in the elections yesterday for senators and congressmen, the man retreated to his hotel room, had a nervous brake down, put a fist through the wall and when at 2.30 AM he faced the cameras, you could see in his face the rumors were true. It was clear he had been either crying or shouting or something, eyes shiny.
Macri, Michetti, and Franciso De Narvaez, along with Carrio and Alfonsin are finally creating a real opposition.
Solá finally recognized the crime problem, and I feel his words sort of redeems the crime problem I constantly talk about. He said it just a few minutes ago “Crime in the Capital district is the most serious problem, but in the conurbano (suburbs, where I live) it’s even worse, living with crime is part of everyday life”.
It finally seems the K regime has ended.



Bones said...

Hopefully this means you will get a government that actually DOES something, as opposed to control by a political party that wins support through buying people off.

Unfortunately here in the US we are beginning the opposite cycle and heading the wrong way.

Jedi said...

That's GREAT news! I followed the elections yesterday and was hoping that what I was reading was true.

I hope that people here in the US will make a similar move in the next elections and start cleaning out the garbage that we have now before it's too late.

Christopher Newgent said...

My friend I am celebrating with you. I pray for your country that the people you elect now will be just and good. The problem that we seem to have is that no matter who we elect they are corrupt, and worse than what we had before.

It is a dream of mine to visit Ushuia. I hope that when I finally see it I can visit a country free of tyranny. Who knows I might be fleeing one.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's great man, congratulations.

I wrote to my old friend down in BA a few months ago. I pointed out your blog and asked him about life down there (he'd been held at gunpoint and robbed years ago) and he said that today (2009) things weren't so bad anymore, that the Ks weren't all that bad.

I guess it's a matter of perspective.

Anyhow, hopefully things get better. Peace